StockX MKT WATCH Awards 2018: Best Silhouette, Biggest Flip, Biggest Flop, and Staff Favorite

– Biggest flips and flops, best selling silhouette, and
the StockX staff favorite. This is the 2018 Market Watch Awards. – [Narrator] Live from
beautiful Campus Martius in downtown Detroit. It’s the 2018 Market Watch Awards. Featuring the Utility Black Yeezy 500, the Concord Jordan 11, the Cactus Jack Jordan Four, and the UNC Off-White Jordan One. And now it’s time to meet
your host with the most, the master of Market
Watch, the fly God himself, the king of clot, Kev Knows. (fanfare music) – Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the 2018 StockX Market Watch Awards where there’s no problematic tweets, no accountants to mix up the envelopes, and no ominous foreign press
people feel obligated to thank. On this stage… desk, all we care about are the numbers, facts only, sales over everything. We took a deep dive into the data, and we’re here tonight to show the winners and losers some love. Let’s get it started. (upbeat music) Our first award of the evening is for the silhouette that
did the most damage on the leader boards this year. From Jordan to Yeezy to Human Race, 2018 blessed us with the
return of classic colorways and even some new ones that
took us all by surprise. Shout out, my man Travis Scott. Straight up! So of all the drops, which
silhouette sold the best in 2018? This winner is… the OG himself, the true
goat, his royal air-ness, the Air Jordan One. From the Gold Toe, Game Royal,
Shadows, Homage to Home, Pine Greens, Court
Purples, Nigel Sylvesters, Best Hand in the Games,
Rookie of the Year, Off-White UNCs, and Union collab? The Jordan One delivered
non-stop haymakers on some Creed 2-ish. The rest of y’all sneakers?
Didn’t stand a chance. (upbeat music) Our next award goes to the pieces that resellers made the most on in 2018. That shoe or streetwear item
that buys you a vacation, your rent for the next month, or, like, six more sneakers you
definitely didn’t need. It’s the 2018’s biggest
flip, and the winners are the Off-White UNC Air
Jordan One for sneakers with an unfathomable price
premium of 480% over retail. And for streetwear, the black
Supreme Comme des Garçons box logo tee with a
staggering price premium of 530% over retail. Both these pieces had sellers cashing in like a late 2017 crypto. Shout out to John McAfee, okay?
The internet never forgets. And while those items had
people swimming in gold like Scrooge McDuck, our
next award of the evening had people lining up for
bread like it was the 1930s. (upbeat music) The game is cruel sometimes, and these items has resellers
fearing for their 401ks. The biggest flops of the year are the Solar Yellow Ultra Boost
Clima which retailed for $200, but resold for just $100, a 50% discount. And the Supreme Undercover
Public Enemy Parka which resold for $300 under
retail, a 45% discount. Sheesh! Those pieces flop harder
than 2018 Justin Timberlake. Damn. What happened JT? (upbeat music) And lastly, we hit up the
sneaker faithful staff here at StockX to get their take on sneaker of the year. From engineers to authenticators to customer service and more, the squad came through with the votes. And the winner is the Union Jordan One. Two iconic Js in one shoe? I mean, how could this not win? The attention to detail
with the materails, the colorways, and
collaborating in OG shop, made this a no-brainer in the office. Big shoutouts to Union
and Jumpman for this win. It’s time to pop some bottles, damn it! Ah! Celebration! (laughs) Congratulations and thank you for watching the StockX Awards. Oscars, I’m available. Look, that’s all for this week. We thank you so much
not only for watching, but sharing, subscribing, commenting, and helping to keep this show lit! We’ll be taking some time
off to enjoy the holidays, so for more StockX market insights: like and subscribe to us here. And follow StockX on
Instagram and Twitter. We’ll see you in 2019. Happy holidays from us to you! (upbeat music) Those pieces flop harder
than 2018 Justin Timberlake. If it ain’t “FutureSex/LoveSounds,” I don’t want to hear that sh*t, all right?


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