Spring/Summer Wardrobe Update

hi everyone its Susan from Susan after
60 com I’ve been promising you that I would show you some of the things I’ve
planned to wear this spring and summer now that it’s a sunshiny day and it is a
little warmer and I’m getting to wear things like this it feels appropriate to
talk to you about it so I’m going to show you some of the new things I have
this is the first one it’s a top by Clara Sunwoo from shop my fair lady com
and it is really pretty it has a high-low detail sort of a square collar
and fuller sleep so that makes it really comfortable and lightweight it’s bare by
Clarence um who I think I said that this is another one that they that they sent
me recently is called it’s a focus line it’s a hundred percent cotton and if you
don’t like to wear a denim jacket because it seems too stiff and heavy
this is comparable but very lightweight and it has a texture so the air flows
around you and it’s very comfortable and light to wear and you might want to wear
a tank top under it this one’s a very much favorite of mine I got it at White
House Black Market last year or maybe the year before I usually buy two or
three of these when I find them it is layered so it’s soft and feminine and it
doesn’t show all of our lumps of bumps and rumbles that the things we don’t
want to show it’s very very pretty to wear under things I would never take my
jacket or top off that I wear over it so this is just a nice option to fill in
the front when I wear anything else over it this is another Navy Clara sunroom
that shot my favorite at the fire shop my fair lady sent me and it ties right
here in the front which makes it a nice little detail once again this can be
worn with white pants I have on white jeans they are tong we are Paris and
they’re also from shot my fair lady it’s a great shop for me because I’ve been
out to California a few times and I loved going there and seeing what
they had to offer the the lines that they carry are very much their type that
I like to wear they’re not very you know ornate or too over-the-top and I can
always find something simple and elegant that fits my tastes
perfectly so here’s another one that I have this is Clara Sunwoo as well I love
that it has a simple v-neck line no details I can do lots of things with it
I can wear it with black pants or white pants throw a scarf around my shoulders
and make it a very elegant look to wear out to lunch or out to dinner it’s very
comfortable fabric – then we have a red one this one has little ruffles at the
sleeves and a very simple neckline so once again I can wear it with a scarf or
with a necklace and this is the pair of black pants I think I’ve got these a
couple of years ago they’re also from shock my fair lady and the name of the
company is lead or Paris these are really comfortable comfortable simple
pants that don’t have any zippers or details or pockets and they have a nice
wide band so when you’re wearing these Clara some mood
tops they aren’t they don’t show all those bumps and lumps underneath now the
reason that I like these that I’m showing you so much is there much
shorter than the tunics that have been shown in the past that I used to wear
when I wore high heels you can tell that all the shoes I’m showing you today are
much lower heels and so I’ve had to make some adjustments to my wardrobe so that
I’m not totally out of balance I need shorter tops slim pants show the ankle
and wear flat shoes but not totally flat they need to have an arch they need to
show an arch and have a more substantial like the ones right here these are kids
they have a more substantial platform so not just totally pancake flat that is
never attractive on me with thick calves you need to have a more substantial shoe
so that’s something else thinking about let’s see these are
Liverpool jeans they’re very nice they have a little bit of pocket in the back
and a faux pocket in the front but they don’t have buttons or zippers or belt
loops or anything so this is another good option then this is a white linen
very lightweight very almost sheer linen sweater and it’s from JGL last year and
you can wear this with white jeans and pull in a beautiful scarf and make an
outfit that’s very simple but very elegant then of course you know it’s
routines a very casual look set work with those sandals like that I hear or
those slip-on kids so one thing you want to do this is a top buy covered
perfectly you buy two tops from them and you get one for free that’s a wonderful
promotion and they have it all the time the reason I like these so much they
don’t add any bulk you can push up the sleeves and wear them plain just the way
they are with a lovely vest I think I’ve shown you this one before it’s from
Chico’s and I have it in black as well but this makes a great looking casual
outfit that you can go either way lots of options there and of course you can
always wear the cupboard perfectly top of your denim jacket and I have those
Malibu punched jeans that I got at Chico’s last year that makes a really
cute little outfit too so the colors are very kind
I like to work with neutrals and solids and colors that look good on my skin
with my hair and accessories can make all the difference so a little handbag
like this I had this one on the website last year and hopefully I can find
something similar again but if you can find just a small handbag that you could
drop your wallet and your keys and your phone in you don’t need a real big bulky
one if you’re just going out for a little while and it always looks cute in
the summertime to have my like that I also try to always make sure I have a
hat in the summertime when it’s humid and it’s hot it saves the day because my
hair turns into a fuzz ball in there humidity and I wear a hat very often I
have a few of these it’s a packable hat by Bette Mara I got it from Dillard’s
and they have an adjustable band on the inside they’re just very comfortable and
great to have when you’re out and about the daytime when it’s hot and humid this
is I’ll be carrying this a lot this year because I love to wear blue and it looks
so sharp it’s an orange duty burp bag that I got last year and I love the
color combination of white navy blue and the pop of orange it’s just always a
good look let’s see sandals and wedges these are by Ralph
Ralph Lauren and I really enjoy wearing espadrilles but I like for them to have
structure in a strap I just can’t wear flip-flops at all I walk right out of
pumps or flip-flops if they don’t have some sort of strap do it okay with these
I’ll try to link everything sip or something similar down below or in the
blog post for this day this is another duty work bag I could
what’s last year I think and I like to carry this one on more casual days where
I’m going to be out and about for the whole day so it’s a little bit larger
tote bag always have a good sunglasses that get you through even in
the wintertime I have to wear somebody’s blue eyes are sensitive to bright light
then I wanted to tell you about the beauty counter products that I’m trying
this year for the first time I’ve started using the rejuvenating line and
it is wonderful it’s very gentle and very soothing to my more delicate skin
as I get older but these toner pets are wonderful for when you have the hotter
more humid environment it’s not been loving those and then another thing that
I haven’t used before but I am enjoying this very much is um the UH
it’s called a bronzer and I just use a really light brush very soft brushed and
do a little blush sort of below where my blush is to contour a little bit and
it’s a just a suntan color it’s not very brown or orange at all so it’s a neutral
color then the color that I’m wearing today is light and sheer but a little
brighter and it’s called poppy and I will link that down below as well and
then the blog post for today I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything I hope
this was helpful to you thank you for watching i’m susan from susan after 60
calm thank you bye bye

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