Spring Shopping Haul ♡ Jeans for Pear Shape, Shoes & More!

Welcome back everyone. So today I am going
to be sharing with you my shopping haul. And I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair
of black like legging jeans. And I freaking found them. Finally after like several months;
I am glad I waited until I found the perfect pair. So my body type is kind of like your
average hispanic woman. So my legs are pretty thick. I have, like, you know a butt- its not a
huge butt but I do have a butt. And my upper body is thinner than my like my lower body.
So I have a pear shape. So it goes like thin and then like thick. So-And I’m not like overweight
or anything, and I’m not super tall. I’m just like…average. And I’m about 5’2″. So its
really difficult to find a skinny pair of jeans where its fitted from my waist all the
way to my ankles. Where its not like loose on my waist, and then like fitted on my hips,
and then like loose again on my ankles. But I finally found a pair. I invested in a good
pair of lucky brand jeans, and these are the…let me go ahead and tell you because they are
all pretty different. These are the “Brooke Legging Jeans.” So they look like this, I
don’t know if the camera will be able to pick up the details. But, this is how they look
like. I have a blue pair of jeans by Lucky Brand that I got at Marshalls, and I’ve been
going back to Marshalls to try and find some black ones, but I haven’t been able to find
any in my size or in the color black. I’ve been going to like tons of different stores,
like trying to avoid spending like $130 bucks on jeans, like, I-I think thats really pricey
for jeans. But, again with my body type and how I wanted them to look, I just couldn’t
find the perfect pair of jeans. And also, I didn’t want them to look too much like spandex,
because some legging jeans can really look like its just a really thick spandex material,
and I really don’t like that. I really want them to look and feel like jeans but have
a really good stretch in them. I got them in a size 10. I tried on the 12 but the 12
was really loose on like- from the back of my knees down, and I really wanted these
to be just like a full on, like, super skinny jean. And thats exactly how they look like.
One thing that I really like about the Lucky Brand jeans is that you open the zipper and
right here it says, “Lucky You.” I don’t know, its just like the little details like that,
that like make me feel good about wearing my jeans. And these are like black-black. They’re not
like faded black, they’re not like grey-ish black. They’re just like a true black, and
you can wear like a super black shirt with them and it would go together; its not gonna
be an off black. So yes, these “Brooke Legging Jeans” are da-bomb. So I ended up getting
some basic shirts from American Eagle, and oh my gosh! I am wearing this one right now.
These are like the best quality. These are super soft you guys, and they just drape over
your body like perfectly. And you can wear a blazer on top of it and its not gonna look
very cheap. This is made of like a super soft and stretchy material, but it looks and feels
high end. These shirts are so multifunctional, you can wear them with heels, you can wear
them with flats, you can wear them with sneakers, you can put a blazer over it, these are just
so nice. You can even wear these with slacks, like thats how nice they look. These are like
to basic shirts that you always see on Pinterest of like Chic Street Style kind of outfits-
thats exactly what I was going for. And I had found some basic shirts that were SO beautiful
and the cut was amazing at Theory, but they’re about $80 bucks and I’m like, “Okay, I’m not
gonna spend $100 bucks for a good looking basic shirt, I’m just gonna wait off.” And
I’m glad I did wait. So I found these at American Eagle, they were $19 dollars- and my boyfriend
really liked them! He saw me wearing one of my white ones, and how I’ve been wearing these
shirts is I wear them and then I just tuck one side into my jeans and just have my sneakers
on, and he was like, “Oh babe, I like your outfit today. It looks really nice.” And I
swear you guys, its honestly just the quality of the shirt. Cuz I have other basic shirts
where I’ve been trying to do the same thing but it just doesn’t look good. So I go a medium
in them and they are pretty like long and loose fitting, but they’re not really big
on the shoulders or on the arms, as you can see. So they’re like fitted up here and then
they just drape your body. So, finally, into the colors. I got a yellow one, and I got
two of these white ones in a medium as well. And then I go a large black one, so I can
wear it with like shorts and in the summer time it can just drape off my shoulder and
then I’ll just wear like a really cute bra underneath. I think that will look really
nice. And also if I want to go out at night time, if like for example I’m wearing this
necklace, I’m gonna wear the large one and then just pull it forward so then the cut
is deeper. It looks really nice, Oscar really liked it. And then I ordered another one online
because they didn’t have it in store, in a medium as well. If you guys are looking for
some basic shirts that drape really nicely, that are multifunctional, look and feel high
end, and they don’t really get wrinkled, which is pretty amazing, go ahead and check these
out at American Eagle. They have tons of colors, and they also have like, uhm, is it called
crew neck? Crew neck shirts- those don’t really look good on me but if you dig that style
go ahead and check them out. Alright, so the last clothing items that I got were shorts,
cuz I really needed to throw away my old faded shorts, they just looked horrible. The first
shorts that I’m gonna show you, these are really good for anyone who has a big butt
or really thick legs. Some times when you wear or you try on like other shorts, that like people who are thinner than you, wear. It can sometimes look like a little too revealing,
or at least for my taste. Sometimes I feel like they look really short or like my
butt cheeks come out. But these ones don’t and they’re really nice. And you can also
dress them up if you want to wear them with like a button up shirts and like some heels
or you can just wear them with like some really cute sandals- these are the shorts to go for.
So I got these at American Eagle, they are just like plain and simple super stretchy
shorts. And as you can see, they kind of come down a bit, so they’re not like super short and thats what I like about these shorts. Because they cover up my thighs and they go like under
my butt. So its kind of like, it covers my butt, and with that extra space it kind of
like goes under my butt cheeks, so they end up looking shorter than they actually are,
but its like the perfect length. I know it sounds like really weird, might be TMI, but
for anybody who has big thighs, big legs, thick legs, you guys are really gonna like
these. And these are also mid-rise shorts, so they’re not super low and you can wear
them comfortably everywhere. And I also got one in black. I haven’t worn black shorts,
I think ever? I don’t remember me owning any pair of black shorts, maybe in Jr. High, but
thats a long time ago. And then I got some other shorts, which I’m pretty excited about,
I usually don’t wear shorts like these. But these were very like- I can go to the pool,
they’re kind of like playful shorts, I guess. I got these bigger because the other ones
were like, showing my butt crack *laugh* Not my butt crack, but my butt cheeks. So I’m
usually a size 10 but I ended up getting these in a size 12. So they fit loose, which I like,
I enjoy. And these are like ripped jeans. I- I don’t really like how the pockets come
out, but you can just like pull them up and you can’t tell. And then the back, this is
how they look like. Just-Just some simple ripped jeans. And if you see the cut of them,
they’re supposed to be like right under the butt, they don’t really have a lot of space
as you can see, unlike the other shorts. So they do have a stretch, not as much as the
other ones but they are pretty comfortable if your looking for some really cool, like
denim-used kind of shorts. With these shirts that I got it covers like my butt a little
bit, so its perfect. So I ended up getting these, and oh my gosh you guys! I freakin’
fell in love with these. First of all, I really like them because they’re suede, and they
feel so beautiful. And not only is the top pink but so is the bottom, which is really
awesome! I really appreciate those kinds of details. And you’ll be surprised, these are
Clarks. Clarks are actually pretty comfortable and- actually they’re really comfortable,
and thats why I really liked them. And I feel like the quality is just so good and like the shoes
are just gonna last so much longer. And I liked these ones as well because they have
like a lot of like-its like per-perfor-perforated? I can’t say the word, it like a lot of holes
in it, so these are like perfect for the Spring and Summer time and maybe even in the Fall,
if I wear some socks with them. But they’re really nice. Just a really nice like blush
kind of a color. Like blush-creamy-rose-light-colored-pink-suede. And they bend really easily too. And I don’t
know. I think the color is just like really beautiful, and its a beautiful accent color
for any outfit, but its not like over board. So, I don’t know, I’m just really excited
to used these. And the last two things that I got are a journal. Cuz I needed a new uhm,
journal to write in, cuz I already finished the pages of my other journal. So I went to
Marshalls, because thats where I usually go and get notebooks that are pretty bad ass,
and they didn’t have any, and they haven’t had any nice ones recently. So I was like,
“You know what, let me just go to Paper Source,” cuz they always have SO many interesting things
you guys. And side note- did you know that Paper Source has like classes? I didn’t know.
So I want to sign up for one of their classes on watercolor and also another class of like
how to write letters, like, I don’t know, like really cool designs. So anyways, I’m
getting side tracked. So I went to paper source because I was like I’m sure they’re going
to have something and they did. So I loved how this looks like. It matches with like
my shoes and it also matches with the nail polish I got at Paper Source. But, I just
loved the watercolor print on it. And then in really small metallic letters it says,
“Happy Everything.” The pages are a little bit thin, so I don’t know if I can write with
a liquid pen, I’m gonna need to test it out. But I really liked it because it has a special-
like its own little like short line up here for the date, and then a whole bunch of lines,
so I really liked that. And I feel like its gonna make my journaling look a lot more organized.
It is paper cover so I am going to need to be like careful with like where I place it,
I can’t just be like rough with it. It also has this string right here, so you can keep
your place, and it is light pink as well. I don’t know, it just goes with the whole
pink theme. Its really beautiful, I love the accent like of gold on the outside and then
it also matches with the accent of the metallic gold letters in the front. The whole watercolor
drop things just make me feel calm and I just like that it matches with my shoes and the
nail polish that I got, let me show you. So I got a nail polish that they had there at
Paper Source and its by Julep. I know they also have these at Sephora. But whats really
nice about this is that its free of like the “big five.” So I guess these are like five
main ingredients that are harmful in nail polishes. So Julep is one of those, its also
Vegan. It’s light- right now its in the packaging let me take it out- but its a light pink.
So this is how it looks like, you can tell that its like- let me hold it like this, if
I hold it up against the white I don’t know if you guys can tell, its not like super white
but its not like super pink, its right in the middle. So its like a pastel, light baby
pink. And I feel like it just matches with my journal. I really have been liking this
whole like pink theme, as you guys can tell. Like, I don’t know, I just feel like its gonna
look so cute on. So I’m pretty excited to use this Julep nail color with the base coat
that-the base coat? The top coat that goes with it thats gel. The gel finish is so nice,
I’ve used it with other nail polishes but sometimes it makes the polish underneath like
crack. And I think its just because its probably like not made for those nail polishes, so
I’m excited to use it with the nail polish color that it actually goes with. And for
the Julep nail top coat, you don’t need to put it like inside a machine, its kind of
like it just finishes like gel but if you do have a machine it says that you could use
it. But I don’t use with a machine, I don’t have one, so- but it still looks really nice.
So I’m really excited to use it! I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did go ahead
and give it a thumbs up. I know I was kind of rambling, but again like always, I hope
you guys do something that makes you feel grateful for being alive today, love yourself,
take care of yourself. And I’m sending you guys good vibes, so yea; I’ll see you guys
next time, bye 🙂


  • Great video! I love the yellow color of that shirt! so pretty!

  • I have the same problems please try on some so we can see how they look thank you!

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