Spring Cleaning 2020 | Front Closet Declutter

hey friends so today I am starting in on
spring cleaning and I’m actually really really excited about this I shared if
you didn’t catch it in my recent check-in video that the spring cleaning
bug if there is such a thing has bitten me hard this year I’m just like ready to
go I have my whole list written out I’m organized and I’m like ready to jump in
so today’s task I’m hoping will take no more than an hour I can’t imagine that
it will what I am addressing is our front entryway closet okay now before I
show it to you I just kind of have to explain why it’s as bad as it is I’m not
justifying I could do so much better in this area I will own that but I just
want to kind of set it up in terms of what this space is for us so come the
winter we really are limited to just our front entryway in terms of being our
main door like are coming and going is done in this space because despite the
back entryway actually being larger in the closet being almost well it is
actually double in size it’s almost impossible once the snow hits for us to
use the back entryway on account of the snow dress that happened in the back
part of our driveway trying to clear a place for the or clear the fence store
to go up onto our deck like it’s just a big thing and it just it would not work
it’s just not even an option for us so front door is all that we have we are a
family of five we have a lot of winter gear now that said there is almost
double what there needs to be in the front closet right now we are really bad
full admission for bringing things up for like you know a special occasion and
not taking it back to where it needs to go so things just accumulate in this
space plus we’re using it multiple times a day each of us so it’s just a lot of
traffic it’s a big big hot spot for us and and I tried to tie it up about a
month ago it was good for a couple of days and honestly it just went
right back to being in disaster and I get frustrated by too so I just kind of
gave up on it but now it’s just I can’t I can’t deny it just needs my attention
so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to share with you first and I have not
tidied I promise you this I did not tidy I’m gonna show you what it looks like
I’m gonna pull everything out I’m gonna go through everything I’m going to
organize this stuff and hopefully that will allow me to really visualize what I
can do for this closet in terms of like a long-term organizational plan I’ve
been working on coming up with the solution for years now haven’t figured
it out but it is a top priority because this just it’s not working anymore okay
remember when I told you that I didn’t previously tidy before filming yeah I
most certainly didn’t do so let’s talk about the closet overall and it’s not
large it really really isn’t as I said we are a family of five we have a lot of
stuff a lot of winter gear and winter stuff in general it’s just bulkier it
just is and that said we have fur more in here and then we need so let’s kind
of talk about things a few years back I had the great idea for Rob to raise the
shelf and my reason for it is that we were losing a lot of like ground or
bottom storage because our coats hung so low that we really just didn’t like we
wouldn’t have been able to have for example this Footwear organizer so it’s
not that that was a bad idea but what it ended up doing is limiting
our space up here and I I don’t know it’s kind of one of those tricky things
because you know if we had something better in terms of organization better
bins a better system overall this would work but right now what I have in place
just isn’t so let’s kind of do a little bit more of a closer up look so in this
bin three my folds Robb’s rain pants I have a pair of ski
pants back there in this bin kind of bulkier winter accessories mostly mine I
have a blanket scarf there mittens hat in this bin well it’s anybody’s
guess I can see at the top that there’s a reusable bag but honestly you don’t
know what else is in there so we’ll see when I pull it down I guess in terms of
coats far more than needed a lot of like spring coats for the kids that I
probably honestly brought down but because the weather changes so much at
least here on the East Coast probably late November even I pulled some of
these back up just depending on the weather and then again they never got
brought back down a winter coat of mine that I used to wear before my new one
arrived so that really could go downstairs as well to pee coats of Rob’s
his old ski thing jacket it’s so gross but he uses it for shoveling and snow
blowing he likes to keep that a spring coat of mine a scarf I can get rid of I
mean on and on you guys and then who the bottom it’s not much better in fact it’s
kind of worse over here this is probably my biggest issue all of the kids hats
mints gloves it’s not practical whatsoever they end up pulling
everything out is you can probably imagine in the morning it’s all over the
floor here it’s just a disaster but where same thing prime example these
leather high tops of Hudson’s he pulled those from her footwear storage
downstairs pulled them out for his Christmas concert back in December and
they didn’t go back downstairs so they’re taking up you know valuable
space and it looks that much more cluttered because we have like offseason
Footwear in here just goes on and on I’m just going to give you like the full
picture here and when you come in on entryway to your right we had this well
it’s like an old shelf thing anyway below it we do have Hawks
I’d like to replace this with something that runs the whole length of the shelf
above it just so it looks better but for now that’s what we have
and then I do have some if you can believe that more boats down there which
they don’t need to be there because they really could be in there so that’s what
I’m working with I’m going to just honestly pull everything out so I can
take like a good look at everything hopefully declutter some things and then
move some things downstairs I’ve to take a little moment here and to
point out this this is well it’s crazy hat from last year and he actually wore
it for like a month after that special occasion that’s cool yeah anyway
they probably will have it again this year so I’m gonna put it back in his
closet because it doesn’t beat okay everything is sorted now probably
took me no more than five minutes so this is what I’ve determined everything
and from here on is going to be relocated so I have a lot of actually
like outdoor splash pants for the kids which they’re not quite seasonably into
just yet and I want to make sure that they all still fit so I need the kids to
try on those and then what I decided with my bigger heavier winter you know
mitts and hats that blankets scarf there’s another scarf over there as well
it’s just to put it away for the time being and that might be a little
optimistic given that it’s only mid it’s not even quite mid-march but I haven’t
been wearing them since really Christmas and I do have other options in the
closet so for now I’m gonna just put them downstairs and get to them easily
enough if I do want them but for now what I am planning on putting back up in
the closet is this bin three my folds there’s just one umbrella that’s simple
enough and then there’s some ball caps now again sort of still on seasonable
just yet but I don’t have anywhere else to put them there’s not a lot of them so
that’s what they’re gonna go and then in the back here and these are more sort of
ski pants I guess for me but these ones are more splash pants for raw but either
way they don’t take up a lot of room and these I mean this is all crushed as you
can tell but at least they somewhat match until I find replacements and then
all of those are usable bags I have a bag on the go actually that’s got to go
out to my van so I’m just gonna add these to that and that’s it for the Top
Shop now I have to do a little update here I started taking out all of the
coats and piling them here on the floor and then I realized that that was just
unnecessary work so I went back and instead just took out the coats that I
don’t need to be storing right now and I probably pulled you guys like more than
half of them so prime example my fall coat doesn’t need to be in there rob has
his big heavy gray work pea coat that he doesn’t need to store all the time my
old winter coat can go downstairs for just you know
outdoor activities where I don’t want to wear my new one it removed a lot a bulk
and there’s still things that I’m undecided about this coat being one of
them I have to get the boys to try them on but yeah that that feels really good
it’s just now I gotta take it all down okay next up addressing all of the
winter accessories over here and then going through all of the footwear now if
I had more time than I do right now I have to leave in about 20 minutes to get
the kids from school and if I didn’t have other commitments
for the rest of the afternoon then I would take this as an opportunity to
actually like pull everything out and wipe down the walls and scrub the floor
and do all that stuff but today it’s just not in the cards for me which is
okay because I know that if I can just clear all this stuff out that won’t take
a lot of effort you know in the days to come so I’m on the floor there’s metropolitan stairs and then once I get
all that cleaned and organized I’m going to pull everything out and I’m just
gonna limit the stuff that I keep in here because if the kids need backup we
can just go downstairs it’s not a lot of effort so that’s my game plan hopefully
won’t take too long I’m gonna put you up on the tripod and
just jump into it so like right off the top
these were my T’s rain boots from last year she played herb in them they’re all
torn if you can see in the inside and the bottoms have holes in them and they
leak so those can go straight the garbage they did not need to be in there
definitely so finish with the shoes I’ve gone ahead
and dumped everything out of that basket there is a ton so this is everything
that I’m pulling out between winter accessories and footwear so below all
the hats and mitts and scarves that you’re seeing it’s all the footwear that
will go downstairs I found a lot of single pairs here’s the stash over here
of gloves especially some single mittens as well if I can’t find these are dirty
use more than here everywhere excuse that if I can’t find pairs with the ones
that I have downstairs and I’ll just have to get rid of them but I’ll try my
best to match everything up and then stash away all the extras in the bin
that they already have so feels really good but as always once I do this it’s
like why did we have all this stop it done and done I wish that I had set a
timer and I’ll try and remember for the next task that I do because though it’s
fun to be able to say how long it took you but if I were to guess taking out
filming I’d say about 20-25 minutes to go through this well worth it with
exception of the obvious it’s not an eyesore like it had been and I know
having to stare at that daily everytime I open this closet will serve as a
motivator to finally address this closet but let’s look at what I did
top shelf it’s not beautiful by any means but it’s certainly a lot tidier so
you know I saw what I put in those two baskets they’re easily accessible over
here I always like to have void space to me it’s just so much nicer that hot I
know it looks like I just throw it up there kind of did but I want Rob to see
if he wants to keep it I’m just unsure about that one so that’s why it’s there
Marley’s got his leashes over there well it was waiting for him to come cuz I
said the word anyway over here just a few coats and a pair of ski pants these
are Murray’s actually and then the kids when they get home from school they each
have a winter coat obviously but that’s still will maybe take it to here not bad
at all and over here and sort of like Rob and I
side lots of spare hangers which I’m grateful for just looks a lot more
amazing and a stuffed closet and you know people over I did keep sort of a
lightweight jacket for Rob my winter coat of course a dress coat for Rob that
needs to be clean because I see more than hair on it and then Rob’s like keep
calling it the disgusting coat that’s not very nice is it
but his work coat is there and that’s it I just think that that looks so much
better and then I’m moving down with Footwear it’s still honestly quite
cluttered I’m aware of that but a lot better than it was there are pairs of
shoes for sure on the top shelf eeeh this is Rob’s that I know he could move
to his closet he’s got a shoe stain in there I just I didn’t want to do that I
wanted to ask him what he wants to do just want to make that executive
decision that is input my row a Footwear all winter boots really my blend stones
are there my other winter boots and then I have my big bogs over there I know
that they’re laying down it’s kind of wonky it’s kind of weird but I didn’t
really have another spot for them and you know what it works for now the
bottom two shelves are Footwear for the kids you know what most of which really
I could have put downstairs but because we’re in between the boys have been
wearing for example actually all three kids have been wearing their rima boots
because they’re good for this time of year so those are fine and then the
bottom shelf I just kind of left them because they’ll be coming up you know in
the next month or so anyway and we have the space so I didn’t some rain boots
over there pear bogs and then really happy with
this yeah I just whittled it down to some spare little gloves hat mitts and
that’s it and I didn’t really spend a lot of time organizing it because my
kids are little and they’re just going to inevitably up everything out anyway
so at least it’s a reasonable amount to show back in there and it doesn’t look
like such an eyesore so that’s it for task number one hope you guys found this
to be a little helpful motivational inspirational whatever you want to call
it I just hope you liked it and if you did let me know
in the comment section or even simply with the thumbs up and until next time
you guys happy spring cleaning and we’ll catch you both soon


  • Beautiful maintenance of your closet!

    What are those myfolds? Foldy thingies in the basket with the small umbrella?

  • A great starting point. 🙂 I think my pressure washer is sitting in our entryway closet. ugh!

  • Tonight is eviction bbcan 8. Who are you rooting for? I’m team Hira because he’s from brampton and I’m in mississauga 😍

  • Well done

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