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the Pope has called for reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula on the final day of his visit to South Korea Koreans Pope Francis said should reject a mindset of suspicion and confrontation and find new paths to build peace he spoke at a mass in Seoul’s main cathedral attended by president Park geun-hye on North Korean defectors the service coincided with the start of major US South Korean military exercises the annual drills called Ulchi freedom Guardian lasts for 12 days and involves some 80,000 u.s. and South Korean service personnel the exercises always enraged North Korea which has in recent weeks conducted a series of short-range missile tests including one as the Pope arrived it has threatened the merciless retaliatory strike in response to the drills the two Koreas remained technically at war after the 1950-53 korean war which ended in an armistice and not a peace treaty speaking at my e on Don Cathedral the Pope said all Koreans were brothers and sisters members of one family one people let us pray for the emergence of new opportunities for dialogue encounter and the resolution of differences he said he also called for generosity in providing humanitarian assistance to those in need and urged Koreans to work together as one with no victors or vanquished representatives from North Korea’s state-run Korean Catholic Association were invited to attend the mass but Pyongyang rejected this offer also at the service were seven elderly women forced to work as prostitutes for Japanese troops during World War two you

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