SPIDER-MAN vs SUPERMAN BATMAN WONDER WOMAN – Toy Battle! Real Life Superhero Movie – TheSeanWardShow

Batman: Oh my God! Look at this little dweeb and his toys! *laughs* Spider-Man (as Batman): Your Mom’s name’s Martha? Spider-Man (as Superman, high pitched): Yeah my Mom’s names Martha. Spider-Man (as Batman): That’s quite something, my mom’s names Martha Spider-Man (as Batman): We should be best friends Superman: We shouldn’t keep him too long then Superman: Aunt May is probably gonna call him in for cookies and milk soon. Spider-Man (as Batman): Hey, uhh, Superman, can you give me a lift? Spider-Man (as Superman, high pitched): Oh, well, I dunno, uh… I only see one Batman: Check this out! *Batman (as Spider-Man) screaming* *music continues in background* Batman (as Spider-Man, mockingly): I’m a six year old superhero! Pew Pew! Pew! *Superman laughs*
Batman: Or whatever he does Superman (as Spider-Man, mockingly): Oooo my Uncle died three times in the last ten years! I’m all alone! Batman (laughing): Yeah I know and it was funny every time. *They both laugh* Batman: Shouldn’t he spin webs out of his butt technically? *Batman making flying noises, laughing* Batman: Yeah right
Superman: He’d probably need a cartridge up there so I don’t wanna… Batman (laughing): Uh yeah, good point, good point. Batman (as Spider-Man, mockingly): Wee! I’m swinging in New York! Superman: Hey, let me give it a try
Batman: No, no, no… *Superman gasps* *sound of toy landing, innocent music plays* Spider-Man: Hey guys! Great idea! Spider-Man: Did you want to play too? Superman (high pitched): Nooo! Batman: Toys are for BABIES! Spider-Man: Hey! Wait a minute, who you calling a baby? Superman: He’s calling YOU a baby Mr.– Spider-Man: At least I know how to my underwear on properly… Wonder Woman: Hey Guys! I saw you playing dolls! Wonder Woman: Can I play?! Superman: Sorry Diana, there’s, there’s none left. *music continues* Wonder Woman: Oh! That’s okay. I brought my own! Batman: Dolls are for girls. These are ACTION FIGURES! *music continues* Wonder Woman: Okay, I guess I’ll play with my DOLL by myself then. Spider-Man: Yeah you do that girlie! Spider-Man: Right guys?! Batman: Hey, Shut Up! Superman: Don’t talk to her like that. *music continues* *music changes to bouncy, happy beat* *music continues* *sounds of plastic and cardboard being opened* Superman: Wh-what are you doing? *sounds of plastic and cardboard being opened* *box drops on ground* Spider-Man: You’re not supposed to open the box! Spider-Man: Is she? Wonder Woman: How am I supposed to play with it, if I don’t open the box? *sound of cardboard ripping* Batman: That’s the Deluxe Adult Collector’s Limited Movie Tie-In Edition!! Wonder Woman: So?! Doesn’t that make it more fun to play with? *backing ripping* *backing falls to the ground* Batman: You’re gonna ruin the value! Wonder Woman: You can’t put a price on a good time! Y’know what I mean? Superman (weakly): Yeah… It’s, it’s yours Superman: you can do whatever you want with it. Superman: But it is going for a lot on Ebay right now… Superman (off screen): Just saying… *plastic crackling* *plastic ripping* *music continues* *Superman, Spider-Man & Batman all start talking over each other* “C’mon” “Full Ebay Review” “How could you do something like that?” *Superman, Spider-Man & Batman continue talking over each other, louder* Wonder Woman (yelling): Alright Guys! I’ll tell you what… Wonder Woman: You figure out the value of this toy, AFTER I’m done playing with it. Wonder Woman: For now, I’m gonna get in my invisible jet Wonder Woman: and get out of here! *Wonder Woman makes plane noises* *music starts up again* *music continues, Wonder Woman making plane noises* *music continues* *music becomes more dramatic* *music ends*


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