Sperry Overlook Leather Smoking Slipper SKU: 9060802

Hey what’s going on everybody, it’s Clayton here at zappos.com And today we’re checking out the Overlook Leather Smoking Slipper from Sperry The sleek smoking slipper features that beautiful pony hair in the wine color There’s also a leather and textile upper version as well Got the beautiful embroidered anchor on the top to give that classic nautical style And on the inside, we’ve got a soft leather that’s going to give you lots of all-day comfort Down inside, we’ve got the full-length leather footbed that’s got lots of lightweight shock absorbency for all-day comfort Got that little stacked heel in the black to really clean it up and give you a little boost in height And on the bottom, we’ve got the full length rubber outsole that’s gonna give you long-lasting durability as well as flex So anchors away in this cool Smoking Slipper from Sperry

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