Sockwa X8 Review for Forefoot Running

Hey everyone its Bretta Riches from and today i’m going to be doing a minimalist shoe review of the Sockwa X8 which is essentially a shoe/ sock hybrid that has a 2-mm super
thin outsole which supplies tons of sensory input to the feet so you can
easily monitor your forefoot strike landing when you run. There’s no way
you’re gonna heel strike in these shoes because they are as close as to running
barefoot as you will get. Remember the quickest of fixes for bad running form
comes from being able to sense the ground with your feet, so the thinness of
the Sockwa X8 is quite helpful if you struggle with forefoot running and if
you don’t want to go barefoot. The Sockwa X8 does a really good job at helping
you judge where you are landing on your foot when you run. The Sockwa X8 is much thinner than the Vibram Five Fingers KSO’s which is one of Vibrams thinnest
running shoes. In the Sockwa X8s, you literally feel every single pebble and
twig that you run over. They are incredibly barefoot-feeling and despite
the paper-thin outsole, I’m actually very surprised at how durable the outsole is.
Another amazing thing I love about the Sockwa X8 is that you can wear these shoes in the winter and you don’t have to wear socks with them because the upper of the
shoes is made of Ariaprene, so they are pretty thermal for the winter. I also
wore these throughout the summer and my feet didn’t get hot in them. My feet
didn’t even sweat. So, these shoes are very weather versatile because I was
able to wear them comfortably during the summer and winter as well. When these
shoes fit on your foot, they fit up around your ankle which is handy because
this prevents debris from entering the shoe. The entire upper is very stretchy
so it accommodates your unique foots contour. In general, the design of the
shoe outlines and natural contours of the human foot. This is why when you wear it, the Sockwa X8 hugs your foot and is actually very form-fitting, like a glove.
I also like that the Sockwa X8 doesn’t have lacing, so this makes
them very convenient to put on and take off. Despite not having laces, the
shoe manages to fit perfectly on your foot without slipping off, even when wet.
My favorite feature of the shoe is that you can literally roll them up into a
ball, so there is nothing within the shoe structure that restricts your foots
natural motion and essentially allows your foot
to work on their own and self-strengthen very quickly. These shoes are also great
for running on the beach. The upper is also abrasion-resistant. As you can see
there are no rips or tears on the shoe. I have worn these shoes for about 8
months now and I run every day for about 10 to 12 miles on the roads and
these shoes are holding up exceptionally well. Just a tip on the sizing because
the shoes are designed to fit like a glove, you might want to choose a full-
size up from your regular shoe size just so that you don’t end up buying the shoe
and it’s too tight. But, I really can’t believe how incredible the ground feel
is of the shoe and they’re incredibly comfortable as well. If you don’t want to
run barefoot, these shoes are really all you need. Other forms of activity you can
wear them for our water sports, weightlifting, walking pretty much
everything. Overall, the Sockwa X8 will help you tremendously with your forefoot
running form and they will also improve sensory processing in the feet which
will in turn, help you develop faster, more responsive withdraw reflexes in the
leg which is handy for helping you run better, with less ground contact time and
it gives you a higher back-kick. Proper running form starts with how well your
feet can sense the ground, so it’s very important to run in barefoot-inspired
running shoes especially if you are a forefoot running beginner and especially
if you are transitioning away from heel strike running and learning forefoot
running. So if you’ve enjoyed this review you’ll also enjoy my other reviews and
recommendations on minimalist shoes for forefoot running over at my blog: and for more information and updates on the latest research on
biomechanics of running please subscribe to my youtube channel. Have fun out there
on the roads and trails. Thanks for listening and watching bye for now!


  • Aren't you getting wet with these in the snow or rain?

  • Shoes do not stop you from heel striking. Let's get that clear. Barefoot shoes make it easier not to heel strike, but they don't stop you from heel striking. Also, if you trying to run fast and distribute power thru your feet with these twisty minimal and barefoot shoes. This isn't the way to go. Good luck with that. Eventually you will over stretch the fascia. If you want power And, yes I do wear barefoot shoe…..Lems, Inov-8 bare-X and Vivo's.

  • Thanks for the review. I've narrowed the ONLY shoes worth buying are these, Inov-8 Bare-X and the Merrell Vapour Glove but unfortunately I've seen way too many comments about the toebox blowing out after light use.

    I just need something for the winter until I can go barefoot again or wear my Xeroshoes. Which of those three would you recommend? I run 120mpw so it has to be durable. Thanks!

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