Snoekbroeders #26 – Nieuwjaars ROOFVISSEN vanuit de BOOT!

Hey boys and girls, welcome to another one
episode of First of all, best wishes for 2020. I need my first one
catch fish from 2020. I’m curious what it will be for a fish. We have a new one
camera, haha. Because the last one was in the water flickered. I think I’ll be right away
buy a new one. Let’s see the insurance still does. We are on January 3, 4 and 5
the fishing. Today is January 3. So I am ready. You too? Yes Nice.
He is ready. I already fished yesterday, and the day before yesterday. So I have the first fish
already caught. Yes, I’ll get it. Pike? No, this is one
zander. He pounds horribly. But I have not him yet. This one clapped very hard
on it. Was he clapping it? Yes? I think 60. Grab the big net, because it fits
not in. There we go boy again. Hoppatee! He swam in my other line, too
yet. Hold it up. Please. Yes. That’s nice Tom. Hey, that’s a best one. Is doing
hey eh? Does it smooth, damn it. Jurgen from Schijndel. From now on I am the zander specialist.
He just catches the fat one here. Larger shads Hey. That’s it often, Tom. Larger shads?
Yes I have a large shad. Yes, you have that from Spro to it huh? Yes, the new Spro again.
Those are good shads, right? All my sardine hangs in it. Oh, that’s a nice man. How
how long would he be? 65, 70. We’ll handle him soon measure. Little gills huh? He’s 67. Like that
boys and girls are the first fish caught. I caught a nice bass.
And a nice zander. And Jurgen has of course the thickest caught again. 65, 67 centimeters.
A nice zander. Not wrong. But we are now just under the bridge,
because the weather is huge. And wind, and know I what all. So we take a look under the
bridge a little vertical. We just were doing it too. Because the pike did nothing
Hey? Nothing at all. Not on dead bait, on the not roaches, not trolls. Nothing. So we go
nice and vertical. We are now going under the try the bridge. Tom just dropped it off. I
just turn it off yes. And he catches a zander here. The weather is bad. Oh man, not normal.
Huge rain shower. Strong wind. We all fly direction. Jurgen gets a lame arm
the steering. I think so in the meantime. Anyway. Keep on fishing. Sun Walleye. In the flowing
rain. Nice crochet. Nice fish. I have cold hands boy. Hit him! To beat!
Do you have him? Yes, a little one. Watch out with the bobber. You now have to lower the line.
No, just run. Turn around. Take it easy. Turn around. He says a little one. But that
do not you know. Because it is a stiff rod. That’s how he’s doing well. He arrives. Walleye!
A beautiful. How is that possible? Nice zander! Hey, dead bait. To dead bait, hoppatee.
In the pouring rain. Tap it. Are we heroes or not? We are heroes. You may
unhook him yourself. We are heroes. Good luck. Yes thank you. Are we heroes or are we heroes
boy? Fat fingers away, yes. Yes, a good one. Well boy, go back again. In the flowing
just rain, he does. We’ll just do it. Stalk of the landing net
is off. That rod that still breaks you. This one month. No no no. Hey that’s a big one.
Hoppa! Hoppa! Take a picture. We will sail just outside. I say that. Hello people
home hello! Nice fish huh? Yes, nice fish Yes. Take a picture. Hoppatee! Again
laugh. Do you have him? Grab the net, just! Just Tom. Sure I got it. Yes, serious fish.
Yes, serious fish yes. Here you have it. Can you manage that? He remains a good, deep mate. He feels
is not it great? This one? He feels good right? So! Wow! Keep it in, right? Yes of course. And the day
is good again. Can we fish? Who is the amateur fisherman here,
you or me? Goddamn it. If only I had him given to Tom. That had been my PR.
No boy, no. No meter. No meter? He is fat. He only has a very big head
it is not a meter. Patriot fishing rods all of them. Fat man. Boy, boy, boy.
What a day. Three types. What a day. Well, next is for you. What a day. How long
do we have any verticals there? Yes, a long time. Boys apologize for the wat
rainy images and splashes on the camera. But nothing can be done about it today.
What it is just really good weather. But we hid under the bridge and Jurgen
says, I just throw in a sardine. We thought they should go in the winter anyway
a bit near those bridges and those pillars lie down. But of course we knew that
unsure. But at least we were there dry. Jurgen who catches a big pike there.
We were about to start trolling. We just wanted to leave. Jurgen called, my bobber
is gone. My bob has gone. I thought that it was a meter, but it wasn’t a meter. But
he was almost a meter tall. Really a buffalo. And then we are again under the
bridge. We thought, just stay lie down. And then I catch a nice bass.
What will he be? 40 I think. A nice bass. I have to say that pike that makes the day
good again. Because it’s a weird day today. With a lot of changing techniques. A lot of
rain. We now have 9 fish. So it’s running not storm. But that pike that makes a lot
good. Because that was a very nice one. Yes, we are really pike fishermen. Vertical
is fun too. But such a big pike is really super fat. Is a good size anyway
again. A beautiful! Hoppatee! Take it! Potty Thick. Nice striped boy. Hey, have a look
man. Another beautiful one. Haha. Bye people home. Ten. Double digits. We didn’t have that
thought this morning. Yes that’s why. Work a nice apple flap inside. In this sun-drenched,
beautiful day. It is not normal, the weather. Bah. I’m soaking wet. Jurgen has a wet weather
ass. But we don’t know if it’s inside has come out or from outside to
within. Soaking wet. There was just a downpour on my back. And then from my back to the chair. Yes, that’s how it goes. Well, that was the first day. In the meantime I am home again. Tired but satisfied. We caught well. I am not allowed to complain. The weather was just really rough. Heavy
wind. Heavy rain. And that rain is not yet that bad. But that wind makes it difficult to
to control the boat. Unfortunately. It is now eight o’clock and I go back to bed in no time. Just one
spread sandwich. And then the second day tomorrow. Hey boys and girls, good morning again.
We are on the water again today. It is Saturday today. I mean, yes, Saturday
is the. And we are verticaling today. We have had quite a few hours left.
I think we are fishing for 2.5 hours now or so. Maybe longer. Really a whole one
nothing at all. Yes, when we arrived I threw out and immediately a few taps. But
nothing at all. And now we are on the place where we caught the pike yesterday.
Now we are verticaling here. And also throwing a little with shads. Just have it? So
that’s where he comes. Pike boy. Pike. Pack him like that? Get the little net. I saw him coming again. Why do they always bite
with you? You just hang it still. A little one. A little one yes. But yes, it
is what we fish for. Walleye, again at the stinger. So it’s such a day again. I
the mother is completely fished. I do not know how it is possible. We have the same shads on it
and everything. Jurgen catches them all. He has there are now 7. 6 walleye and a pike. And I
have a zander. But I have the feeling that something will come. All of them
on those Spro shads. But that is also because we now fish with it of course. I have
trust it. But he now has a third rod thrown out. What did you do about it?
A Lieblingskoder. Such a long of 20 centimeters. Yes, I think so. Such a long Lieblingskoder
of 20 centimeters. We leave the rod just lie. We are completely there
no longer moving. Comes of course also because the boat is moving. That makes natural
also a difference. But it is typical. We sometimes think Tom is on that side
fishing. And me on this side. Then you think sometimes it’s on the side. But we are both now
exactly past each other. Just next to each other. How is that possible? The same line thickness. The same
underline. All the same. Anyway, that does not matter. There will be some more
on-board. I have to say they are pretty zander. All the same size. No very small ones
not a very big one. But it’s a fun sport, We will have fun. We have nothing to complain about.
Put upright. I think it’s a pike is Tom. Yes, it looks like this. Yes. He
is completely under the boat. A big pike boy! Yes, but I don’t have it yet. I know
not what happens. What boy? What is this? I think a thick roof blei or something.
A catfish? No. We have again. Keep it to it! Look what we’re getting blown away.
Yes, do I have to do something? That is not possible. A little to the left that boat
a little bit. I can’t get him out. What is this? Oh, Tom! What is this boy? Know
not me! Big pike, wow! I will place to make. You create, don’t make room! We have
not him yet. Oh, Tom, by the shadows! Got you. Hoppa. Chaos in the boat. A fat! To the
vertical rod. Watch him here. Hoppatee. I lift it in. Or just in the water
leave? Yes let it hang on. Good that you have him boy. Luck. I think now
he goes off immediately. Yes he went all the way under the boat. A bit out of the wind.
Oh man. What did he pull. I thought it first was a roof blei. I only saw the white one
belly flanks. A fat. Another fat one. He is not that long. 85, 90. Yes, that is for
quite a vertical rod. And beautiful in it crochet the corner. Yes, neat. Tidy boy.
Nice fish. Take a nice picture. No printed. Yes, they are boy. There he goes
again. On the vertical stick. In the wind. Full in the wind. What are you doing Tom? Yes,
I’m messing around. I’m messing around. Just messing around today. Boy,
Jurgen was just hanging with his vertical fishing rod. Wall and stuck. And on a given
moment, we have another vertical next to it stick. A sort of fishing rod. Also with
a shad from Spro. And at a given moment boy doubles that thing completely. Here,
you grab this, you grab this! I’m sure he’s stuck. And we are full of wind. We all fly
direction. That is really not normal. And have we got a pike. How tall was he? 90. But
he was fat! He was not as fat as that of yesterday. Maybe even fatter. Really one
pig. That is perhaps why the pike what less bites here. Because they just eaten
to be. Could that be? It was a little bit chaos in the boat. Yes, but that was because
I was stuck. I sat with a shadow on one mussel bed. And while I’m pulling
fold the other rod here double. And then Tom had to quickly pick up the other rod.
Turn his own fishing rod inside. Yes. And we still had to send. Had this shade
I just him. To this little shade. Yes Yes. Hoppa. At the little green. To the dark green.
Still a pike. Say goodbye. Second Pike today. Should not get crazier. I am totally
breathless. Haha. And that he sticks Hey! Just like in the paper. Spectacular
images I think. Yes, I think so, beautiful images yes. He was stiff under the boat. Yes,
that rod went completely crooked. The rod completely under the boat. We always have an adventure
Hey. The following is for you. Yesterday too. We always have an adventure. Guys, just an update about the camera that I let flicker into the water. Just a warm one
give a shower to the fishing insurer. Because, well, I had a claim form
filled in. And submitted proof that it is not covered by my household insurance.
The new price of the camera now is 829 euros. I have already bought a new one, so this one. That
was just as expensive. And just within two weeks has the fishing insurer, just 829
transferred to me. So the damage before me is now 0. That is a good deal again
Hey. So just a warm shower for fishing insurer. They do what they say so
that’s really nice. And from now on I am so very economical on my cameras. I dare
almost no camera anymore in the boat frankly. I always put it now
I know that. Anyway, that’s it another nice end to a nice day. Jurgen
sees a grebe with a fish in his mouth. With a fish in its mouth. Really super. Thank you
fishing insurer. Well organised. Well, day two was also a special day.
Fortunately not had so much rain anymore. But the wind was still present. Again
caught a nice pike, so we are not allowed complain. So I’m curious what tomorrow
is going to bring. Tomorrow the weather would be really great be windless. No rain. That means that
we can perfectly verticalize. And probably also pike and trolls. Yes everything
is possible when the weather is such. Only need the fish cooperate tomorrow. But you never know that
advance. But we’ll see. I’m diving back in bed. Because I really have all sleep
needed that I can get. Jurgen survives I think with 6 hours of sleep. But I really have
10 to 11 hours. So I enjoy diving again in. The slip is open! The slip is open!
OK. Turn close, turn close. And join in the fight. Turn, turn, turn, no you don’t have it,
shame on me. Previously hit. Yes, I knew not even which fishing rod boy. Next time
I’ll hit him. Good boy. Yes he has it completely open. Damn it.
He released him. If he hits now, I’ll hit him and you’ll get him. Yes
that chaos. I don’t know which rod it is. I looked and at once, whap. Guys good morning.
Day three of the trilogy. We’re on this the water. Of course, because we are working on it
fishing. We have three floats out with dead bait. And we just got a good one
had a bite. The bobber that flew under. But Jurgen says he’s for you. Grab the fishing rod
take the rod. But we have four rods out, so I think, which rod? So
I pay for mine. And slip closed. And beaten, but he has not felt anything.
There were scratches on the fish. But he was unfortunately loose. But the weather is fantastic.
It is not cold. And it actually blows completely not. Yes a bit. A very small breeze.
We stay here with the bobber until about 10 o’clock fishing. And if it doesn’t work out. We have
already had a bite. But was it not allowed , then we go vertically.
Perhaps at the end of the day with the bobber. But yes, the plans can
always change. Because you need a little bit adapt to the situation. Not stoic
persist, but keep trying. Meanwhile Jurgen is holding the lamp up. He
gets a lame arm. No? See if we can catch the motherload today. Well,
I’m going to hang a roach on it again, one new ones. Blow through, that’s here.
Just push it through the ass. Yes, one few times like that. Usually with a few of them
time in, then he is always leaky. And then come those juices also get out a bit. Then in the
back. Remove pair of scales. Do you have to do such a thing. Otherwise you throw it off.
Get this one. Here for you. Nice pike. Nice pike. Shorty. Shorty. We’ll grab it like that. It is one of them. Yes it is one. Haha. Nice crochet. Quiet.
Please. Come on. Just open the mouth. In the gill grip. That’s the first one today. Hoppatee. First pike of the year for you. Yes. No. You haven’t caught a pike yet.
Yes, that little one. Oh yeah. Yes. So guys, the first fish is a day. I am totally
speechless. Today’s first fish is one fact. It took a while. A faint bite
on the towing bob. But we sat for a moment just messing around. Was a bit in line
the electric motor. Fishing line from someone different. He would have left it here, I think
I. So we had to do a quick repair. A bit of a faint bite. Not very loud
just down the line. That is the first one fish of today. So there we are of course
happy with it, right? Fish is fish Tom. Fish is fish huh boy? We are working again. So
we will see. Very thick signal. He comes from the bottom. He stays behind the roach
swimming. He’s still there. He stays swim with it. He has been swimming there for a minute
behind. I’m going to accelerate now. There he goes. Now he lies down. I’m going to speed up and he
lies down. I don’t know if you can do it see on the video. But there, under that tree,
a sail is stretched there. People lie there to sleep. I do not make a joke. Here lie
sleepers. Oh off it, it was a whole one good. Unfortunately. Was a very good one. Yes? Unfortunately.
Oh he’s still here. He was after it. I see him flanks. Really? Oh yes, the roach. Fish! Los, oh. Keep tight hey. I had it tight. Damn it. Ha guys, I’m lying on the couch. I think I’m falling asleep here. We have three
had nice days. Always. Sometimes it’s okay and sometimes it is disappointing. But we have everything
experienced a bit in three days. So I go to sleep on time. Just to comment
watching my previous video. That was the video, which was it again. That was the video,
revenge on the pike. That was the video. Then I went back to fishing where I got the last one
all those releaseers have had. Let’s see. Van Veldhoven says, catching on much harder.
Give him a good stallion. Yes that’s right. Daan says, wonderful again a deadbait series.
I am already looking forward to the next one. Good, because it is coming again. Will be coming soon
included. Fishuals says, better than your previous one adventure. Nice busy dude. Sure.
Hoppa. Bart says, sorry for the panting. Awesome. Nik Bats says, you can safely hit harder.
Personally, I still think it’s pretty careful. Sometimes I strike again after the first attack
to be sure that the hook is correctly positioned. OK. Serge says, you put your mat back in the parasites.
Is right. Pike addict says, that looks again a lot better. Two more decent ones
pikeswingers instead of those floats. Yes, that’s right. I still have to get it. Well
guys, thanks for looking again. Until the next episode. I do not know when
which is coming, but probably next week friday. At 7 o’clock in the morning or 7 o’clock
‘in the evening. I have to take a look at that. And if you thought it was a nice video, then thumb
up. And subscribing is appreciated. And keep on fishing!


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