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Some people are only in to, say, Nikes. Some people are only in to skater kicks. And then the sub-groups come out of that-. The sub catergories would be swapping, crushing, where the power of the sneaker, something is getting crushed underneath it. The worshipping side of it, where somebody is being submissive underneath somebody’s sneakers… Revving or pedal-pumping – mud and messy, balloon popping, wet look, cutting, and anything that goes in to the sneaker is usually part of it, so feet, socks, if people are in to socks. I’m Kimbo, and I run the YouTube channel Aussie Sneaker. It’s a fetish, but I don’t like the word fetish. It’s an appreicaiton of a higher level is how I describe my association with sneakers. I know with me, the more technical they are, a high-top, a Reebok pump, just a level of passion that’s involved in specific models that drives the urge. – Howdy
– Howdy, come through It’s pretty much a gay thing. It’s pretty much a male thing. There’s whole communities around the world and it’s quite underground in a sense, because it’s not a popular public domain. I’ve had someone walk up to me and say, you must have a show fetish to get away with them. And my reply is always, yes I do. Sort of growing up I always had the urge and liked sneakers, and I would swap my school buddies’ sneakers and things. And then, probably when I was 16 or 17 something sort of clicked that there is more to this. You’d see people wearing something and you’d get an urge thinking, I really like those, I really want to have those. And of course if someone walks past and they’re wearing a cool pair of sneakers your head will turn. – Hideous.
– Yes or no? Canvas slip-ons. Urgh. The passion is certainly about someone wearing the sneakers, and how they look on them. Fit lads in sporting attire – it looks cool. It looks good. That’s a driving urge to have it. – Are you in to New Balance?
– No, I never have them. I don’t mind New Balance. I think probably every second day there would be a YouTube message coming through, a direct message saying, ‘Hey, I like this video, could you do another video featuring this?’ In the back of my mind I keep thinking, okay, that’s a weird request. Someone wanted me to pour custard in the sneakers and squash the custard out and put their foot in and out of the sneaker. Okay, and I think to myself, that’s something I haven’t really thought about. Okay, we’ll give it a go. Why not? What’s it going to hurt? I guess the good thing about the custard one was once I washed the sneakers out they had a lovely vanilla smell to them. Yeah, it’s a little bit edgy. I guess that’s what the exhilaration of it would be. It’s like, woah, what’s going to happen if someone walks past and sees this? You know, this is happening in public, and a lot of folk would be repulsed by it. I know that even by me saying it, the general public is going to go, Urgh, that’s digusting! But the funny thing is I post the video to YouTube and people love it, that are involved in that sort of community. At the end of the day, it’s just a lot of fun for people that are involved and where I see it, if people can be open and honest and are not hurting anyone, it’s a sneaker, all said and done. It’s just about people liking a speciifc model/make, and enjoying them.


  • Great job @AussieSneaker can't wait to your next video, StuPalmy, NZ

  • Good god those pants are terrible

  • glad im not the only one who thought that! Sneaker obsession is just fine, but those pants ?! 😀

  • Well done

  • You did a good job SBS2 to fit it in the timeframe 😉
    My YouTube channel has been flooded overnight, with heaps of support comments.

  • Great video. Thank you for professionally exposing a special community of sneaker heads!!!

  • And its not always a gay thing. I mean it can be gay cause its an admiration for another dudes sneaks. But there are many str8 dudes that just love male feet/socks and cool sneakers. Its super masculine.

  • aussiesneaker, thanks for your sharing with the world!
    btw, i thought those pants were unique… and HOT.

  • I will treat him to some new pants. 🙂

  • Hooray! maybe something that does not detract from the shoes 🙂

  • WTF

  • so people fuckin shoes now, thats what hot in the streets?

  • I wondered who bought the f'd up 20 yr old sneaks on ebay..
    Well I didn't wonder for long

  • Those jeans where so hot! I hope Vince does another vid in them soon 🙂

  • oh my god ,i didn't know that website before,i've always been wanting to lick cool guys' sweaty sneakers for ever

  • fucking tns brah

  • Goblins

  • yeah good job

  • What the flying fuck did I just watch?

  • Looks ridculious seen from outside

  • Nice

  • Wack shoes

  • Wow. Aussiesneaker here


  • i do like the Osiris and own several pairs

  • . Aussies & vince


  • Love the video!! I have a sneaker fetish also!!! What size do you wear? We should get together!!!!!

  • how did i end up here?????? this is ………wtf!!!

  • Why don't you update any new videos? Like your videos so much

  • Osiris D3 ?

  • What's really hideous is Dan and Vince's jeans…they are so outdated!!

  • don't give them yeezys

  • Что я тут забыл?

  • I totally get this. I love the socks off guys like this. White or grey crew socks worn for a couple of days or more by some fit guy in some of these high top sneakers = heaven. The smell is awesome.

  • But no women ….im out lol

  • Cool video!! I love it to see a man smashing say a sticky chocokate bar in public.

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