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My name is Beaux. I’m a fit expert from Kintec, and today I’m going to be talking to you about four shoes, and technologies that are designed to enhance the smoothness of your ride. Our first shoe is On Runnings Cloud. In 2010 On’s set out to design a shoe that redefined running, and in the proprietary CloudTec system they have done just that. With a modular system comprised of individual clouds that deform both horizontally and vertically this shoe gives you a natural feel from heel-to-toe designed to spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. The On Cloud also has a built in speedboard, a plastic plate that runs the length of the shoe from heel-to-toe. Very similar to something like the Nike Zoom Fly. Again designed to enhance that running feel and propel you forward. The V-shaped rear mid-sole of this shoe also provides an incredibly natural feeling, whether you’re walking or running. Another amazing benefit of something like the On Cloud is this elastic lacing system. The elastic lacing systems provides a flexible upper making the shoe feel natural right from the get-go. Our next shoe is the Brooks Neuro 3. Somewhat similar to the On Cloud in terms of that flexible fore foot, however with the Brooks Neuro it’s more the decoupled fore foot meaning that if you run in a traditional running shoe and you’re not quite ready to move to the flexibility of something like the On Cloud this podular system still gives you a bit of flexibility to begin training those intrinsic foot muscles. And again like something like that On Cloud we do have this wonderful heel-to-toe transition because of the nice flexibility of the shoe and your foot which generally is not found in something like a solid platform in a traditional running shoe. Next, we hear from the Brooks Launch 5. Now unlike our first two shoes with that decoupled fore foot and that podular design the Brooks Launch is very much got the running shoe you know. 10 mil. pitch heel-to-toe and a fantastic breathable upper. Now what really sets the Launch 5 apart is the BiMoGo DNA. Now while that is a mouthful this non-utonium material the Brooks has decided to use essentially acts like thousands of little springs underneath your foot. What that means is depending on how you land the material acts slightly differently, not just from run-to-run but from step-to-step. If you’re familiar with the Brooks Ghost then the air mesh upper and being an outsider defiantly puts the Brooks Launch 5 on your radar. Finally we move on to the Nike Odyssey React. Now the Odyssey’s built on the same react platform as it’s big brother the Nike Epic React. Some benefits exist in the Odyssey, in the we have this nice solid crested plate through the heel, so as you’re landing in that heel striking position it keeps the heel nice and stable. Combined one-piece flyknit bootie the fantastic breathable fore foot and this shoe lets off steam so you don’t have to. The react platform is what one should call the Goldy Locks shoe. Not too hard, not too soft, just right. This wonderful react platform gives the runners a nice smooth transition heel-to-toe without being to aggressive, to firm, or to sloppy. While all these shoes are for lightweight, energy returning midsole, and smoothness off ride for runners, you don’t have to be a marathon runner to enjoy the features of them, they are just as suitable as walking shoes. If you’re interested in any of these shoes please come and see a fitting expert at Kintec, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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