SML Movie: Jeffy’s Dog!

(Mario Snoring) Jeffy: Hey, Daddy. Hey. (psst) Hey daddy. Mario: What do you want, Jeffy? Jeffy: Um, can me and Pee Pee Suck go outside and play? Mario: Sure, sure Jeffy just leave me alone I’m taking a nap.. Jeffy: Okay thanks daddy, come on Pee Pee Suck lets go. Jeffy: Alright, Mr. Pee Pee Suck, what game do you wanna play? Jeffy: Oh! I know how about hide n seek? You count and I’ll go hide. Count to ten. No peeking, Pee Pee Suck! Jeffy: You count and I’ll go hide. Count to ten. No peeking, Pee Pee Suck! *music* Jeffy: Alright Pee Pee Suck! I’m ready! *rolling* (There he goes..) Jeffy: I don’t think Pee Pee Suck is ever gonna find me back here. i dont think PeePee suck is ever gonna find me back here *Mario Snoring* Rosalina: Hey Mario, I was hoping we could get dinner or something tonight! I was hoping we could get dinner or something tonight Mario, Mario wake up Rosalina: Mario? Rosalina: Mario wake up! Mario: HING UH HUH HUH?! OH WHAT? Rosalina: Mario, uh do you want to get dinner tonight, maybe? Mario: Uh, Ye-Ye-Yeah sure.
Uh yeah yeah, sure… Uh yeah yeah, sure… Mario: I gotta find a babysitter for Jeffy or something. Rosalina: Oh, ok. Um, where is Jeffy? Mario: Uh- wait wha- Mario: He’s not he’s not right next to me? Rosalina: No. Mario: Uh-Wait, is he in his room? Rosalina: No, Mario. Mario: Is he downstairs?! Rosalina: No I don’t think he’s inside! Mario: Oh, what, I don’t know where he could be! Mario: Wait, wait, I remember him waking me up and asking to go outside. Rosalina: Outside?! Mario: Outside! Rosalina: Oh no! Mario: Uh Let’s go look for him! Rosalina: Okay! Mario: Jeffy! Rosalina: Jeffy! Mario: Jeffy! Rosalina: Jeffy! Mario: Uh, where’s he at? Rosalina: Uh, Mario. Mario: What? *Mario Sighs* Mario: Jeffy, what are you doing? Jeffy: Shh! Jeffy: Daddy,
Peepee suck is trying to find me. Mario: What, Peepee suck is trying to find.. Jeffy, what are you talking about? I don’t see Peepee suck. Damn it, Daddy! Now you gave away my hiding spot, Peepee suck is gonna find me Mario: Jeffy, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Peepee suck is not outside. You brought him outside? You’re not suppose to bring Peepee suck outside, Jeffy! Jeffy: Well, daddy you told me I could bring him outside. Rosalina: You did Mario? Mario: No, Eh-uh, I must have been sleeping. I didn’t say that. Jeffy, I don’t see Peepee suck, I don’t know what you’re talking about. *Jeffy Sighs* Jeffy: You don’t see Peepee suck rolling around? *Jeffy Crying* Jeffy: He ran away, Daddy. Mario: J-Jeffy, Uh.. Jeffy stop it. Rosalina: Oh no, Jeffy quit it! Mario: Maybe, he didn’t run away. M-Maybe he’s somewhere around here somewhere. Let’s try to find him okay? Come on just calm down. Jeffy: PeePee Suck ran away. (crying) Mario: PeePee Suck! Rosalina: PeePee Suck! Mario: PeePee Suck! Jeffy: PeePee Suck you in here? Mario: Jeffy he’s not in the mailbox! Jeffy: Well Daddy I though he would be in here Maybe he’s not outside. Maybe he went back inside and maybe you never even brought him outside come on. Let’s look inside Rosaline: Okay *Mario sighs* Mario: Where is he? Rosalina: We looked everywhere Mario Jeffy: Wha-We didn’t find PeePee Suck? Mario: No Jeffy, b-b-but maybe we’ll find him *Jeffy Crying* Mario: Jeffy nononono, let’s look upstairs. How ’bout th- *Jeffy yells* Mario: Let’s look upstai- *Jeffy yells Again* Mario: Jeffy! Let’s look upstairs *Jeffy yells* He might be upstairs *Jeffy yells* *And Again* Mario: Do you guys see PeePee Suck anywhere? Rosalina: No Mario Jeffy: That’s it Daddy! If you don’t find PeePee Suck I’m gonna pull my arm off Mario: Wait what *Jeffy grunting* Wait Jeffy stop that! Jeffy: No Daddy, it’s coming off! Rosalina: Mario, we should get Jeffy a new pet. Mario: A new pet?! I’m not getting him a new pet His pet hamster ran away, think about that for a second. His pet hamster. It’s inside a plastic ball. Rosalina: Well we could get him a dog Mario: A dog?! If a hamster ran away what makes you think a dog’s not gonna run away? Rosalina: It could be an inside dog Mario: His hamster was an inside hamster and he took it outside. Rosalina: Oh come on Mario, have a heart Mario: I have a heart. I gave him a hamster and I let him name it PeePee Suck Rosalina: Mario, every boy needs a dog Jeffy: Daddy I think I’m making progress, I heard a snap *Jeffy Grunts* Mario: Fine y-y-you can get him a dog. Just make sure it’s a nice dog Jeffy stop that you Mommy’s coming back with a surprise. Jeffy: Is she gonna she me her Hoo-Hoos? Mario: Hopefully this works. Brooklyn: Missing PeePee Suck, huh? Well I’ve been missing a peepee suck ever since I got married. ‘Cause my wife.. my wife doesn’t blow me anymore since we got married Mario: Oh.. Mario: Yeah, I just recently got married. Brooklyn: I’m really sorry to hear that Mario: Well anyway officer, my son’s pet hamster’s missing. His name is PeePee Suck Brooklyn: His name is PeePee Suck? Mario:Yeah. Brooklyn: I wouldn’t let you hang out with my kids. Mario: Is there any way you can help us find ’em? Brooklyn: No, I don’t look for lost animals. Just lost people. But if I could give you some advice though like maybe put your contact information on the poster So people know how to contact you if they find the missing PeePee Suck. Mario: Yeah, yeah, I didn’t put a number on there Brooklyn: And then maybe my wife will contact you.. So she can blow me.. Mario: Thanks for your help officer. I guess I should add phone number. Thanks. Brooklyn: Yeah just doing my duty Rosalina: *whispering* Hey Mario, I got the dog! Mario: *Whispering* You got the dog? Rosalina: *whispering* Yeah! Mario: Where’s he at? Rosalina: Right here. *Dog gasping and choking* Rosalina: Isn’t he cute, Mario!? Mario: What’s wrong with him!? Rosalina: Oh, he’s paralyzed. Mario: PARALYZED!!!??? Rosalina: Yeah! I got him from the shelter. He’s a rescue! Why didn’t you buy it from the pet store like normal people do? Rosalina: Oh! He needed a good home. Mario: Yeah like heaven. Get the GUN! Rosalina: That’s rude, Mario. It’s really nice doggy. Mario: He’s paralyzed. Rosalina: Yes, Mario. Rosalina: I did that on purpose so he can’t run away. *dog chokes* Mario: I-I guess that makes sense umm Jeffy uh mommy got you a dog. Jeffy: Daddy, that’s my doggy!? Mario: Yeah, what are you gonna name him? Jeffy: Umm, Shit Ass!! Mario: Jeffy, you not name him Shit Ass! Rosalina: Uh oh! Mario, looks like somebody get poopy. Oh, GREAT! just lays there and just shits! What else do he do other they just lay there? Mario he’s just a really good companion. Jeffy: Hey, Daddy. Can me and Shit Ass go for a walk? Mario: Go for a walk? Mario it’s good exercise. They could both use it. Are you kidding me!? He’s paralyzed how do you take it for a walk? Rosalina: Oh, Mario. Just let him try it out! (Mario sighs) Come on, Shit Ass. Let’s go for a walk. (Shit Ass continues choking) – Aw, that’s just so sweet.
– No. That’s actually messed up. Rosalina: Oh look! He made it another poopy. Yep, that’s all he does is poop that’s all he does alright Mario. I’m gonna get ready for our dinner later, okay? Mario: *sighs* So Jeffy, did you enjoy dragging your dog down the road? Yeah, Daddy, I Love Shit Ass so much! – Jeffy stop calling her Shit Ass you think he knows any tricks or tricks (Shit Ass Gasping & Choking) No, I don’t think he knows any tricks what about fetch? – fetch? I don’t think he know how to fetch Jeffy. Hey Shit Ass Fetch! Jeffy he can’t fetch he’s paralyzed roll over. He can’t roll over Jeffy. He’s paralyzed Stay! – Jeffy he can’t stay.. (Shit Ass Choking) Well maybe he can stay Daddy why is Shit Ass paralyzed? He probably got ran over by a car cars multiple cars over and over again. He’s owner. Got rid of him Who Got Rid Of Him Daddy? (Shit Ass Choking) Maybe Michael Vick (OOF!) Oh great Jeffy, now now he pooped Jeffy, who’s that Jeffy just just play with your dog I want to see who that is Ok Daddy, I love you so much Shit Ass Uh, hello Hey there, look what I found, I found your peepee suck You found Pee Pee Suck ? yeah, where’d you find the man? He was just rolling down the road. I had to pull him over for being cute in a not cute zone no I’m a don’t be these young Jeffy gonna be so happy. Yeah. I also had to arrest them for Jay rolling It’s like like jaywalking, but he was rolling cuz he’s in a hamster ball. Oh well. I mean the thing is officers We just got Jeffy a dog, and I don’t want to have too many pets so you know Jeffy already gotten over them So I don’t know what to do here. Oh Well, you know I I never had a pet. You never had a pet No, I never did and since my wife won’t give me a peepee suck. Maybe I could have this one well I mean, would you really want him? Well yeah yeah? He’ll be like my partner yeah there be awesome We can fight crime together. I mean. Yeah, sure if you wanted me you can have them then okay, thanks Yeah, come on peepee suck. Let’s go stop some cry well. I mean at least peepee suck has a good home Oh .Got you dirtbag , Now , cuff him Pee Pee Suck ! If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?


  • You have a big nose Mario loser

  • I will have Cody mum as a pet

  • A snake headed turanchula whith a tiger tail and hamster feet

  • My pet would be a megalodon

  • A siberian husky dog.

  • Ppsucc at 8:10 : Giorno’s theme

  • a spotted hyena

  • Please name the dog something else???

  • Hahaha shit ass

  • Kitten and a dog and hamster

  • If I was a cop I would have a cute hamster as my partner❤️?


    everyone in the neighborhood hears and they’re just like ? Ummm, what the f#%k?

  • imagine hearing “lets go for a walk shitass!” and you see multiple grown men using puppets and dragging a puppet dog

  • The pet I want is Cody’s mom

  • My dog's name is shit
    ass and it's so funny cuz I like the shit ass

  • Why jeffy lost hamster and a dog!!!???

  • A pet monkey

  • I will choose rabbit

  • If I could have any pet I wanted it would be a koala bear I would like it but I don’t want to get arrested

  • ????

  • Snake

  • When Mario is sleeping, he is like drunk

  • Dem whowhos

  • I got dog and his name is Leo and Im scared of Leo☹️

  • I wut want a ciraffe

  • A lime green cock-a-doodle-doo tweet tweet!

  • Rottweiler,German Shepherd,pit-bull,bull-terrier!!!!!??????????

  • Dog

  • dog??????

  • A girl dog so I could have puppies ☺️?

  • A dragon

  • Well I've got 3 pets

  • I want my pet as peppa pig sanic and china! 😀

  • 2:28 imagine being their neighbors

  • Dog

  • Goldfish

  • I have a baby puppy

  • Dog

  • What why would you call a dog that

  • Jeffy: Is she gonna show me her ho ho?

    Me: I would love to see her ho ho her soft toy ho ho damn I would smash that

  • A bunny

  • 4:54
    Rosalina: he needed a good home.
    Mario: yeah like heaven. Get the gun.

  • I love you my dear friend but I'm still haven't seen anything else about this guy

  • 6:28 : not my proudest fap

  • J-Fee

  • A pee pee suck

  • Any one in2019

  • L

  • I think a… pee pee suck

  • Pop

  • I would have a ginnipig

  • Ok

  • SMLMERcH.coM

  • I would definitely have a peepee suck as a pet…. ??

  • Sml idea
    1 Rosalina gets pregnant

  • Cat

  • a snake

  • a puppy and akitten that could have babbies

  • A Mastiff, Boy, Baby

  • PP suck

  • Donkey

  • Dog

  • SML Idea: Jeffy goes to high school! this is where jeffy goes to school and all his friends come and Jackie chu says they have to go to high school then they all say yay and they go to high school and they realize

  • Jeffy is dumd and helerios

  • ✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏?

  • This comment section…
    Just… wow.
    Herpes in text form

  • I have a cat

  • A ?❤️

  • Best Characters:
    Kinda Characters:
    No Just Hell No:
    CARLOS [chef pee pees Dad's Slave]

  • Is pee pee suck ok?

  • 6:40–6:44

  • I would want a dragon so I can murder people I hate, it’s one or two people so don’t freak out Jesus I sound like a damn murderer

  • Nice ?? video!!

  • Omg Jerry amex his dog a bad wrd I would make my a dog max

  • i wouldnt have a jeffy pet

  • 4:58 tho?

  • Every like I will add a pizza I’ll Start


  • A hamster

  • my pet will be shit

  • If I could have a pet it would be a corgi

  • Fuck you betch

  • Awww peepee

  • I would have a lemur


  • If i had a turtle i wood go to my ipad or tablet type my turtle drops turtle aaaaahhhhhh???

  • Puppy

  • A canine

  • Fennic fox

  • A big but????❤️

  • My anamal will be a big big but

  • ????????????????????????????????????????????

  • If I could have any animal as a pet, it would be a cat

  • U didn't put any animals in danger

  • A cossil

  • I mean fossil

  • I would want a female black Arabian horse as a pet.

  • A shit cat

  • my animal will be a gerafe

  • Pee pee suck: oops I took a sh* in my pants: me: THE F* YOU SAY TO ME YOU LITTLE SH*

  • Every like I add a pencil

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