Skechers Go Run 5 Review: Awesome Triathlon Running Shoes

– Halfway through, I’m getting kicked out. – Seems like even better. Morning, trainiacs. It
is a super swim Sunday. Long swim training day. For anyone that’s new to the channel, training for a 39km swim
in about three months. And every week I have to
do a longer and longer and longer swim. Oh, I need gas. Last week, we did an hour and a half. This week, increase that by about 10%, So we’re going like hour and 45 minutes and I’ll probably break it up into four continuous chunks of 25, 25. I will keep that short and
sweet in this old video here because I wanna get to
the office and today do a little something different
than just the daily vlog. I’ve had the Sketchers
lineup for two months now and I wanna run through
the Sketchers GORun 5s, which is what I use to train and race in Half Ironman Campeche. Do these long swims with floaty pants. The nutrition that I’m gonna
use during the long swim gradually increased 10% every single week, until we get up to about a four hour swim. (soft music) Just passed halfway through,
I’m getting kicked out. This pool can’t hold me anymore. It can’t hold me. I moved over with my buddy Brent. There we go. Watch says 5550 meters, but
I know that that’s not right ’cause I was doing 100s, so
it’ll say that on Strava, if you follow me there,
but if I have to guess, it’s more like 52, and
one hour and 40 minutes. Four times 25 minutes. So the Garmin 920XT, it’s
probably the best value for an overall triathalon watch. Like this is the go-to
that I recommend people buy but as far as indoor pool swimming, the meters are often a little bit wonky. Other than that, really good. Now, my shoulders hurt. I
gotta go do some hanging. To the office. Alright, who wants to review some shoes? These ones. Alright ladies and germs. Do you wanna see how to magic happens with a glorious, perfect white
backdrop? Check this out. And, 3-2-1. Bam! So these little devils are
the Sketchers GORun 5s. I’ve been running in these
for a couple of months. I think that between all the
training for Ironman Campeche, using them in Ironman Campeche
and since Ironman Campeche, I’ve got, I would guess,
somewhere around 250-300km in them which is kind of close to 200 miles. I know these inside and out.
Let’s get into the review. Before I get into actually
reviewing the shoe, I figure I’ll say this is
not a paid, endorsed video. Sketchers sent out three pairs of shoes. The GOmeb Speeds, the GOmeb
Razors, and the GOrun 5’s. Just for free for me to try out, because my friend Nicole
Walker is sponsored by them. She really liked the 4s, and I’ve been interested in
trying them for about a year now So, I reached out to them. Thanks for Sketchers
for sending these out. I loved the 5s. I trained in
them for Ironman Campeche, I raced in them for Ironman Campeche, and I thought, at the very least, these were worthy of a review. The other ones I don’t
know nearly as well. But I probably have somewhere
around 200 miles in them. I like them. So this is fifth iteration
of Sketchers getting into the elite shoe game. When I told people I was going
to be racing in Sketchers, they were like, “Oh did you go the mall and
get those with your dad?” And that’s typically the
feedback and the reaction that people give when you tell them that you’re going with a Sketchers. They’re not necessarily
known for their elite shoes, but they have some really
elite runners running in them. The sole is probably one
of my most favorite soles of any shoe that I have ever tried. It’s an 18mm heel, a 14mm toe. And for those people that
like more minimal shoes. As Zero Drop shoes, they’re following kind
of the barefoot movement. This shoe is so close to that, that you don’t really notice the heel. The tread pattern is basically flat. Oh, there you go. So, if you see that, it
feels kind of like a Hoka, in that you get a ton of cushioning, but you don’t necessarily
get that springiness or that bulkiness on the sides of the shoe that you might get on a Hoka. Really really good for those long days, like the 18, 19, 25km runs
that we’re doing in preparation Perfect for that, even though
that 14 and 18mm footbed is not super built up. It gave a really good
cushion under the foot, especially in the Winnipeg winters, where there’s lots of knobs from the ground constantly
thawing and freezing. And then beyond that, because
it’s only 7 1/2 ounces, as you start putting in
longer miles, you got a really good balance of cushion without your feet and
your legs getting tired. I really like this for training and racing for the half marathon,
half Ironman distance. This shoe doesn’t breathe a ton. If you go in here with a lot of shoes, you would end up seeing your fingers. Now this is closed up a little bit more than a lot of the shoes
that you’d see out there where people are racing barefoot. You can use these barefoot. I did. Didn’t get any blisters at all. And the shoe is really
really nice and limber. Matches your foot really well. If you notice, I don’t
have elastic laces on this. I actually had intended to
put elastic laces on this because it has little heel
thing that you can grab onto and because the shoe is so supple, I was able to get into it, no problem, without any elastic
laces, right in the race. So, I left these on
during the race actually. It surprised me. It takes a good amount of
the load of the beating that your body would take. There’s a good amount of
room in the toe box so your feet wanna move out and
like splay and spread out. You got lots of room to do that and then the heel is nicely cupped. The couple of downsides to this shoe that you should be aware
of is this heel thing, as much as I like it, it
also does rub a little bit on the back of your Achilles. So if you look at pictures
of me from Ironman Campeche, I do have those super badass cycling socks so that I didn’t get that heel
rubbing on the back of my leg Granted, I think that if I
put in more miles with this it would probably just toughen up. And then the second thing, that I would probably caution you on, is this isn’t going to be
a super high mileage shoe. I would guess that I’m probably
getting around the tippy-top end of using this shoe and having it still feel really
responsive at the 250-300km and that’s because the shoe is so light. It’s basically just a complete foam sole. It’s just a thin layer of
rubber that’s keeping the sole from wearing. The tread patter has already
worn down quite a bit. There’s this little bit of a texture, but on a lot of the part that I land on, it’s starting to wear away. Here’s why I don’t knock
Sketchers for doing that. Because the shoe is only 100 bucks. So if you’re calculating, say,
dollar per mile in this shoe, it is easily right there with a Hoka, which I think are coming in around $160. A Newton, it’s probably gonna
blow that out of the water on the dollar per mile because they’re coming
in at around $170-$175 and I’ve only found that
Newtons are lasting about 200k. So, if you’re looking for a
real good, meat and potatoes all-around trainer, racer,
light, not so aggressive that its gonna hurt you,
still nicely cushioned to take away the pounding
from some of those long miles, I really dug this shoe. Big, big fan. And I’m very glad that I
have two more Sketchers to try out and be apart. Oh, and it’s got four different colors. I’m not a black guy. I’m like a loud kinda guy. They got that green, I think
that’s what Nicole has for hers My black. They got the purple. I think that’s what I would’ve liked. And then the red. I actually got the more
aggressive racing flat in the red. That is the Sketchers GOrun 5s. I was very impressed with how
Sketchers came to the game of eilte running shoes so quickly. I think that they got
into it three years ago and with 4th iteration, they
were really well received. The 5th seems like even better. Give ’em a shot. Look at this! Like there we go. Thumbnail! I gptta go home. Its
supper time, it’s Sunday and it’s late. And I need to be home for Mrs. Triathalon. And I think she’s making
chicken something. See ya, trainiacs.


  • Personally I much prefer the saucony kinvara, the kinvara is very comfortable and at about the same weight!

  • Really surprised that Skechers makes good running shoes! I was pretty skeptical when the sponsored Meb. Also, could you please do a video on how to do a flying mount/dismount? Its embarrassing that I still come to a full stop at my transitions to get on/ off my bike and I have to waste time getting my bike shoes on and running in my cleats!

  • i have had a sketchers gift card for about 2 years and i finally have something to use it on. definitely going to order a pair. I just ran my first triathlon yesterday, the South Beach Tri, in the Nike Lunarlons and they are great. What do you think about alternating shoes when training and sticking to one pair in your last few runs before the race?

  • So which one is better? This or your Cliftons? Really torn between those two.

  • Do you think minimal shoes for triathlon are a good idea? I love my Brooks purecadence for running day to day, but do question if after a swim and bike if there is benefit to a little bit of build up. I just really like responsive shoes.

  • my wife had a pair of go run 4s and she loved them because they are light and comfy. I'm not sure they lasted for than 150km cuz the foam got destroyed super fast.

  • Just picked up a pair of Hoka One One Tracers and I love them, only done a few training runs in them between 5 an 15 k but are super light and comfy.  Theres talk that they are narrow on the toe box but I don't feel it and it looses the whole MASSIVE Hoka sole, with 22mm rear and 18mm fore.  Cool colours aswell.

  • Hey Taren, compared to other swim watches, the Garmin tracks pool swims well if you know the tricks. As they use accelerometers to detect changes in direction at the end of each length, having a firm push off the wall is quite important to accurately track your lengths. I have found all my garmins to be spot on keeping this in mind, I do a 5 km set every Friday and it generally tracks it bang on or misses just one length. If it is not tracking as well as you would like it is probably the "user" LOL. PS-garmin has just released the 935 now!

  • Durian Rider recommends Altra. Are they legit?

  • Great review of the GoRun5s. I've been in this training/tri game for a little over a year and found the Sketchers to be the best shoe for my 6'3" 237 lbs. (was 265 when I started) frame especially because I like to run sans socks. I'm currently trying out my first pair of HOKAs (infinite) and found out rather quickly that going without socks is a bad idea. But I do love the cushion. That said I see a pair of GoRun 5s in my future for sure.
    Thanks for the great review and all the vlogs!!

  • Let's talk GARMIN pool settings.  I have a VivoActiveHR and have had it since Aug16.  It used to be almost perfect with lap swimming.  However, over the past month (MAR17), and despite multiple updates, the sucker is SOOOO inconsistent.  I can't find a single reason why or any pattern with it going off and rounding up (adding m/yds/distance).  I think it is a Garmin software issue.

  • Why do you wear a gps-watch in the Pool?

  • Question: been scrolling through your vids, and couldn't find an answer… I have to wear a full wetsuit in UK at this time of year, my first tri is in May, could you talk through (or a do's and Dont's if you don't want to give away secrets) on transition from swim to bike and whether you wear your shorts and t-shirt under your wetsuit. Any points on tri suits also if this is the way to go. P.S can money not be an issue as I'm happy to spend a little money and buying cheap isn't an issue. Many thanks! Keep up the top work! You have aided me along with prep and transition from a long distance runner into triathlon in a months time!!!

  • Hi Taren, when you were testing your race kit for the 70.3 you pushed it down to your waist under the swim skin. Would you do the same under a full wetsuit?

  • How wide do they make? The only shoe that I've found that fits my foot well is new balance. The little A width shoes don't work. Lol I always have to go with extra wide.

  • I ran marathons in gorun ride 4, and clifton 3. Skechers is better than hoka. Hoka is too wide and heavy compare to skechers. Skechers also feels more springy than Hoka (but less springy than adidas ultraboost.) The biggest drawback is the sole worn out fast.

  • I am from Vietnam, I want to buy wholesale your sketcher shoes,
    Please contact gmail at [email protected]

  • If videos could be white…… this would be blinding

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