Skechers Boys Game Kicks Light Up Shoes in New Zealand

Hi Amanda from Foot Forward Shoes here. I just wanted to shot you a quick video to show the new sneakers boys shoes called Game Kicks Now while they have a a good ruggered rubber with a good rubber sole with the good tread on the sole They also, on one foot only Have a game on the inside of the foot It’s like a little ‘Simon Says’ game You press the on & off to start And the light shows ups Whoops, follow the pattern and do it wrong you get the nasty noise You can also turn the sound off and just have the lights going Which is quite good. The child can sit there and entertain themselves. And they are a fun little good looking hard wearing traction soled shoe And they have nice little a rubber buffer which is one which is one of my favorite things for the kids So that is the Skechers Game Kicks. I would suggest you get in pretty quickly for these, they are already sellingreally well and they only just arrived in yesterday Thanks Bye 🙂


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