Silly Red Shoes (Kycine) OFFICIAL Trailer [w/English Subtitles]

Yoohoo…..Ash Our family is joining a shoemaking contest Maybe you wanna work for us as a model? I’m not into any of those Are you excited? I’m down New style Still doesn’t fit? Next time it’ll work I got you Chuck Thank you Kid Are you in love? In love?…Where? Why do you have to join that silly contest? To determine who has the best feet? if I were you, i’d back down You’re always here Yes…uhmmmm I wanna give this to her Shoes again? Yes Chuck go home Let’s not join anymore Chuck: But Ash
Ashley: I said go home This contest that we joined I knew it would be a fuss I don’t think he didn’t do anything bad It’s all about trusting yourself You can do it too Have faith in yourself Chuck we have something to use now Ouch Suit yourself

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