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I’m Brian Van And today we’re gonna break down the all-new top-end Road race boot from Sidi the Rex It’s not very often that Sidi introduces a brand-new top-end Road race boot The last one that we had was the Mag 1. I’ve got that right here This was in addition to the line. This is replacing the Vortice. That one’s going away We actually have the rest of them here on closeout right now. It’s a great deal, right? That’ll be gone very soon and then completely replaced with the Rex. This boot will have some availability Here the end of October, 2018 ok And like I said a replacement for the Vortice. As of the filming of this video the retail price is $545 So we are gonna see a bit of a price bump and I want to go over this right now and kind of break Down and show you where that additional value is Let’s open up with sizing that’s always really important to most people. The good thing with Sidi is if you’ve owned a pair of Sidi boots before the sizing of this Is comparable to their other models They’re using the same last. We’ve had two staffers here that were able to verify the fit of this pair of boots This is an 8.5 US. My son Max Van wears that size and our sales manager Tony also wears that size they both put them on And verified the fit was good to go So the 8.5 ran true Our experience with Sidi over the long haul has been if you have really wide feet You may need to go up one size to adjust for that They tend to run more average, right slightly narrow, but pretty much average if your feet are wider You might want to go up half a size and that’s kind of a known thing with Sidi. Let’s open up and talk about comfort immediately One of the biggest things they try to do with this boot was blend in more safety Without sacrificing mobility. Actually improving mobility and reducing break-in and how they did that Is you look at the material that’s used here and here Very flexible, totally out of the impact zones and what that does that just allows that you can just kind of see it right there Just allows that boot to just move right there at the ankle with very little effort And that was one of the first things that Max Commented on when he put this boot on he’s like man these things just move. They just feel great Right out of the box What else is new. If you owned a pair of Vortices, you know, putting those boots on It took some effort and they wanted to correct that and boy, did they correct that I’m gonna release these now and the first thing you’re gonna notice is all of the cabling stays in place That’s just a channel that it rides through. Okay So essentially what you do is you’re going to open all this up really easy to do now you can see the wide mouth of the boot This is only an 8.5 So it’s only going to look so big. You then grab this loop right here Slide your foot in And then do up all of The adjusters. You’re able to dial the fit of this boot in. In three independent places With these fine little movements every click you hear that’s another notch And of course here Across the top of the foot Brand new see the release Every one of these pieces too is replaceable If you happen to have a crash anything, you see that’s bolted on the boot can be purchased and replaced That’s one of the most famous features Most important features that Sidi has offered Over the years Other features and benefits the same toe slider that we see on the other boots on the Mag-1 Is being moved forward you got a metal insert here You have a vent up front and I can tell you from experience that vent up front is super effective There is a vent on the side of the boot here Tremendous ankle stability. Okay this let’s compare this a little bit to the Mag-1 You can see this is is more Vortice style This is really solid there is motion built in so it stays with a natural motion of your ankle But it’s just gonna prevent it from going outside of the acceptable range And here is the Mag-1. This does have good stability, but it yields a lot easier Okay, when you have your leg in there that does fortify it, but still The protection laterally is going to be stronger with this boot, no question. Also, entry-and-exit will show you this real quick here on the Mag-1 Also cool just different You would undo all those straps slide your foot in and then of course Put them all over And dial them in. So a much simplified Entry and exit with the all-new Rex boot Energy-absorbing heel cup There’s a soft insert right here. That is meant to grip the inside of the Motorcycle like the swing arm and not scratch it all up Additional padding is found inside the boot. You can kind of see that. It’s almost like an extension of the inner of the boot There’s impact protection and abrasion resistance that is naturally built in to all that. Of course. You got your shin guard up here So tons of protection built into this boot MotoGP level safety and on that point this was developed With the help of Loris Capirossi He is the safety advisor now for MotoGP right? And that’s really kind of cool You have the safety advisor for MotoGP working on a boot project Okay, now let’s show you what its gonna take to put the all new Sidi Rex boot on We need to open up all the adjusters first. So this was what it looked like when you had it on, okay? Depress both of these releases here One on the top, one on the bottom for the one that goes across the top of the foot And you want to open it up all the way There is a singular release For this style I’m holding it while I flip that tab up all the way. You want to get it opened up as much as possible Up here at the shin, push and Then pull like so now you can see this is opened up as much as it can be This is only a size eight and a half So that’s why it is all as big as you see now. When you’re putting the boot on it’s very important to note You’re gonna need to slide your foot in this hole here, obviously and put your index finger through this loop I’d like to point out that isn’t just a little piece of fabric okay This is actually the same material. They make the rest of the boot out of it’s a leather type product It is techno micro and you can see that is stitched on there. That does not look like it’s coming off at all So now I’ll show you with Max how easy it is to put this boot on He’s wearing his race suit, which is important He’s going to show you whether or not there’s enough room inside the boot to accommodate a leather suit With the adjusters in three different places like we showed before you’re really able to dial the fit of this boot in It’s best to start down here. You want to make sure that you’ve got you heel securely in the cup So the adjuster across the top of the foot is going to help you do that Get this one dialed in first and then just move right on up the boot Until you have it to a spot where you like the fit and as you can see This is a 13 year old kid now that put this on With ease, and to be honest with you when he’s wearing his other boots with the interlacing system What were you saying? Hey, dad, dad, can you help me out? Dad? Can you help me out? This was actually easier When you tried the boots on for the first time last night What was your initial impression? Gonna be honest here, the felt like slippers And that’s saying something because this boot is actually a little more robust than the model You’re currently wearing. The one you have now, that it’s a good boot. No doubt about it This one has more protection more support and so right out of the gate He felt like and he’s funny because he hates change. You’re at first a little apprehensive while these aren’t going to be comfortable Yeah, this is not gonna be, but then you just had an open mind You stuck your foot in there. And you started walking around the house and you’re like Oh my god, these boots are amazing. So That is awesome the entry and exit I think that is a big step forward and I will just kind of get him on the bike and just show you on the Foot controls just moving around and we can talk a little bit about the mobility of the boot as well Now I just kind of have Max on his bike. Just the bike he normally rides Just to see how these boots feel on the controls And this is something you do before anything Before you go out and ride it you buy a new pair of boots You want to sit on your bike once you verify the fit you want to make sure that the boots that you just purchased That they’re gonna interact nicely with your control. Sometimes the boots sit a little bit different on the pegs You’ll need to adjust the shifter, maybe adjust the rear brake pedal. So the clearances are correct How’d they feel? Great So right out of the box, very little break-in good feel there too Okay, there it is. You know this boot Like I said, this is gonna be new for the very end of 2018 Then of course 2019 and forward Sidi usually leaves the road race boots in the catalog for a long long time Especially the ones at the very top end I like this product a lot. We’re actually pretty excited for it. I have a pair coming in my size right now I think they may be here early enough for me to ride in a couple of weeks at Grattan Raceway Give a little feedback then for sure But based on Max’s reaction and then Tony our sales managers too you know, the fit is good the comforts really good This is the all-new Sidi Rex race boots


  • I assume Max crashed in that boot? How did it hold up? Also, does it have the same calf size of the Mag1s?

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    Guess I’ll grab these next year!!!

    As always STG always have great deals/merchandise!

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  • Own Supertech R and Gaerne GP1. Tempted to get this as next boot, great design.

  • What about the sole? Did they go back to the Vortice soles, or keep the Mag-1?

  • one lucky young man.hope he always appreciates DAD. great DAD. thank for the info

  • Put website address on the end of table (close to camera). Brian blocks most of address on logo behind

  • sad to hear vortice are going, i feel the vortice has more protection, from what i see, plus those soles lol

  • Sidi WTF no replacable sole!!????????

    one step forward and another back!

    best review on this boot. good job STG!

  • That looks like a pia to put on. Even my ST air boots are tough and they have a full zipper

  • Looks like a copy of the Dainese D-Axial system

  • Any idea if the Air boot is only going to come in the white color?

  • I would almost let your kid ride my ducati, keep working on it.

  • I would LOVE to see your son do bike reviews, I know he would have to be on a track. but at least it would be honest.

  • Does it give more room for large calf?

  • Yo Brian, I have a Arilia rs4 factory /2015.
    My bike came with Gp shifting. 1up 5 down.
    My question is.. Are any of these high end boots going to prevent me for shifting my bike correctly,,,,, Johnny blaze. 6309304547

  • Thanks for the video, my question to everyone is: How does this compare to the Mag 1 boot? Which offers more protection? Comfort? Looks better (subjective)? Please let me know what you suggest. Be as detailed as you can. Thanks in advance 😊

  • excellent review as always, this vs the mag-1 vs supertech r? which would u recommend

  • Hi, Van. Thank you video!!! I have tons questions. XD
    NO1. I have a the Dainese Axial boots. Try it for the first time it's great, but off the track day My feet thumb will bleed (But it doesn't hurt), Does this require me to change my boots?
    NO2. How about the SIDI Rex and Alpinestars Supertech R Boots (Alpinestars out of stock now? EU41) I‘m thinking about these two boots.
    NO3. I tried Rex in 41, The heel top is not the last but the toes are topped, and can't be moved in the closed state, is't right?
    NO4. What do I need to pay attention to when trying on racing boots?
    Thank you

  • Great looking boots, Brian, may I ask you the brand of the camera and it’s supporting doc on the R3?

  • Hello Mr Van, do you think that these could be used under riding jeans?
    I currently own mag-1's purchased from you guys but they are getting retired. When I take my bike to the track I usually build a road trip around it, and with the mag-1's I could use them underneath my riding jeans for the trip to help with comfort, I was hoping to be able to do the same with the Rex, so that I wouldn't need to carry an extra pair of boots.
    I wear 8.5 on the mag-1's so probably the same in the Rex. For context I'd say the jeans have 8-8.5 inch opening.
    Any help would be appreciated,
    Best regards, J.

  • I have thick calves and ankles. The torque D1 and supertechs will not fit me with my suit. The mag1 is perfect for me. I can latch all anchors even without breaking the boot in. How would these fit around my calves?

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