SHOP + DECORATE WITH ME | Valentine’s Day Edition! ๐Ÿ’•โœจ

Hello friends welcome to a very exciting
video I am doing one of my favorites two of my favorite things today we are going
shopping and we are decorating and this time we will be shopping and decorating
for Valentine’s Day you’re not gonna go all out but I would like to add some
cute little Valentine’s Day touches to our little home and I also want to grab
some Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day gifts for some girlfriends and
co-workers so that is the plan for today and I’m excited to take you all along
for the ride so before I leave I wanted to show you my outfit of the day
naturally I had to wear pink because we are going Valentine’s Day shopping after
all but I’m really excited to be partnering with Sperry for today’s video
I got my first pair of Sperrys in middle school just all white classic Sperry
boat shoes and I have loved this brand ever since and Brandon my husband he is
a big ferry fan I’m gonna go show you his shoes before before I show you my
new shoes here’s his cute berries here is him all the time let me show you –
berries I’m wearing these new ones from their plush wave collection they are
truly so so comfortable and lightweight when I picked them up for the first time
I was so shocked with how lightweight they are here I’ll take them off so you
guys can get a closer look I also love the gold details and they have a few
other colors so I’ll link some of my favorites berries down below in my
description so you can check them out but they’re perfect for an adventurous
day walking around a lot I definitely need to wear these when I go to Disney
next because you guys know I go to Disney a lot and when you go to Disney
that requires a ton of walking so these will be so perfect for that because
they’re so incredibly comfortable and they have a flex grip which hugs your
feet and forms to your strides so it really helps form to your foot and keep
you nice and balanced when you’re on the move and I just love these so much I
think they’re so cute I just
went with this more neutral color but they did have a really pretty blush
color which I know I probably should get a pair of the blush color as well
because you know pink is my thing but I love a good neutral shoe as well so I
can wear it with many many different outfits okay so I actually have a few
Valentine’s Day decorations already which is amazing
but I wanted to show you these because they’re actually still available for
purchase this year so if you want to snag some you can get these to this home
mat from Target and then this flow’ry from Target as well and then I have this
cute love sign and also this like cheesy board sign that says all you need is
love and then I also got these cards last week and they’re just little
Valentine’s Day cards that I want to send to some of my girlfriends but it’s
really cute I put people’s name on it oh my grandma – I put these people’s name
on it already but I just haven’t written in the inside yet so I need to do that
but I also want to look for Valentines for my co-workers and also like a sweet
treat for Brandon and my family I seriously love Valentine’s Day it’s just
so cute like look at all this pink and the hearts I love it
and then for Brandon I actually picked up these two things I should have got
him some Sperrys dang it but I did get him some slippers and socks because he
doesn’t have slippers and these aren’t like anything special or exciting at all
but he doesn’t have any slippers and I feel like his feet have to be cold
sometimes and he doesn’t I don’t think he’s ever had slippers and his life so I
think he will really appreciate them when he doesn’t know what he’s missing
basically is what I’m trying to say and then also I got him just a pair of dress
socks I should have given him these to him for Christmas because they have like
reindeer and snowflakes ani I bet they’re pretty neutral and he always
needs more dress socks for when he goes to work okay I’m here and I forgot to mention
that I’m putting a budget on us okay I’m not gonna spend more than $50 shopping
for Valentine’s Day cuz like I said we’re saving for a house and as much as
I love Valentine’s Day it does not we do not need to spend a lot of money on it
so I’m just saying to get a few little things and I also want to pick up a
couple things for actual well all of those is for actual Valentine’s Day but
on Valentine’s Day Brandon and I always go to a local garden and have a picnic
there cuz they have like this concert so cute we’ve been I think this will be our
fifth year doing it but we always bring sparkling apple cider and cookies so I
need to get cookie dough and sparkly an apple cider and someone is staring at me
you just got in that car right across from me so awkward nothing to see here
nothing to see here but anyways yeah okay um but yeah so I need to get those
two things and then we pick up food at like a restaurant nearby but those two
things we bring on our own so I have that on my list but let’s go I should get this for Allison’s EBEs
video all these are so cute oh that’s me and it’s not like that Valentine’s so
you could use it all year round I could always use another candle right look how cute this is it’s a heart
pancake mold my goodness how much is this it’s only $10 I see that they had a
pink one and I’m very jealous I got don’t they only have a red one
left but oh my goodness I want a peeve wine what if I put it my heart shaped
waffle on this waffle plate that would be so extract I think I need to do that
I am so in love with all this patio furniture I know it’s not Valentine’s
Day related but wow these bogs are so cute they’re kind of Valentine’s Day related
right it’s set of four months is only $9.99
they’re all matching but I think it’s kind of cute and even comes with this
little container to store them alright friends I’m home from our little
shopping trip I grabbed some cold brew to fuel me up
for our decorating so I actually only ended up buying stuff from Target and I
spent $35 and 79 cents but I actually bought a couple things that orange for
Valentine’s Day decor so I’ll show you I bought these three spa slippers
because for Mother’s Day I really want to host like a little spa day for my mom
and my grandma’s and my mother-in-law so I need to get more of these but at first
I want to send out the invite to see who can come because I forget what day
Mother’s Day is but on actual Mother’s Day I’m flying out to Costa Rica with
Brandon and his family so I’ll be with my mother-in-law but I want to of course
celebrate with my mom and um my grandma’s before then so I want to plan
something on Saturday the day before Mother’s Day so I need to put that
together but I wanted to grab these because I don’t know how long they’re
gonna have them in stock so these were all three dollars so nine dollars in
total but of course like I said it that’s not really a Valentine’s Day gift
but I wanted to share that okay so really I only spent like $24 wait $26
okay so the thing I’m probably most excited about is this cheap waffle maker
that I showed you all I can always do gosh I almost built my cold brew
everywhere thank goodness it didn’t okay so we don’t even have a waffle maker so
this is exciting and it’s so compact which is good for our current living
situation cuz we just are in our little apartment
oh so shiny yeah I really wish they had a pink one in stock but it’s okay I
might look online to see if they have one but it’s not still really really
cute so I could not wait to use that and I did buy the plate the course one day
no heart waffle shaped plate are not shaped but graphic plates and I have a
couple plates so they got a few years ago from there that are just these pink
heart plates and I put them in my videos a lot because I use them almost every
day and they get a lot of questions about them and I just bought them like a
Valentine’s Day one year and I just I just keep them out all year round cuz
they’re so cute and it’s good to have like just simple plastic plates for like
cutting an apple and free snacks and whatnot see if I can fit this back in
okay it’s not fitting I’ll do that later here’s the plate gotta get some
strawberries so it really matches so cute and then as a gift for my
co-workers and Friends I got these Black Forest organic gummy hearts
and I’ve had this brand before and it’s really yummy and they’re organic
it’s not which doesn’t make them healthier but it’s just better
ingredients so they have a little spot to write people’s names I sing yeah you
can write people’s names right here so I’ll do that so cute they smell really
good I’m gonna back up things that bag I couldn’t smell it all right I also
bought this really sweet candle it’s not Valentine’s Day related but I couldn’t
pass it up it’s just so precious to me home sweet home
neutral smells nice all right and then I also got this mug
for my manager at work because okay I never got her a Christmas gift and I
feel really bad about it so I’m gonna get her a Valentine’s ticket and it’ll
be more of a surprise because everybody gets Christmas gifts but not know
usually people don’t give out Valentine’s gifts to everybody so it’ll
be good little surprise and I’m gonna put flowers in the mug so I’m gonna add
flowers and then just like leave it on her desk one day and then yeah see wait
that’s all you got it I still have my letters which I don’t know I don’t
remember if I show you the inside of it I think I did yeah so I’m gonna write
those out but that’s all I got and they still have the match and wreath
available that I showed you earlier oh I forgot I also got this sparkling cider
for the picnic like I said and then I just got some Toll House cookie dough I
put it in the fridge though because I don’t want it to get so for our
fireplace mantel I added my cute little love banner and then this floral banner
that I got last year for Valentine’s Day I’ve actually kept it in our bedroom
I’ll show you guys because you’ll probably recognize where I had it on our
dresser I keep it all year out and I feel it’s really cute but I wanted to
switch it up a little bit and add it to the mantel for now but this looks so
bare and plain maybe if I I can like bring the candles
over maybe to kind of fill it in more we can’t look more natural I don’t know not
natural bit more styles I don’t know I’ll have to play around with that but I
really love the floral arrangement on the fireplace at least for February all right Frank that’s it those are all
of my Valentines Day decorations I really hope you all enjoy this video and
I can’t wait to see you soon


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