Shoes the Full Version

Happy birthday twins! A computer! And a car! Thanks mom and dad! Kelly… Go ahead and open your present. What the hell? What’d you expect? Con-dams? Nice present Kelly. Shut up deck. Skank! I’m gonna betchslap you shetbag. No, I’m an athlete. Stop fighting, you two are twins. Goodness sakes, don’t they have the same thoughts? Shoes. Playstation. Fiscal responsibility. Tom Skerritt. Kelly, where are you going? Out. Whore. Kelly… What are you gonna do with your life?! I’m going to get what I want! Christ. [Music] Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Oh my god! Shoes. Let’s get some shoes! Let’s get some shoes! Let’s get some shoes! Let’s get some shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Oh my god, shoes! Shoes. These shoes rule! These shoes SUCK! These shoes rule! THESE SHOES SUCK! Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Oh my god… Shoes. These shoes rule! These shoes SUCK! THESE shoes SUCK! THESE SHOES SUCK! I think you have too many shoes- Shut up. I think you have too many shoes- Shut up. I think you have too many shoes- Shut up. I think you have too many shoes- Shut up! Stupid boy. Stupid boy. Let’s get some shoes. Let’s party. These shoes are three hundred dollars. These shoes are three hundred dollars. These shoes are three hundred fucking dollars. LET’S GET ‘EM! Um, this style runs small… I don’t think you’re gonna fit… I mean, your feet are… Kinda big. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh, by the way betch… FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!!! [Music] Shoes. Those shoes are mine betch. Get me those fucking shoes betch. Those shoes are mine betch. Betch. Betch. Betch.


  • First

  • I'm only here cause I needed to know if it still exists.. dying to know how much money this video brought in over it's time.

  • the dad sounds homer simpson lmao

  • I still know all the lyrics 😭

  • i'm so confused

  • This shit just randomly popped in my head after all these years 😂🤣

  • Why am I here in 2019

  • The Best Of The 2000s

  • Thought I’d understand this 12 years later but I don’t….

  • Shoes…

  • 2019

  • Still awesome 12 years later

  • Buzzfeed brought me back here…

  • This generation sucks, but these shoes rule.


  • Was this filmed with a calculator

  • Oh my god!!! Shoes!!! And Kelly!!!

  • I thought this was hilarious when it first came out. Now, it's so damn stupid.

  • this is prolly better than most pop songs these days
    this is oconic

  • When she gets shoes that suck, I actually get scared.

  • Anyone else still watch this video every time they buy new shoes??

  • Man i wasn't even born yet when this came out


  • This is the prime of yt right here

  • Ah. The days when videos only went up to 240p

  • I remember being in elementary school and people telling me to watch this lmaoo.. How time flies lol 12 years

  • Me converting aliens gay from Area 51

  • Shoes

  • Gracias Anna Sarelly 😂

  • Why is this so iconic lol

  • Yo did you guys know.Kyle was in All That

  • Those shoes are mine betch

  • I’d imagine if YouTube had a theme song it would go something like this. Ah the baby age of YouTube. Good times.

  • The video that started it all!!! Still a fav! <3

  • Me when the guards don't let me into area 51 3:00

  • by clicking on this vido iv somed satin

  • so nostalgic holy shit

  • "These shoes are 300 f***king dollars."

    That line basically is how people are with Jordan's this days.

  • Reminds me of the the video from @the fab feeleys

  • Omg, the OG of viral videos

  • 2019!!??

  • I am the only one watching this in 2019

  • Why is there a picture of George w Bush on the wall?

  • I was 9 when I seen this..I’m 16 now lol

  • 2019 anyone

  • Back when youtube was actually good

  • Ive been blessed by god that this was in my reccomended so many years after the first time i watched it

  • Imagine how bored you have to be to come up with these kind of videos.

  • I say the following quotes all the time, “I’m gonna betch slap you you shitbag”, “what are you gonna do with your life?” “Im gonna get what I want”, “Christ”, “these shoes are three hundred fucking dollars!”

    It’s a cult classic at this point.

  • Is this was teenage girls did before iPhone's existed?

  • This is soo old

  • Megan Trainor could never

  • Back when a guy could make borderline sexist jokes that were obviously jokes and made everyone laugh

  • Still amazing

  • I'm just really confusued…..

  • This video is so odd lmao but at its time I’d say it was well made 😂

  • Fun fact: I found a “shoes” shirt at a local thrift store. They made merch for this back in the day.

  • What….?

  • this cured all my depressions in life xD

  • just the regular shoe buying experience

  • Now this is my jam

  • i saw this on tiktok
    an old legend became a sad, sad shell of a meme on tiktok

  • 240 p I remember when this looked 4k back then to me

  • Somewhere is a hard drive that stores 12 years of comments for this video…. but why?

  • Dad: ENTJ
    Mom: ESFP
    Son: Definitely an INTJ
    Daughter: ….. XXXX-X

  • Hahaa I remember when this first came out. Youtube classic always and forever. Nostalgia for sure.

  • I've watched this so many times when it was popular. I know it by heart.

  • I was 12 the first time I saw this, now I'm 25 and here I am again

  • Bunch of shit bags nonsense poopy pants

  • 2020👀👀👀

  • What if Youtube servers we're wiped out and this was the only video left??

  • 2019 lol watching old videos haah

  • Posted 2007 yup this is an original

  • 2019???

  • This is what McDonald’s sprite taste like 3:10

  • I freaking remember this video my older sister played it all the time on my TV because YouTube was on TV you can let Katherine devices so she could play it all the time

  • This came out more than 12 years ago and it is still hilarious to me.

    Edit: I know it doesn’t have much to do with the video, but I love those shoes at 2:00

  • Kelly from the office is quaking

  • 2007:
    These shoes r 300 dollars LeT's GeT eM
    i see it ,i like it ,i want it,i got it

  • How is this so good? XD

  • Iconic

  • Nobody:


  • If you recognize this video you qualify for a veterans discount

  • Idk why but i miss this

  • My mom and aunt and I quote this all the time

  • "Those shoes are miiineeee BETCH!" Iconic. 3:39

  • Rockin this in 2019 🤟🏼

  • K

  • Here 2019. Decided to show my sister what was tha shi* when I was her age.

  • Everytime i need a new pair of shoes this song starts in my head XD

  • 3:47 is the girl who always cracked me up the most, along with 1:22 😀

  • lmaoo oh memories

  • This song was made 10 days before I was born.

  • When YouTube was in its prime. Now it’s gone done the shit with 12-18 year olds.

  • This song randomly got stuck in my head and I needed to watch it in all of its gloriousness. It's better now than it was 10 years ago, I swear

  • 😂🙈

  • I remember when this came out 😅😭

  • I distinctly remember tripping out on ecstasy & LSD in 07-08 with this banging over the speakers & projector. Good times.

  • 2:37

  • Mane 😂Ian seen this video since like 6 grade & years later I randomly think of this video today 💀

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