“Shoes That Fit” Helping Kids In Need

6:35 now many of us can remember receiving a brand-new pair of shoes at the beginning of the school year or at the start of summer well this morning a national organization has teamed up with a Lexington School to bring this basic need to some students who may have never had a new pair lex18 s Claire cop ski joins us with more on what’s happening today Claire good morning this morning 400 students at William wells brown Elementary School here in Lexington are in for a treat thanks to a national organization students will receive a new pair of sneakers at school today this project is made possible by an organization called shoes that fit it’s a national group that aims at helping kids were faced with one of the most visible signs of proper poverty shoes so so far more than 100 thousand students in 2500 schools have received this gift William wells Brown elementary was chosen from a list of schools congressman Andy Barr submitted to the organization and central Kentucky’s own Judy construction and halls beer cheese has put up the cash a woman who’s seen this product in action in other states says at its core this venture is not just about shoes when you see these spaces and one individual opening one pair of shoes that maybe have never had that brand new pair of shoes or maybe even a pair of shoes that actually fit them it can change their whole demeanor in the classroom and out of the classroom having them after confidence walking into school every day is what we’re here for it there will also be some special guests at the elementary school today former UK and NFL player Jacob Tamme and also UK basketball legend Jack goose Givens will be there to help pass out the new Footwear Claire it’s a morning that’s sure to give these kids a spring in their step back to you

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