Shoes: Buying & Fashion Tips : Open-Toed Shoes for Women

Hi, I’m Nequan Peartree from Shoe Diva located
in Wilmington, North Carolina, and we’re going to talk about how to select open toe shoes.
When we refer to open toe shoes, we have a variety of shoes in which to choose from.
There’s the classic peek toe shoes. And with peek toe shoes such as, they’re meant to only
show a toe or two. And then you have another variety of the peek toe shoe that this, the
hole is a little bit bigger, so it may show a more twos. You typically see this style
more so in the summer style, in the summertime. And then we also have this style of an open
toe shoe where it’s a more sandal like and it’s perfect for wearing with tights in the
winter. You want to transition this sandal to the winter. When you’re looking at picking
a peek toe shoe, you also got to consider your feet. Some women have short toes and
they don’t work too well with peek toe shoes. If you try on that shoe and your toe doesn’t
peek, that style of shoe probably isn’t a good fit because you definitely want your
toes to peek through the shoe. If you go up a half size, you may be able to get that peek
toe effect, but if not, I would stay clear of that shoe. And now this style would, is
a little bit more viable for women who you don’t have to worry about if your toes are
short or long because the open cut is a little bit bigger so your toes probably will come
through the shoe. And then this is the perfect one if you have short toes or if you have
long toes because you, the space is more open, it’s a sandal. And if you want to wear this
shoe in the winter time, you always can pair it with hosiery. And these are my tips on
how to select shoes, how to select open toe shoes.

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