Hello! There’s nothing worse than going shopping and carrying heavy bags – then your shoelace comes undone, is there? Or going for a good long trek, fifteen kilometres or so and your boots come undone or get loose… Let me show you a little trick! Look! Bring the camera in and you’ll see me with
my shoelaces, see? I do one knot the usual way – nice and tight – And then I do a loop the usual way… Bring the other lace over the top and make
a second loop, the usual way… This is where it gets interesting, you’ve
just pulled that second loop through THERE, haven’t you – NOW –Take that second loop and pass it through where it’s just come through, same direction… Now – it doesn’t look (yet) very tidy,
does it, but – You can pull the loops tight – AND –
I want you to know the knot will NEVER come undone – UNTIL you just pull a lace – plooop! – just like that! And it WORKS! So that’s what I was going to tell you about
today. Do you want to watch it again? I’ll do it again –
Look, you take your loose shoelaces, tie a good knot… Do your first loop in the usual way
Come over the top as you always do – See, your second loop has come through – And just take it over and go through again Where you’ve just already pulled the second loop through and then – Tidy up – pull the loops tight –
And you’ll think ‘Oh that’s not going to work’ – but it WILL. It’ll stay really nice and strong for ever
Easy as pie to undo! – Just pull on the ends! So – wasn’t that FUN !
More tricks another day.. ’Bye !

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