Shoe testing the fun way – Hacking, chopping, stabbing, shooting!

Shoes?? Well, DX Mall contacted me and they wanted to sent me a pair of shoes to
be featured in one of my videos. YOU. Yeah, because I’m well known for being a
shoe reviewer (*sarcasm*). Totally. Between the two of us I think our knowledge of shoes comes together as… you put your feet in! I told them that I’m not gonna say
anything that I don’t personally agree with and also I asked them if I could do it my way… and they know what that means. Yep. Of course the burning question that anybody who is considering to buy shoes needs to ask themselves is… Will they withstand an axe blow? Well folks, don’t count on this for armor. Let’s flip it around. Yeah, no chance of course. The only thing that stopped the spike was the wood underneath. Let’s test the sole ( / soul) of this shoe. Get it? Sole / soul? Yeah, I know, I should shut up. Close-out sale of factory seconds! Slight
blemishes. Gotta say, the material does seem pretty
tough because it can take direct hits onto the sole. I mean, it’s bouncy rubber after all… Not bad really, but… well…. STEEL WINS! Shoe test – assassination style! That’s pretty good… even leaning my entire weight onto it I can’t get through the sole here. So what’s the point of doing all this
you might ask. Well, there’s a point right there but otherwise… Well, I guess it’s one of those
things that you have to do in order to understand. Nah, I’m just talking out of my ass. Well, quite a lot of damage but I actually expected it to go
through all the way. Pretty much nothing I can see from that one. That’s apparently all that happened from it. And there. Time to quit fooling around. Like I said, I’m not exactly a shoe review guy, so don’t take my word for it. But what I can say is that they do seem
tough enough to require quite a bit of effort in the destruction process which kind of annoys me a little bit. And
also I don’t think that the gods of destruction are quite appeased yet. None of the shot made it through the entire shoe. So that is actually surprising. It is only birdshot though so I guess we gotta try some buckshot. So here’s what they look like new. And this is after I went crazy on them. Shoe anatomy. So if you want your own shoes to destroy – or wear if you’re
boring… you can head over to Again I make no statements about the
quality of these shoes other than that they are fairly tough to destroy. Take it for what it’s worth.


  • Wow those shoes are actually pretty tough

  • As much as I enjoyed the shoe destruction, I have to ask: Did you try them on your feet at all just to see how well they fit or were they not even in your size?

  • What's the name of the first two techno songs used in this vid? The links in the description don't help much.

  • That was pretty funny. Welll any publicity is sometimes good publicity, unless it's just horribly bad publicity is the exception to that.. is anyone here interested in these shoes? wondering if the advertising worked lol regardless, showing over 12 thousand people (so far) for one pair of shoes is pretty good.

  • Who and why the heck they sent those shoes!? LOL!

  • I love this. The part with "The Gods of Destruction are not quite appeased yet" and the shotguns made me lose it xD

    And your friend with their overkill of the shoe near the end was great, too 😀

  • Question is, do you put your feet in them?

  • Good thing they didn't  want you to advertise a laptop ! That would have been brutal.

  • 2 comments only?

  • Intresting testing :p

  • I absolutely love what you did here. Hah!  There's their review for ya.

  • I love you guys,

  • haleluja

  • i cant watch the video…

  • Best metal looking couple ever. 

  • wish i could meet you and go shooting with you skalagrim!! damnit!!!

  • hahah those shoes look like a dog straight chewed through them and went to town on them

  • Do the hidden blade and Freddy Kruger's glove

  • it worked, i checked them out 😀
    no publicity is bad publicity right?

  • 4:58 factory new – battle scarred (CS GO) XD

  • My neighbourhood is way to dangerous: everyday someone dies getting stabbed in the feet. I need safer than those, your stuff disapointed me!

  • Love it, best yet.

  • Fun ways : If someones try to kill you with a knife, block it with your shoes.

  • Other channel: Guy is wearing the new shoes.

    This channel: Guy is cutting, stabbing, hacking, and shooting at the new shoes.

  • Could have eat those shoes 🙁

  • that just shows that you shouldn't use your shoe for defense when being attacked by the mobsters

  • You're a crazy fucking metalhead who just got a new sub. This video made me miss my home state of louisiana because of the backwoods shooting scene. What band was that?

  • would you sign them and send them to me pls? 😀

  • 0/10, wouldn't make armor out of it. Might be good for potions if you are TES fan.

  • Blurb: It took longer than expected to destroy them with non-projectile weapons 😛

  • Looks like fairly good hiking shoes.

  • I just watched a grown man tape himself stabbing a shoe in the woods.

    I enjoyed it.

  • Best wife ever xD

  • aha

  • Guess I shouldn't have payed 2,000$ for that shoe armor

  • I want more shoes to destroy I can send you mine.

  • Who was the lady in the beginning ?


  • That was oddly amusing

  • This… actually makes me want to buy the product. Wait, you were advertising the axe, right?

  • The perfect shoes for a hobo! 😀

  • That looks like a well built, fairly lightweight pair of shoes.
    I enjoyed the video.
    Cheers from Louisiana, mon amie.

  • Damn, those are some tough shoes.

  • So… if my shoes get randomly attacked by a guy with an axe will I still be able to wear them?

  • Just have to say u rock skall

  • those are really nice looking shoes….I actually want to buy a pair now. 

  • He should do this with steel toed combat boots, now that would be very helpful information.

  • Pretty good advertisement in my opinion. I agree, they did seem to take quite some effort to destroy even while heavily armed. This makes it likely that they are resilient in everyday use. 

  • Good thing there are people in Africa with no pair of shoes and your taking a video of yourself chopping them apart

  • Have you experienced Ready Set Ripped? (do a google search for it) It is a quick and easy way for you to get ripped fast.

  • What did that poor shoe do to you..?

  • Are there any regulations of going in the woods and shooting stuff in Canada? I know that the population density there is a lot sparser but I could never imagine to do stuff like that here in Germany. 

  • Could you do the same thing but with boots that have steel toe, that will be so awesome. by the way super fan of your work 🙂

  • you try slugs?

  • Hmmm, this video gave me an idea
    When I'll replace my boots I might send old ones for testing to you.
    Manufacturer claims the sole have lvl2 armor rating, so it should stop at least few 9mm rounds
    Would be nice to see how full of shit they are (or not) 😀

  • What about the kids in Africa 😃

  • Hahaha

  • That's some tough ass shoes.

  • That woman at the start scares me

  • i would complain about the waste of good shoes but this still pretty rad.

  • I visited the site and they have weird as stuff… SEXUAL TOYS???!!!

  • What a waste of perfectly good shoes.

  • I think this guy who sended it wondered if the shoes were nice for hima swordfighting xD

  • Good to know that if I buy those shoes I don't have to worry about feet assassination from a knife.

  • What a waste, every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes

  • Do a series where you test if things can stand up to all of your weapons.

  • I see Skallagrim is taking a stab at something new! ….. wait….

  • if that knife slipped p and stabbed you in the balls…

  • Seeing him and Cara suddenly pull out an axe and knife with such wide smiles was oddly amusing.

  • You are not going to be assassinated by a stab to the sole!

  • I wonder what ZT's Reaver Cleaver would've done to the shoe(s)…

  • What does this prove? DX doesn't have very good judgment.

  • Ares is pleased…he is indeed pleases

  • But can it withstand being ended rightly?

  • with these shoes…
    I can't get assasinated by knife wielding moles, worms or ants

  • Children in African tribes could have eviscerated those shoes.

  • I feel like they just wanted to see someone destroy there shoes with swords because they were bored

  • 2:05 i was momentarily very worried for any future children skall may have o.o

  • Well, at least with these you won't die like Achilles…stabbed in the foot

  • why is this so enjoyable to watch

  • sneakerheads everywhere ate crying

  • do more shoe reviews

  • That grin when they both raise their weapons made me lol.

  • what a waste someone could have eat those shoes

  • You know, I don't think this was terrible accurate. People tend to care what happens to their foot when people stab it, not the shoe, and having a foot in the shoe would change its behavior. It wouldn't bounce away from strikes so easily, and so there would be even more damage.

  • 3:45 Is it just me, or skall was a lot more insane in the past and with the time he has become calmer?

  • the before and after thing actually made me cry a little. ive been wearing the same black boots for five years because i love them. great boots. nothing expensive mind you, just some thirty dollar wall-mart work boots but i love them. they recently started seperating at the soles. the leather was long cracked at the bend of the foot where the toe is or a little farther back from it. that happens because i walk with my heels in the air. dunno why just do. anyways this reminded me that i needed new shoes and it made me cry a little because ill miss my old boots…

  • Cringe

  • this video was so puny.

  • best shoe review ever

  • Reminds me of idubbbz when he was given a box from misaki

  • Hey, they still resemble shoes.

  • Clearly this video shows that if someone comes at you with a knife, you must parry their strikes with your feet whilst wearing these shoes. That's right everyone, don't skip leg-day!

  • This video is for the people who hate shoes

  • 0:27: Dammit that's what I've been doing wrong…You guys are good.

  • skall you assassinate shoes with Bowie knifes

  • Hahaha

  • So the lesson is: Don't block blade attacks with modern shoes, unless they are strengthened by armor!

  • my feet hurt while watching this

  • this is a shoe in for best shoe review i've ever watched.
    Admittedly, it's the only shoe review i've ever watched.

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