Shoe Storage And Shipping | Tips From A Poshmark Seller

hey friends it’s Jenna also known as
Empty Hanger welcome back to my channel today I am doing my third and final
video in my series all about shoes so if you don’t know I am a full time fashion
and clothing seller over on the Poshmark app and I love sharing my tips and
tricks with you all and I’ve done this three-part video series on shoes and
part 1 was about shoe cleaning and part two is about shoe photography I’ll link
those videos up above so you can check them out if you haven’t seen them but
part three which is today is going to be all about shoe storage and shoe shipping
so let’s go ahead and get into the video ok so let’s talk about my shoe storage
and I like to utilize the actual shipping boxes for shoe storage on
Poshmark you can ship your shoes or any of your items in the priority mail boxes
that you can get free from the post office and my favorite size first to
choose is obviously the shoe box which I’m gonna grab right here so this is the
shoe box which you can order on their website the USPS website I’m gonna link
down below this size and there is another size that’s like a larger square
box that I will use for boots but a majority of the shoes that I sell do fit
in this rectangular shoe box and what I’m gonna do is go ahead and put this
box together I need to grab some tape okay so I’m going to put this box
together and this is what I’m actually going to store my shoes in I’m going to
go ahead and pretty much have it prepped for shipping and let’s do the first pair
of shoes that we photographed so we have this pair of fluffy Steve Madden mules
so we need to now bag them the other supplies that I’m going to use is this
huge roll of butcher paper and I use this to stuff my shoes to keep them in
shape while they’re in storage while they’re shipping so what I want to do I
want to stuff the toes with these so they don’t get crushed so I’m just gonna
take some of this paper followed up and I’m just going to stick
that in there so again now it’s um doesn’t get crushed and then again just
got in there so now those are both stuffed and good to go but I need to
protect them while they’re in the box and while they’re being shipped so what
I’m going to do I’m going to take a clear on poly bag and I will link these
down below as well so everything will be linked down below but I put one shoe in
one bag and I’m gonna just put it like this and seal it up so that is what it
looks like sealed up I just um you know folded it up in the bag and there you
have that and now I’m going to do the other ones so there we have both shoes are in their
individual bag that way when they are stored or in shipping they can’t rub
against each other and stuff and mess each other up so that way they are just
both ready to go and I’m going to take my shoe box I’m gonna put both of the
shoes in there and there’s a lot of room in there so I don’t want to just close
it up because then the shoes are just gonna go everywhere so I take this same
butcher paper and I stuff the box and you don’t have to do it too tight
like you just want to make sure that the thing the shoes aren’t gonna jiggle
around so if you shake it they aren’t gonna move and then I’m just gonna close
this up and tape it again so this is how I would ship my shoes for Poshmark I
would just put the label on it but we’re not shipping it yet we’re just storing
it they haven’t sold so how am I gonna know what the heck is in this box
let me show you so I showed in my June favorites video this handy little HP
sprocket printer and this is what I use to identify what shoe is inside the box
I like to actually print a photo a cover shot from my Poshmark listing and I like
to tape it on the outside of the box so I can see exactly what shoe is in there
you could if you didn’t want to print out on a picture which you could print
on a regular printer you don’t have to use this little printer um the HP
sprocket you could definitely use a regular printer or you could just write
it on a label and stick it on the box so either way whatever works best for you
but I’m gonna go ahead and print the photo for those shoes so I can show you
exactly what I mean *music* okay so after it comes out there is the
picture I put the size on it and I’m just going to tape this onto the box and
I just tape it on there is sticky on the photo but I tape it on because that way
I can easily take it off when I’m about to ship and I put it on the end and then
I just stack these up and that’s how I store my shoes so I can easily find them
and then when it comes time to ship I just take this off stick on my Poshmark
label so let’s do one more pair just to show you one more pair so I’m gonna do
these Vince shoes that we just photographed as well and same as before
I’m gonna go ahead and prepackage them so I’m just gonna take the paper and I’m
stuffing them so again they don’t get crushed taking my clear bag and that’s what it looks like in the
bags I’m gonna do the other shoe so now I’ve got both my shoes ready for storage
and I’m just gonna take my Priority Mail shoe box again and make this real quick and I’m just gonna put these in here
again there’s a ton of room in there which I don’t want because I don’t want
them moving around in shipping stuff it and then we’re gonna close her up so
again now I need to put the photo on there so I’m just going to take my
printer again there’s the photo of the shoes and again
I just want to tape this on the box and there you have the shoes with the photo
so I do that to every shoe and then I just stack these one on top the other
and you can easily see what shoe is in the box and that’s how I store them
that’s it for my shoe storage and shipping process and hopefully that
helps you it makes sense if you have any questions let me know down in the
comments below but I definitely think it’s a lot easier to store your shoes in
a way that you’re going to be shipping them it might take a little more time in
the beginning getting them stored but it definitely saves you time in the
shipping part of the process and please give this video a big thumbs up if you
found it helpful and be sure to hit that subscribe button if you’re not
subscribed to my channel already and I’ll see you in my next video Bye!


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