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It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English Tv! Yeah!
Oh. Oh, no! Looks like it’s time to go to the shoe shop! Oh. Hello boys and girls! Look,
I need a new pair of shoes! But it’s getting late. The shoe shop will close soon! Come
on. Let’s go! Oh, no! Look, little Blobs! Steve needs our help! Let’s get him to the
shoe shop on time! Oh, come on! Whoa! Oh! Ah… Oh, where am I? Oh, my hip. My shoulder!
Oh, look! I’m in a shopping centre by a shoeshop! That’s great! Thanks, Bob. But next time,
can’t we use the door? Oh, sorry! I forget you can’t fly! But we had to get to the shoeshop
quickly! Yeah! Oh! What’s that? Oh! Bob! Where are you going? Oh-oh! Hello, Brian! Oh. I
haven’t seen you for a long time! How long have you been on this planet? Brian? Brian?
Bob, what are you doing? You’re talking to a toy alian! Wow, really? Oh-oh-oh. Yes. Because
look. This is a toy shop! And we shouldn’t be in a toy shop when I need new shoes. We
should be in a shoe shop! Oh, Bob. Come on, boys and girls. Help me tell Bob that we shouldn’t
be in a toy shop! Eh… Bob? Hey! Where did Bob go? There he is! What’s he doing now?
Oh-oh. Look at me! Oh-oh. Wow! Hey! What’s going on? Look. Look. I’m on TV! I’m a superstar!
It’s amazing! Oh, what is this place? Oh, Bobby. Hey, boys and girls. Do you know what
type of shop this is? They sell Tvs, radios, telephones, computers. Where are we? Yeah!
We’re in an electrical shop! But we haven’t got time for this. We shouldn’t be here! Come
on, boys and girls. Help me tell Bob that we shouldn’t in an electrical shop. Bob? Oh,
not again! Where is he? Aah! Oh, I can’t find Bob. I can’t find Bob anywhere. And I really
need new shoes! He’s not in the sport shop, is he? No. Is he? Really? Oh, yeah! There
he is! Oh, Bob! You shouldn’t be in the sport shop! Help me tell Bob. Come on. You shouldn’t
be in the sport shop! And again. You shouldn’t be in the sport shop! One last time. You shouldn’t
be in the sport shop! Come on. We have to go! Oh, let’s try this shop! Yeah! No, Bob.
Wait! Oh, look. That is a clothes shop for girls.You can’t find shoes for me in there.
Bob! Oh, Bob. Stop it! Aah! Oh. Eh, sorry. Eh. Sorry. I’m looking for my friend. Bob?!
Where are you? We haven’t got time for this. We must get to the shoe shop before it closes!
Oh, boys and girls, help me tell Bob that we shouldn’t be in a clothes shop. Come on.
We shouldn’t be in a clothes shop. Last time. We shouldn’t be in a clothes shop. We must
leave now! Hey, Steve! We must go! There aren’t any shoes here. I know. Oh… sorry! Quickly!
Quickly! Oh, no! Wait! Oh, no! The shoe shop is closed. We’re too late! But Steve, I can
still get you a pair of shoes. Here you are! Oh! Bob, this is not right. This is not right!
Oh. You can’t just take what you want from a shop. Especially when it’s closed! Oh, Bob.
This is not right! Oh. Okay. If you don’t like them, you can choose your own shoes in
the shoe shop! See you later! Oh! Oh-oh-oh. Oh! What’s that? Wow! Hey! I shouldn’t be
in the shoe shop! I shouldn’t be in the shoe shop! I shouldn’t be in the shoe shop! Oh,
no! Oh… Bye-bye, boys and girls. See you next time. Oh… Bob!
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