Shoe Shine Kit – Gentleman’s Shoe Series: Part 3

I’m Tom Beecroft from The Jaunty Flaneur,
a boutique shoe polishing company here in Mayfair, London. I’ve collected together the
key essentials that everybody needs in their shoe shine kit. We’re going to start here with a horse hair
brush. There’s not much to choose between these, but opt for a larger one as there’s
more surface contact per stroke. The only other brush that we need is a welt brush,
this skinny one here that fits between the upper and the sole of the shoe. All other
creams and waxes can be applied with a cloth. The best I’ve found is Selvyt, but you can
at a push use an old T-shirt as well. In terms of the creams and waxes, one factory
really does stand alone, it’s called Arvel in France. They have two major brand names,
Saphir Medialle D’Or and La Cordonnerie Anglaise. This moisturiser cream here, is by far and
away the best I’ve found. It’s not too oily and it does a really good job of nourishing
the leather and cleaning it up. You also need to use a coloured shoe cream. There’s a very
strong colour pigment to these, which rejuvenises the shoe, but also there’s a lot of bees wax
in there so it will start to build a bit of a shine from just using this and then buffing
it off. Finally of course for that high shine you’ll
need waxes, and again Saphir is the place to go for that. Very strong natural ingredients
which means it won’t dry out the leather in the same way that a cheaper brand would. Finally, to get the most out of the shine,
you need to use ladies tights. We use 60 Denier, but of course the smoother the shoe the smoother
the tights can be. With broguing you might even want to go thicker. Finally, just on a day to day basis, you need
to use shoe trees at the end of the day and then pop them in their shoe bags and then
every morning as well don’t forget to use a shoe horn to protect your socks and the
backs of your shoes. And that’s it. Those are all the components
you need for your shoe shine kit.

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