Shoe-ing Compassion to Needy Kids

DIANA HUIZAR – It means the world to all of
us because they’re going to have new jackets and brand new shoes for them to wear for Christmas.
As you can see they’re all happy running around.
CRAIG JEFFERY – The Caring for Children Foundation are partnering with TOMS shoes
and Operation Noel to distribute the shoes and the coats and are given at no cost to
these children. LUCY WIESINGER – The Caring for Children Foundation
is vital to the progress of this event without their support we wouldn’t have this project
at all. MICHELLE MEDINE – We’re so happy to have
this, and we’re very thankful for this because this is something that we really need.
ROMELIA ACOSTA – For the students it means a lot. For most of them this means their own
Christmas gift, for the families this means great help, because they can’t afford to
buy shoes for all the children. CRAIG JEFFERY – I think it’s just a tremendous
opportunity that we have to continue to build a healthier Texas one child at a time.

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