Shoe Dog by Phil Knight | Animated Book Review

“Shoe Dog” is a captivating book created
by Phil Knight, mastermind behind Nike. Knight opens his viewer’s eyes to a diverse
array of life lessons, and we’ll be discussing five of these today. One. Be open to doing things differently. When Knight was younger, he globetrotted across
the planet, which shaped him and allowed him to comprehend a platter of cultures. At the end of the day, our way…doesn’t
always mean the best way. Two. When you don’t know how, learn from it. Knight never stops learning. His down-to-earth nature allows him to remain
hungry for an endless supply of enlightenment. He never ceases to surround himself with individuals
who understand his turmoil, having the courage to ask for help when needed. Three. Understand your strengths. During his younger days, Knight had to meet
with an unfriendly shoe supplier. Knowing he would NOT deal with the situation
efficiently, he asked a team member to take the reins, saving him from disaster. Four. Things can’t always be perfect. Take Nike. Knight’s first prototype was exceptionally
low-quality, and he certainly wasn’t proud of it. However, him and his team kept soldiering
on until they were satisfied, never failing to uphold their values as a company. Five. It’s all about balance. We all know it’s important to achieve a
healthy life/work balance. But this means different things for different
people. It’s never 50/50, and there’s no right
or wrong. It’s all about what you know in your heart
is the right thing for your happiness. If that’s going full-on entrepreneur 24/7
– so be it. Some may be inspired to jet set across the
globe. Some may up and chase that dream they haven’t
thought about in decades. Either way, the book is chockablock with unveals
inspiration. Click on the button below to purchase the
full, detailed analysis of “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight today.


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