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– Hello, everyone! It’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin
Kitchen, I hope you are well. Today, I’m joined by my
friend, my good friend, not just someone I’ve
just met on the street. – Good friend? – Good friend. This is Beth. – Hi. – How’re you doing? Alright? – Yeah, good, thank you. Excited. – We’re doing… What we’re doing today? – Shoe cupcakes. – [Barry] Shoe cupcakes.
It’s a good reason. – [Beth] My two favourite things. – [Barry] Yes, do you wanna explain? This is just a little sample
of the shoes that Beth makes. She has her own business called… – Curiouser and Curiouser Shoes. – Yeah, this is a unicorn shoe. Look at that. This is actually mine. – They are. – Is this a sundae? – Yeah, ice cream sundae shoe. – Sundae shoe. – Vanilla sundae. – So hopefully, you’ll feel
inspired by these shoes. And we’re gonna try and
make some shoe cupcakes, and they should, be good. – We put our heart and “sole”… – Oh, I see what you’re doing. – …into it. – You’re doing the wrestling thing. You’re being the face, I’m being the heel. – Yep. Okay. (ding) So to make the cupcakes, I
put Beth to work on these. We simply pushed some
room temperature butter into a bowl, and then
you want to beat that then smooth it out and
make a little creamier, and it makes the next step much easier, which is pushing in your caster sugar. Give that a good old stir through. Let it dissolve in there. Then dump in four, medium eggs. Again, just mix that through
until it’s nice and combined. Last up is your flour,
just to thicken it up. It’ll be a little clumpy at
first, but keep working away. Beth did an expert job on that. And once we’ve got to that
stage, we actually made two different types of cupcakes. So we divided the mixture into two. Into one went some milk, a
standard just to loosen it up, and some nice white chocolate chips. In the other bowl, we
took the zest from a lemon and then instead of milk,
we used the lemon juice to give it a nice lemony vibe. Divide those into cupcake cases. We went for green and yellow. Yellow for the lemon, green
for the white chocolate milk. Bake them in the oven for
15 minutes until golden and then place them onto a
wire rack to fully cool down. And hey, presto! – Here they are. – That’s what we got right there, right? – And they are smelling good. – And we could just right this video off and go, “There you go, cupcakes.” Does it smell good? – Amazing. – Bethany, please could you break up this white chocolate for me? – I can. – We’re never, ever this polite
when we hang out together. We’re normally like, “Yeah.” (laughing) – If it wasn’t on camera, we’d be like, – What are we like? Yeah. – “Yeah man, break up that chocolate.” Yeah. – We’d probably be eatin’ it. – We would. We’ve got our chocolate now. We’ve got two different
theories of doin’ this. The first thing we’re going to work on is the sole of the shoe, right? These are actually Rich Tea
Fingers, we’ve got here. These are going to be
the sole of the shoe. We are going to coat in chocolate. Let that set, and then we’ll show you, actually in fact, I’ll show you now. We’re about to start dunkin’ – Dunkin’ now, yeah. – Basically, we’ve got ice
cream cones now, like this. And we’re going to sit,
it’s snipped at an angle, So what we do is just place it on there so it kind of gives the effect of a high heel, with the sole. And then you put the
cupcake, poof, in there. It might look anywhere near
as good as your shoes, Beth. – But they’ll probably taste better. – Have you ever eaten your shoes? – No, I haven’t. – You’re sure to. Have you had any like weird requests? Really, like, I dunno, odd,
that you’ve refused to do? Or that you have done? – Somebody was getting married
and wanted a cat in the shoe. – Cat shoe? – Cat shoes. – That’s quite… – I guess the cat couldn’t
go to the wedding. – Oh, the cat passed away? – No, no, no, no. The cat was at home. But she wanted the cat with her. – Oh, okay. – She, yeah, asked for cat shoes. That was quite, quite different but nice. You could have Boston,
Boston and Amy shoes. – I could. Pug shoes. – Pug shoes. – That’d be amazing. People would think I’m barking mad though. (laughing) Just to accelerate the process, we need to keep this chocolate melted because we’re going to
need to stick our heels on. But first of all, we need
to set the top soles. They’re going to go in the fridge. – [Beth] Yeah. – [Barry] And then we’ll go to some other little transition bit now. Whilst that’s in the fridge setting, it’s not going to take that long. We’ll keep our chocolate
warm so we can do our heel. We can have our cone cutting session. You ready for this? – Yes, I’m ready. I’m going try a high heel and a low heel. – Okay. I think the trick is to saw
it really, really slowly. It doesn’t really matter. – [Beth] Okay. – [Barry] And I have an idea
that I’ll come to in a minute, for what we can use the leftovers for. One, with the chocolate setting. Kind of looks like little
Eiffel Towers, don’t they? – Yeah, or like a little
witch’s hat, for Halloween. – Oh yeah, I made little witch’s hat cupcakes out of those, last year. – Oh, did you? – I’ll put a link to the video. It’s some crazy thing now, showing you highlights of that video. Thanks for that, Beth. – [Beth] Those things
have got a multitask. Witch’s hats, unicorns. How are they lookin’? – They’re firm. – Oh. – Which means we can go on, straight away, to our melted chocolate,
that’s still warm. And then combine them with our, things. – We can make the shoe. – I’m not going to help
you. I’m not competitive. – You don’t want a heel snapping off. – This is one of the
most therapeutic things, I’ve ever done in my life. – Works quite well as a glue, actually. Doesn’t it? – That is an amazing heel. – So, but they know
how it’s going to work. – That looks like a boat or
something, like, I don’t know. Are they all on the right
way? Yes, they were. I was tempted to kind of
twist one the other way, and see what it looked like but, no. – Yours are going a different way to mine. – Are they? (laughing) We won’t keep this in the video, at all. – I promise that’s not
how my shoes end up. – All Curiouser and Couriouser
Shoes, come custom made. – With the heel facing wrong way, – We are going to put these
back in the fridge to firm up. And mean while we are going
to make a buttercream. Nice and simple, room
temperature butter, right here. And then we are going to gradually add in icing sugar. If we add it all in one go, poof, it’s gonna go everywhere. – An explosion. – It will, like an avalanche,
of sugary tastiness. – You wanna help me push a tiny bit in… – Yes. – … at a time? Here we go. – This is the best buttercream. I’m just going to stir it quite, kinda let the butter bite it, so it doesn’t actually just jump out. Do it gradually, that’s
going to thicken up. Ultimately, prevent most of
it from going all over us. We’ll keep pushing, as we stir, like that. Let it bite and then you
see it’s thickening up. And wind up with a real nice buttercream. So we’ve got ourselves a lovely, gorgeous, smooth, buttercream there. All combined together. Leave it like that, quite nice as it is. – Yep – We’re both armed with our coloured dye. So I’m going to serve up kinda
like, Oliver porridge style. – Please sir, can I have some more? – There, you got the idea. I was sayin’, “please
say that” and you did. That was not even rehearsed. – It wasn’t. He didn’t ask me. – Okay, so if you wanna, you
can dye that if you want. I’m gonna start one. – I’ve got green. – You’ve got green. And I’ve got yellow to
match those lemon cupcakes. So that’s the aim. Open it up, a little sqeezey, squeeze. I’m going to do mine
gradually ’cause I just wanna, you just never know how strong
this color’s gonna take. – No. – You want it to be like the sun. – Oh, mine is very green. – Yeah? Oh, wow. So make sure you mix it through and you’ll probably there’s some areas, where the colour, the
dye is, in like patches. – Yeah. – But then you might get some
sort of consistent colour. – I don’t guess I want mine any… – [Barry] No, that’s a
nice colour, actually. – You think that’s a good colour? – No, that’s good yeah,
it’s like a minty one. – It is, just like mint. – Mine’s, I just want to eat that. (gasps) – Buttercream done. We have now got a little station of sprinkles and icing pens. – Pink and yellow. – So now comes the epic
shoe making montage. (jazzy music) – [Barry] I’m very
impressed with my efforts and to be fair, I feel like you…. – [Beth] Yeah, they’ve gone well. – [Barry] Done well, yeah. Do you wanna summarised
the three you’ve got there? We stopped at three
each, well actually four. We’ve got a little nibble-y one. But these are our presentations ones. – These are our favourites. – What’s this? It’s got like strawberries
on it, or something? – No, it’s roses. – Roses, okay, yeah. – [Beth] Roses and daffodils. – [Barry] Daffodils. – [Beth] And a Halloween-y worm one. – So that’s worms, and what is that? – A bow. – Are you sure that’s
not supposed to be pretty and it’s just gone a bit… – Yeah, I tried, well,
ruffles, ruffles/worms. – Okay. – I’ve gone quite dainty, on mine. Just a simple, like lemon frosted. I’ve got a lot of piping pens so we’ve gone a bit rustic. A little cupcake there,
a little bit of linin’. This one, I went for the old glitter heel. You can see there. – [Beth] He’s very proud of this one. – Yeah, I was like,
you’re gonna love this. I think Beth’s gonna start doing… You’ve done glitter heels any whay right? – Yeah. – [Barry] And this one I
just got crazy and dunked it and put a pink cupcake on it. I feel like it needs a
glitter heel as well but… – This is like a night of goin’
out shoe; glittery, sparkly. – Yeah. Or a slipper. – Christmas shoe. – Yes. – [Beth] Christmas party shoe. – [Barry] I’m gonna get straight in here. (laughing) – Very nice. (mumbling) – That was phenomenal.
I mean just the cupcake, I think it’s all the effort. It is quite a bit of a funny
thing to make folks, but… – It’s worth it. – Yeah. It’s good fun. – You get to put your
heart and soul into it. – Without further ado, thank you so much, Beth, for joining me. – That’s okay, thank you for having me. – Beth is all over social media
@Curiouser&CuriouserShoes. She can make you custom shoes or even if you just like looking at shoes – And bags. – Bags? I thought we said bats, then. – No, bags. (screeches) – Bags as well, so check
her out, give her a follow and remember to subscribe for
regular recipes and food fun. And we’ll see you again, next time. – Thank you.


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