Shoe Care Tips : Heel Replacement for Men’s Shoes: Part 2

Hi my name is Harry I’m from The Shoe Doctor
in Sherman Oaks Fashion Square for Expert Village. This check if it is dry, if it is
dry we can go back to this one. We have to make even, just hammer it a couple of times
and trim it with knife. I’m going to do the same as this one. Very hard rubber, very hard
to cut it. After I’m going to shave it after finisher and it is going to be nice and even
and everything. Okay this is a nailer 18 gage you just nail it. You can see the nails, now
sand it. It is going to be nice and smooth. Okay what happens with this, with this machine
sander I just did a finishing touch, now you just touch it is nice and smooth no bumps
or nothing. Now only need cleaning and polish.


  • hi my name is Harry and b I'm an alcoholic

  • Thank you so much for posting this video.

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