Shoe Care : How to Clean Tennis Shoes

Hi, my name is Mike Summers with Jim The Shoe
Doctor in Eugene, Oregon, and today we’re going to be talking about cleaning and protecting
tennis shoes. This shoe is a brand new shoe, and before you wore this shoe, you would want
to treat this with a water and stain protector. It keeps the shoe whiter for a much longer
time, helps the cleanup much easier once it has gotten dirty. So if you do not do that,
what you end up with is shoes that end up looking like this, really dingy, really dirty.
A shoe like this is pretty hard to clean. There’s a number of different polish materials
that you can use. This is a patent leather cleaner, a Pattina cleaner, and it’s a solvent
based product, and this is a pretty harsh product, so this will, you have to be kind
of careful with it because it can remove finish, but you can see the different that that makes.
That takes that real dingy, dirty, down to pretty clean. You would want to treat the
cloth portion of this shoe with a product that is also made for suede, and this works
on satin shoes also, any of the nylons, silks, that sort of thing. And this, you would actually
have to get the entire shoe completely wet. You would apply the cleaner and you actually
scrub that in. There’s a number of spray on cleaners that you can use, but pretty much
you have to get the entire shoe wet when you do this and then you have to rinse all that
back out because you don’t want the soap-based material to stay in there. Once you’ve gotten
that cleaned off you can use a white polish or a white refinish. We’ve got one that’s
open here. Just doing a small portion here, and you can work this into the stitching and
stuff and make that white also. And with this, what you’d do is you’d let that dry for a
little while and then you’d rebuff it just as it’s drying so that it doesn’t leave any
streaking. It’s very important with white polish to do that last little step on the
process, otherwise you will end up with lines and it will streak. So white polish is one
of the most difficult polishes to deal with. And that’s how you would clean and protect
a tennis shoe.


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  • Best use gloves. Chemicals can harm your skin over time.

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  • what brand of water/stain protector do you use? or does it even matter?

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