Shoe Care : Caring for Your Leather Shoes

Hi, my name is Mike Summers from Eugene, Oregon,
Jim the Shoe Doctor. And today we’re going to be talking about shoe care. We have a wide
variety of products and we have polishes that will clean and protect shoes, and they come
in a wide variety of colors. You have dyes that can actually change the color of a shoe,
and this is great if a shoe has lost color, or if it needs to be changed in color. This
is a shine sponge, so this is a product that you would use after you had shined a shoe
to make that shine hold up real long, a real long time, or when a brand new shoe, it gives
a little protection to just rub that over it. You have conditioners, and conditioners
come in a variety of different types. You have oil, you have the cleaner-conditioner
types. This is a leather balm, this is a great conditioner, you can apply this to a brand
new shoe to give it a little protection. This will keep the shoe from drying and cracking
out. Shoes that are really dried out, you would want to use, like this is a needs foot
oil, this will soften the leather back up, keep it from drying and cracking. On a heavy
duty boot, jackets, that sort of thing, a spray-on waterproofer, this is a silicon-based
spray-on waterproofer, this does a really good job. And then for finer shoes, bags,
that sort of thing, you would want to use this, this is going to be real safe to use,
it’s not going to change color, and this is available most anywhere. It’s a really good
product to use to make sure that you protect that investment you’ve made in those shoes.
Then you have water-proofers that are the harder variety which are like the Aqua Seal
which is silicone-based, Huberd’s which is a bees wax and pine tar, and these are good
water-proofers. I would lean more towards the Aqua Seal, it’s going to condition and
waterproof. Then there’s water-proofers like Dubbin, this is great for soccer shoes, that
sort of thing, this is a pretty good product also. For cleaning shoes, there’s the old
traditional saddle soap, and this you would actually just rub in, lather up, and then
buff it back off. It has a little bit of glycerin in it so it does a little bit of conditioning,
not a whole lot, you want to re-treat the leather after you use a product like this.
And you’ve got your paste waxes which are your harder waxes. These give an excellent
shine, not too much on the conditioning, so you need to actually use a conditioner along
with this to make sure you don’t dry your shoe out and cause it to crack. And brushes
come in a variety of sizes. This is a polish applicator brush, and this would be a buffing
brush. And when you’re buffing a shoe you want to make sure that you use a different
color brush for a different color shoe, so if you’re doing light colored shoes, you want
to make sure and get a light color brush with light bristles so that you can see that color
so you don’t end up transferring like a black onto a lighter brown shoe and causing yourself
problems that way. This is a product that is a sports scrub for doing athletic shoes.
This product you just apply directly onto a shoe, you just scrub it in and wipe it off,
works pretty good for cleaning sports shoes. And then you would also, after applying a
product like this, use a conditioner or a polish over the shoe after you’ve got it completely
cleaned. And another product, after you would use, like on a white shoe, would be to put
the white back onto the shoe, it would be this white polish. Alright, I think that mostly
covers the products that you would use to clean and protect shoes. Alright, thank you.


  • Wow! Learnt so much. This guy makes shoe cleaning look like a work of art that it should be! We spend a lot of money on shoes yet few of us actually spend money and time in shoe care. This guy's videos are really useful. Thank you so much for making and posting them here.

  • how often should i condition and polish my shoes. i have this thing called leather lotion.

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  • hope we have a shoe doctor like you in my city

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  • Thank you so much for the infor. 2 thumbs up!

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  • One of the best videos I've seen on You Tube. Good info. Thanks.

  • What can I use for spilling something on a shoe like ketchup etc. that will allow it to jus rinse of with water? Thanx and great vid

  • meltonian spray isn't a dye lol the Lincoln dye is a dye.

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  • Very helpful thank you!

  • Errr, this is a product review :/

  • Any leather care enthusiast or anybody that works in a cobble shop will tell you this video is not informative and this man really isnt giving the right information and leaves allot of important info out.. I personally use huberds shoe grease for many reasons on my leather boots, and its a conditioner and water proofer that is very good for leather. Just my honest opinion

  • where can i get that specific "instant miracle shine" sponge product?  I can't seem to find it anywhere on the web.

  • "Here's a product called leather conditioner…what it does is condition the shoe and it works pretty good"

    "Oh and here is another product on my shelf called sports shoe cleaner and what it does it clean sports shoes and it does it pretty good."

    I could have looked at a shoe store website's product page for 30 seconds and gathered the exact same info. Adding details beyond what is listed in the product name would be great.

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