Shocking Magician Took Amanda’s Bra!!!

Hello TNAKET Hello I am Christian Lee. Where are you from Christian? I am from London. Do you have a day job? I do have a day job. It’s a magician. Christian, are you married? I am engaged. To who? To someone who’s going to be my wife. Do you have kids together? Yeah, they’re in the car outside, so… Okay, when you’re ready off you go. Okay, I’m going to need an assistant one of you judges will be that. It’s going to be you Amanda. She needs to be helped up the stairs these days. Kindly hold the cards, that’s all you have to do. Even better. Last night I had a dream, a dream that you and I would be standing together here on stage. We were holding hands That’s right, willingly and swaying to the music. It was a kind of out of time sway, but eventually we found our rhythm. You wanted to go all the way and name a card name to the microphone. A card just name a card But before you got there there’s a loud voice. It’s my voice and the dream was over! I did remember though the card that you nearly said in fact I’m going to use my mind powers. Could I have my mind enhancing device, please? Here you go. Here you go, sir. Just put this on like this… I love that! ah, yes Here we go time to put the card into your mind. Okey. Amanda, name the card that is now in your mind. The six of hearts. Six of hearts you say if you could just take the one card that is the only card facing the other way around Take it out slide it out and show them and live the dream It is a six of hearts How did he do that? How did you do that? How I did it is not so important it’s how I’m going to get this balloon off Just come round here and just wrap me round the waist Celine Dion “My Heart Will Go On” You’re here, there’s nothing I fear, Oh I liked that. That was very good. David, what do you think? What I love about this show is that it gives someone like you a chance from a much bigger audience And you absolutely deserve it. You’re brilliant I mean you entertained us. So really well I think you’re funny. But, didn’t think the trick was great, or the Magic was great Are you really good or or should you be doing children’s parties, and I can’t quite make my mind up Children’s parties? I Completely agree with David then you’re very very funny. Which is what makes it so entertaining It’s a really easy yes, well done. It’s a yes from me I’m going to say yeah yes! You just got four yes-es! Oh, God very funny [coordinator] me. Thank you for an amazing


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  • . . . انتباه… انتباه…. انتباه
    اللهم ابعد عن والدتي ووالدتك .. ثلاث?
    1 التعب?
    2 عذاب جهنم?
    3 عذاب القبر?

    وارزقها ثلاث..?
    1 الجنه?
    2فرحه والسعاده?
    3صحه وسلامه ?

    مستحيل تقرأها وما تط لايك?+الاشتراك لان تستاهل الغاليه

  • Gara2 BH aku nyasar kesini … Mbelgedes….. Ada yg ngelike GK ya. ,,,,,,,,,,

  • Wkwk gila

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  • This is BH kami ada Disini:v

  • Udda 57jtx ditonton tapi ko blum jga trending yakk??

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  • +62 Bh Hampir Punah.!!!¡!!!¡!!!¡!!

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  • Video ini sudah di kuasai oleh +62 ???

  • Yg nonton pasti karna ad kata kata familiar :v makanya dibuka… Dan tiba tiba ad di beranda :v…

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  • Minggir orang inggris yg kawasan ini yg pegang warga +62

  • Did someone know what is the music?,

  • Anjay kali macam tai

  • Always

  • Kaget gw anjir , biasanya audisi bgt or agt, yg komen orng luar , kok skrng orng +62 ?

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  • Gw masuk kesini gara gara ada kata BH

  • Boooooooooooooooo to simon

  • Yang sulap pas mecahin balon botolnya di keluarin dari jas nya coba perlambat

  • This guys cartoon character funny but kind of a wacko in my opinion. ???⭐?

  • Apa yg mereka katakan… ?

  • Anyone else just looking for a comment in English

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  • Yesss oke

  • Minggir .. minggir .. negara santuy pen lewat ?

  • I love you alyshiya

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  • Bodo amt ama video nya . Yg penting komenan nya rame. yg setuju like ?

  • Best magic trick ever ?????

  • Busyeeet komen nya indo semua, nampaknya dunia maya bakal di kuasai oleh kita, sebagai komentator ??

  • 1:17 you can thank me later

  • That dude is hilarious for real for real

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    Seberapa byk warga +62 ditentukan dri like postingan ini

  • Menit 1:17 liat aja emg dy gk pke BH pentil nyaa kliatan nonjol ??

  • Yuk saling subrek yg mau aja y

  • ٌوان ّخرجت السٍحره ان الله سيبطَله باذن اللهٌ

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  • Watch this

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  • 0:10 he took out that wine from his jacket

  • This guy was hilarious. He should also do standup

  • Mabar

  • Mabar

  • AXN broo…

  • Itu ngambil botol di dlem jacket, coba teliti dah ?keliatan bnget bhng nya?

  • 3:21

  • Man anybody can do that just ask her

  • Warga indonesia yg santuy,sini merapat!!!!

  • بشرفكن اشتركو بلقناة فيديوهات حلوة كتير ٠٠٠٠

  • Idiot, You would've gotten (5) yeses had you gotten her panties instead of a bra.

  • 3:20

  • mana bagian scene bh nya anyinggg

  • Idc but Amanda is acc sexy

  • tontonan nya banyak tapi subscrib nya Nol

  • Ada apanya para psulap dmata anak bandel n junaway

  • Moon maap warga asing mundur semua.dsni Utk warga +62.yeee asw you know asw.

  • 3.11 you see him setting his hand up with the bra so when the camera flicks back on him you think he took hers, complete fail

  • Benar gak ini penyihir.?
    Tapi koo bisa ya.. hehe

  • So nice an wonderful

  • Bangke?


  • %100 not fake btw

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  • PewDiePie: Big brain!
    PewDiePie: 2:37

  • This is wierd

  • Fokus nonton.hhh

  • Gawd Simons a twat.

  • +62 area,, bule di harap ngilang

  • She never had one on

  • Subscreb canel saya guys hehehe bantu saya sampai 1k

  • Siapa yang hadir dari negara +62.. Like jika asli warga +62

  • What better than eating a manderine…eating Amanda out…I'll see myself out….

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  • WOW

  • Simon was right, the magic was pretty ordinary

  • You are not funny

  • Cheap stunt

  • Jawa timur Ra oleh kalah mana suaranya

  • Thank you for sharing your video.. here to send you love and support.. stay connected

  • 3:00 what is this music called?

  • 3:20 what?

  • This is 100+

  • Bra??????

  • Very good

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  • So amazing

  • kaum +62 pada kesini .kita gruduk londho londho iki….

  • Coba kecepatanya di bikin 0,25x kelihatan triknya?

  • magician: steals a bra
    simon: you should perform at kid's parties

  • Hahaha biasa

  • you idiot he dint

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