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Valentine’s day is coming and I need to do shopping. Don’t know whether he will agree or not. What to do. How to convince him. Sippi!! You tell. How we will convince papa for shopping.
We need to go for shopping right? We need to go for shopping right? Shall we convince papa?
Shall we convince papa? Ok. We will talk to papa. [Door Opening Sound] mom and daughter are playing!! What’s happening
You came. And what you did all day.
Nothing.. just did time pass How was your day? Little tired. if I will get little water. It would be better
Shall I prepare juice for you? No water will be fine. Ok I will bring.. And what you will take in food. Shall I prepare something favorite for you? What my favorite you will prepare? some porridge or Biryani. Anything which is your favorite. What happened. So much buttering!!! Need some money?
Don’t need money. I need to do shopping.
Whatttt !!!! Valentine’s day coming.So need to do shopping You did shopping 2 3 month back in Diwali. So what. After that you did shopping in Christmas.
Yes. So what.
Then you did shopping in New year Special. Yes. So what.
Then you did shopping in Republic Day.
Yes.. So.. In every festival, every occasion You feel like doing shopping only. Valentine’s Day meant for some other thing, not for shopping. What to do in valentine’s day. That can’t be told in public. kid is here. Try to understand. Valentine’s day is valentine’s day. Shopping is also shopping. I dont know anything. I need to do shopping mean I will do.Let’s go Shivaji Nagar Ok. Let’s go. Where to go? Shivaji Nagar? Yes..
Ok. When to go?
Tomorrow we will go. Ok. fine then. we will go
Shall I prepare Dal Roti Now you told to make Biryani. That I told you to convince you.Didn’t really mean that. Ok. lets freshen up. I am coming. Biryani plan gone today. Sit here. He got convinced to go to Shivaji Nagar. Yess.I convinced him. Let meet tomorrow in Shivaji Nagar. Hi Friends!!! Today we will roam Shivaji Nagar which is fashion hub in Bangalore. Here commercial street is very famous for shopping Apart from that other shopping street are also there which I will show you in my video. Let’s roam then. We will do lots of fun. All Bangalore resident must have been visited this place at least once. Here you can shop from rupees 10 to 50,000. May be for bday occasion, wedding occasion, anniversary occasion, household item or just like that. In every occasion you will something from here. If you are searching place for your retail therapy, then in entire Bangalore you will get place better than Shivaji Nagar. Which all brands you know and which ever brand you don’t know also. you will get here. I am giving you guarantee that day will over but your shopping wont. If you are getting tired while shopping, for that also you will get lots of option for refreshment. KFC, Mcdonald, Burger King, Juice, Cold Drink, Fruits,
Street food. All kind of option you will get. The street which you are seeing now is commercial street. This is the street where you will get all types of branded store and malls. This is little modern street. If you want to do shop with local experience then come to its parallel street. Here you will not get branded store but quality and verity will be same. and yeah!! one thing is missing here. you have to pay less. If you have bargaining skill then you can show here nicely. If you dont have then no need to worry. Here many fixed price stores are there where you can shop with very minimal price. Like leggings for 150 kids wear for 200, T-shirt for 100, salwar suit for 400 earings for 10 and many more available here. The street you are seeing now is market for household items. Every items which you are using in your house may be its bad sheet or blanket or Sofa cover or table cloth or kitchen items or house decorative items or dinning set or for temple in house everything you will get here. That too in reasonable price. The street you are seeing now is footwear market street. Here you will get every types of footwear. May be its sandle or shoes or bathroom slipper or kids footwear. One thing keep in mind. When you are out from home don’t forget to take one big bag. Otherwise you will find difficulties in carrying so
much items after shopping. So friends is’t it Shivaji Nagar shopping paradise. If you like my video then subscribe and do share within your friends. Do comments also. We will get motivation out of that. i am keeping here this video Let’s meet in other video. Till then bye bye.


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