Shiva – Full Episode 107 – Man with Running Shoes

You know what happened
at my village once? There was a running competition. Thousands of people
participated with me. You know what happened later? Let me tell you. A robber escaped after
committing a theft. People kept on shouting, ‘thief.’ But he escaped very quickly. I saw that and… …I followed the
thief immediately. You all might be knowing. I run extremely fast. Right, when a
calamity befalls… …it’s you who runs
at the top speed. Yes. Fine… Hey, what are you saying? No, I’m kidding. Yes, what was I saying? I ran so fast. I ran so fast! I ran so fast! Mr. Laddoo Singh, we now know… …that you ran fast. What next? I ran so fast… …that I nabbed the thief. And soon after villagers
reached there. They beat up the thief so badly. The beat him up badly and… …sent him behind the bars. And you fell off
your bed after that? And you woke up.
– What? I fell off the bad? I woke up? What do you mean?
I don’t have… …any bed, there’s no
question of falling down. They always say the
same thing to me. But no one is saying it to you? This is not fair. This is wrong. Adi, I’m not spinning a yarn. This is no tale. It is cent percent true. Hello, Laddoo Singh.
Can you recognize me? You won’t recognize me.
No problem. Let me tell you. The
news is sensational. Tez(fast) Singh is very fast. Once you made me run for so
long before nabbing me, right? Tez Singh, you? I was talking about you. You have a long life! Why would you live long? You are a thief. Fine, tell me. Where are you calling from? I robbed the Vedas
International Bank. I’m standing right
in front of it. I want to know that
if you can still… …run fast like the way
you used to run before? Come here if you can still
run fast and nab me! This is a sensational news! Tez(fast) Singh is very fast. This is a huge dilemma! Shiva, this is the same person… …whom I was talking about. He has robbed a bank. He wants me to run
after him and nab him. Oh no! This is a mighty problem! Tez Singh, you are under arrest. Not in this way, you have
to run and nab me. Do it if you have the courage.
Run after me and nab me. You will have to prove that… …you can still run
fast today as well. And I’ll show that.. …the news is sensational. Tez Singh is very fast. Okay! On your marks. Get set, go! Catch this bag first. You can nab me later. Oh, where are you? Where are you, mister? Help! My shop has been ransacked. I’m ruined, someone… …robbed my shop. What were you doing? Sleeping? I had gone to rob the
Bhagyavan Jeweler shop. Here, catch the bag! One more bag! I’ve robbed the
Kulbhagya Jeweler shop. Where are you, mister? Mr. Laddoo Singh. Where are you going
with so much of bags? I’m following Tez Singh. He steals… …and hands over
the bags to me. How is he running so fast? I cannot run any longer. I will rob the rest
of them tomorrow. Are you going to arrest me? How should I arrest you? I’m panting. Hello, uncle. Leave
all the bags. Hey kid! You will nab me? Uncle, don’t call me a kid. Shiva! My name is Shiva! He seems to be very dangerous. I will have to beware of him. Now nab me! No one can run so fast. He is surely using some machine. Come on, the places
which he has robbed… …we will check the CCTV
footage of those places. He is the one! Because
of his shoes… …he’s able to run so fast. Some machine is fitted to it. We will have to lay
a trap to nab him. The next time he
steals something… …he will surely
call Mr. Laddoo Singh. Why will he steal? Why will he call me up? He has robbed four
places till now. But he couldn’t take
the loot, right? That’s the reason he
will steal again. Fine. What are we
supposed to do next? Adi and Udi will block the
entrance from one side. Reva and you too will
block the entrance. And I will trap him. No! You will not trap him. You will just stop him. I’ll trap him. He is my prey! Fine, you can trap him. It’s your wish! What’s the matter, sir? Why are
you running on the treadmill? I have to compete with
the of Tez Singh’s speed. I have to nab him.
So my stamina… …needs to be increased, Pedaram. You should increase
the speed more. How are you, Laddoo Singh? Oh no! It’s Tez Singh. Now there will be no battery… …and the phone will not ring. When he will not be able
to give the news… …he will not commit thefts. Letter. ‘How are you, Laddoo Singh? I won’t tell you! I won’t tell you as to how I am. ‘How are you Laddoo Singh?’ I’ve robbed Future Jewelers and
I’m standing right in front of it. Now that he has given
the message… …we will have to go. Shiva! Laddoo Singh, how about
starting the chase? No, no. I will not run this time. I will chase you on a bike. Okay, come on. I’ll give you this rebate as well. Come on! You have come again? You
will not be able to nab me. Hey girl, what are you doing? It seems that you too are… …hand-in-glove with them. Do whatever you wish.
But you all… …will not be able to nab me. How will you save yourself? Oh, no! He escaped! Hey! No! Mr. Laddoo Singh, are you fine? I’m trying to get up. You will have to do
something, Shiva. I was stuck this time
while laying the trap. Mr. Laddoo Singh. Don’t be nervous. I have a plan. Should I pick it up or not? Should I pick it up…? Or not? Pick it up, sir. Else… The postman will come or an arrow! He will surely send a message. And we have to act according… …to Shiva’s plan. Alright. I’ll pick it up. I need to get the message anyway. It is a sensational news. Tez Singh is very fast! Hello, Laddoo Singh. How are you? Had such a huge rock
fallen onto you… …what would be your state? Why are you rubbing
salt on my wounds? Say whatever you have to. Let me know where are you? I’m coming right away. I’m standing right in from
of Saubhagyawati Jewellers. Right. You only know people
who are fortunate. It seems like I’m jinxed. I’m coming over. Hey! How are you now? I have a sensational news. Even I’m very fast. You cannot escape now, uncle. It will be good if you
surrender yourself. Don’t interfere.
Stay away from me. You’re repeatedly becoming
an obstacle for me. I am here for Laddoo Singh. Not for you, kid. I told you earlier. Don’t call me a kid. Hey! He’s invisible while he’s running! ‘What should I do?
He runs so swiftly.’ ‘The shoes that he wears
has lights on it. Idea.’ Uncle, enough of all this! It’s not good to fight. No! Never! It is a sensational news! Tez Singh is very fast! A kid cannot defeat him. It is a sensational… Hey! You can run now! And I will nab you. Did you see that?
I’ll tell everyone. That it is a sensational news. Laddoo Singh is still very fast!


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