Sexy Kid wishes Sandals Happy Birthday

Hi guys! It’s Sexy Kid here. Now today we’re going to Sing happy birthday to a very special man. And now y’all wondering who this could be. mmmmmmmmm I consider him very special. Maybe very sexy. But not as sexy as me, Sexy Kid himself. mmmmm no It’s Sandals Fish mmmm, Sandals Fish MMMMMM Now we’re going to sing happy birthday to him. Sing along guys Or else You Will FUCKING DIE! Alrighty We’re gonna count down to 1… 2… 3… ♪Happy Birthday to you…♪ ♪Happy Birthday to you…♪ mmmm ♪Happy Birthday to…♪ ♪Scamdals♪ ♪Happy Birthday to you♪ (Evil Laugh) Sexy Kid loves you. Anyways I wish you a happy birthday. You’re turning what? 15 You’re getting very close to having… To take off your clothes right in front of me. Have a very nice day. mmmmm Ey

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