Sewing Pattern & Designs For Travel Accessories : Cutting Fabric for Sewing a Shoe Bag

Hi, I’m Candi Cane, with Expert Village. So
in this clip, we’re going to be making a really fun shoe bag that you can use for your shoes
to store them, or when you’re traveling, or as just a general fun stash bag. So, we’re
going to be making a bag that’s going to fit shoes that are 13″ long, this is together
with a little extra room, and 7″ wide. So I’m going to go ahead and cut out my fabric.
About 17″ long and about 11″ wide because we want to have enough room that we can go
all the way around. So you take your fabric and you just want to go ahead and fold it
in half, and just measure out –
get it really straight, and just go ahead and measure out how long you need it. You
can just place a pin. And I just go the length of the fabric and just measure out and place
a pin. And you could also use chalk to measure out these measurements, but pins are just
as easy. And then my measurement across, and again you just go up the length of the bag.
You do want to leave about an inch extra at the top so that we can use that for the casing
to go ahead and fold it underneath. Once you figure out how big you need your bag to be
and you have your markings, you can just go ahead and cut it out. Okay, and once you have
that done, the next step is going to be actually stitching it.

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  • Why are the segments so short? From 30 seconds to 2 min. each!? Why not do a whole 15 min. or so segment?

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