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The sense ride is definitely developed
with everyday trail runner in mind from first time trail runner to the ultra runner it’s got the right blend of
cushion, traction and protections that’s going to work out for any circomstance any weather, any terrain type it’s a trail running shoe for everybody
it’s the quiver killer. This shoes got incredible step in comfort and the reason being it’s got
Salomon’s new Vibe Tech cushioning system Vibe Tech is midsole combination
of EnergyCell+ EVA and Opal which are vibration controlling pods
which is fantastic for reducing muscle fatigue and hopefully preventing injury.
It’s super lightweight, it’s a lighter than EVA And it’s longer-lasting:
not mushing out by the end of the day It keeps going. You know everything you give to it
it gives back to you I love the confidence I have on technical terrain
as well as the smooth ride on gentler terrain. Honestly I think anyone would like this shoe
I’d wear it on an approach and I could wear it on all terrain
and I’d wear it on a 20-mile run and have no foot issues. Even though it’s very protected
And I can step over rocks and not hurt my foot I can still feel the trail Quicklace is awesome not just because
it’s so easy, light and you tuck it in but actually because it’s so strong
the lace is incredibly durable and it doesn’t stretch at all
so it holds your foot really secure. Throughout the mid-foot we’ve got sensifit on there
and sensifit it is our overlays on the upper which will hold really secure to the mid foot
working with the quicklace so it doesn’t stretch out doesn’t expand it’s going to control you on the steep descents and it’s gonna be comfortable
running all day on rolling terrain You’ve got a profil film
which is our very flexible Rock protection membrane As well as the premium
wet traction contagrip Salomon developped Contagrip
as a proprietary rubber system there’s 22 different materials that make it up
and Salomon will tune them depending on what the end use of the shoe is for. So in a sense ride its
premium wet traction contragrip and it’s really sticky but it also is quite durable the best rubber you’re going to get on a trail running shoe I think the main thing is the terrain
this morning we were on gravel road and it felt great on that but also
we were on rutted out trail and I was still able to feel spry
and able to navigate that no slip in and those mud puddles either the shoe’s not called sense ride on accident. It has a great foot feel
and run super smooth great option for the long run but it’s not so bulky that
you can’t really do some pickups whether it’s working those
right in the middle to run or you’re doing a tempo day now I’m out there plotting along and Cat’s flying by me we’re both wearing the same shoe
making the most of both ends of the spectrum there


  • When will it be released?

  • Boulder!

  • Looking forward to try them on.

  • When will it be released in Spain?

  • Looks good, but what's the drop, stack height and how roomy is the toe box?

  • What is the toe box like? I don't have a wide foot, but I've felt like some of Salomon's shoes in recent years have really leaned towards the narrow side of things.

  • Looking forward to picking up a pair once they release.

  • Absolutely perfect !!! Cool 👍👍👍👍

  • This shoe looks promising. I do find it somewhat amusing that it is being touted as being the 'be-all and end-all' of trail running shoes. "Any weather, any terrain, the trail running shoe for everybody." If all this is true then can we expect Salomon to stop producing all their other shoes and only sale the Sense Ride 🙂 I challenge Salomon and all the other trail running shoe manufactures to develop a shoe that last further than a 100 miles before the soles wear out. Now that would be a "quiver killer".

  • Why is this entire video shot with them running down hill? It would be nice to see the foot strike on multiple types of terrain. Strange.

  • Do they fit true to size?

  • Cooool! I got a pair of these shoes today.

  • Well made canvassing video. Very little to do with the review.

  • but can i use it for trekking ?


  • After 2 months is off. With 300km steps, not run. Realy disappointed!!!

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