Sean Wotherspoon in Conversation with Dior Men’s Head Footwear Designer on Dior and Jordan Brand

Okay Sean, that’s the AJ1. I think I have possibly
a million questions! The story started because of Kim
and his love for the AJ 1 so he was going to respect the pairs
that he liked the most. It came, like, immediately to his mind
that the Jordan was going to be grey, because it’s the Mr Dior colour. It’s so good. And there’s this little clin d’oeil
to one AJ1 that is the neutral grey. – Dude!
– We’ve actually got a pair of the ‘85s. That neutral grey colour one? To actually undo it, see how it was made,
how it was stitched together. To dissect it. The idea was to make
a Jordan in Italy. When was the last time
a Jordan was made in Italy? – It was the Jordan 2s.
– Was it the 2s? – Dude that’s…
– Jordan 2s exactly! I was talking about it
with Daniel early, we weren’t sure, I was like “Dude it might have been
the 2s” ’86 then? – Yeah
– So that’s the first time in what? 20, 30 years?
Over 30 years? Over thirty years. Crazy. So knowing this, we were like, “Okay we have to reach a quality
that is like, the highest possible.” First thing, the shape.
Like always. Second, I would say leather. After, the construction. We increased the thickness
of the leather. It just looks to finished. That’s the point, we wanted it
to be really close to Dior, really close to Jordan
and to look almost like a bag. Painted edges, big stitching. – I get the vibe.
– Exactly. And the swoosh which is like
the classic Jacquard from our saddle bag, we did an embroidery around it
before applying it. Same with the details of the tongue
with all of this nylon. – I love it!
– Dior oblique Jacquard. It’s nuts man! Super discreet but you know that it’s here
when you take it in your hands. Dude, that’s the best. That’s the detail
that sneakerheads love. We love this shape. Its like, you get home and you thought
you know everything about the shoe… – Then you open the box…
– Yeah dude! …and you find surprises. You look at it closer
and you’re like “no way! Duuuuude.” – Exactly.
– Like when you lift up… I hate to skip,
you know what I’m saying, but when you lift up the insole, – the leather…
– You’ve got a little surprise! Yeah definitely a surprise. I don’t know
if I skipped here but yo… Natural leather embossed
with the Dior Oblique. Has anyone done
natural leather on the insole? – Never!
– I’ve never seen it. It actually came
from the Italian pattern maker, we said that we could add – something different,
– Yeah, so good. instead of using
microfiber let’s use leather. Then I was like,
let’s put the Dior oblique on it. I spoke with Kim
and he loved the idea. Yeah I love that. And you know what’s cool? That imprint, it’s so embossed in there
that’s going to show up on the bottom of the foam sole. – Exactly.
– So once you rock these for like, a day or two, then you take
your insole out, you’re gonna have that Dior
on the bottom of your actual insole which is really dope itself. I’m going crazy over this thing dude,
so you know… Even back to the shape, you hold it and you see that…
how the back is perfect. When you look at it like this… Oh! We changed something;
we changed the pattern a little bit. We have this part that is not stitched
on the upper part… Love it! So good. So we got the chance to show
the painted edge even more. – Should we just show one quick detail?
– Oh yeah. It was a little loud detail
that we wanted to bring because we’re so happy
that we were able to use Air Dior – instead of Air Jordan.
– Air Dior is nuts! – I love that.
– We also made the swoosh bigger. I noticed that! – That’s a really important thing.
– Yeah I noticed that, it’s sick! That’s so good. Usually the swoosh
would stop here. We were allowed to change
the size of the swoosh and with the 50% scale
of the Dior oblique, have it more readable. Wait a second,
you guys did Dior on the lace tips? Only on one side! On the other side…
And then the other side is… dang got the jump man. – The jump man.
– Dang that’s so sick. This shoe just makes me
really happy. You know, you tend to think
that there’s nothing that’s going to compare to the ‘85s. The ‘85’s are timeless,
and I think you guys have created
another timeless shoe. I’ve never been so excited
to put a shoe on my foot and just wear it. Alright, dude! The feeling I just had putting
my foot in there, it’s all you want. That’s all you want dude. There’s not open space there,
it hugs your foot and you feel like this thing
is just made for you. – Wax laces…
– Dude this is.. it can’t even come off my foot
it’s so good… And so here
is the little loop we added. Oh my gosh, dude! I love how it feels
on your ankle right there. That little bit of extra firmness
you guys added in the ankle, in the sock liner,
means everything. It makes such a difference.
It’s nuts man! – Just for the sizing…
– I can’t stress that enough!


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