Science Behind the Shoe – Episode 6: GEL-Nimbus | Running Shoes Advice | ASICS

when we talk about comfort we go deep. We don’t just mean
making a shoe soft and fluffy. The foot is
an amazing thing. It has almost a quarter
of all the bones in our body. Twenty-six bones thirty three joints ninety muscles ten tendons and one hundred
and seven ligaments. And… over seven thousand nerve endings in each foot. The GEL-NIMBUS™ 22
has been updated to optimise every
factor of comfort to perfection. An extra 2mm of soft
compressable Flytefoam™ is added under your heel. We also increased
the size of the GEL™ unit so that it wraps 180 degrees
around your heel bone. And we have an
entirely new upper material: a single piece of monofilament mesh
wraps around your foot and seems to
melt away while you run. It’s almost like running
in an invisible shoe.

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