Science Behind the Shoe – Episode 5: Glideride | Running Shoes Advice | ASICS

What if a running shoe would
make running further easier? All movement is
about energy. Energy out. Energy in. And if you can save energy
you can run longer. This shoe offers a new experience
focused on minimising energy loss and maximising running efficiency. The foundation of this experience is
the GUIDESOLE™ technology. GUIDESOLE™ technology
has three components: One: the unique rocker shape. Two: the dual layer midsole. And three: the 2D guidance line. The key to GUIDESOLE™
is a firmer layer of Flytefoam™ over a thin layer
of bouncy Flytefoam™ Propel. When you’re running lots of energy
is getting lost in the ankle flexion. So by reducing it we are
creating total run efficiency. This is the closest thing to a shoe
that’s doing the running for you.


  • Where can you buy these

  • 1. Unique midsole shape: Hoka
    2. Dual layer midsole: Any other brand.
    3. The guidance line: Nike pegasus.

    But the shoe looks nice, might be my first ASICS in a long time.

  • you said is 2d Guidance Line (Correct) but in the infographic said 3D Guidance line (which is not) only the Metaride use 3D GL

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