Science Behind the Shoe – Episode 4: Lite-Show | Running Shoes Advice | ASICS

On LITE-SHOW footwear and apparel, there will be a strip strategically placed so that
you can been seen wherever the light is coming from. There are two keys to 360° reflectivity in low light. The first one, placement. If reflectivity is only placed low down the body,
it would be complicated for drivers to recognise what they see. By placing the reflective strips around the silhoutte
it’s clear that a human is running. It makes it easier for the driver to understand if the person
is running towards them or away from them. The second, that’s power. Light reflectivity is measured
in a unit called candlepower. All of ASICS LITE-SHOW footwear and apparel
has got candlepower of 300, which is more than double than a 100-watt lightbulb. This is how a humble strip can light up your run.


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