Scary Footage Caught by Ring Doorbell Security Cameras

(footsteps) – How you doing, I’m Kallen. And this is Slapped Ham. From a terrifying house
fire caught on camera to a mysterious
businessman selling a bike. These are the creepiest doorbell camera videos ever captured. But as always before we get into it hit that subscribe button for more interesting creepy
content just like this. (creepy music) This scary doorbell camera footage was uploaded to a YouTube channel called Michael Hernandez
in December, 2017. The video shows something catching fire in a neighbor’s property. The fire slowly gets
bigger and bigger until it’s almost engulfed the entire yard. The flames begin to catch onto the roof of the house. (fire raging) Eventually the home owner
comes to the front door and is shocked to see the yard on fire. He runs to get a small fire extinguisher but quickly realizes he’s in trouble. The man seen in the footage later said that his Ring Doorbell
app had been notifying him of movement at the front door. It wasn’t until the fourth notification that he finally awoke to
see what the commotion was? His fiance called 911
and the household managed to escape through the back door. Luckily, no one was injured
during the incident. It’s safe to say that
the Ring Doorbell app saved this family’s life. A GoFundMe campaign was launched to help with the rebuild
of both the houses. Close to six and a half thousand dollars was raised by the local community. (creepy music) This is some creepy
doorbell camera footage that was uploaded to a YouTube channel called Alaskan Diva in mid 2016. At the very beginning
of the clip you can see a mysterious person
standing at the entrance to the porch. It looks as though they leave a package on the ground, then they get in a car
and drive off quickly. The package is somewhat blurred and can bee seen in the
bottom left hand corner of the screen. Whatever the object is, it begins to pulse and almost looks like it inflates a little. It gets bigger and bigger and seems to float up and out of
the view of the camera. When the footage was
shared across social media a number of explanations were put forth. Some viewers saw the incident of a prank of some kind but still couldn’t identify what the package was? Others saw the footage as supernatural, claiming that the shadowy
figure at the beginning was a ghost and that the black, blurry object was his
spirit dematerializing. Finally, a lot of viewers thought it was nothing but a
bug that coincidentally started crawling along
the side of the camera just as the visitor left the house. Love to get your opinion on this strange piece of footage? Is it a prank, ghost, bug or something else entirely? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below? (creepy music) On August, 24, 2018 in a Sunrise Ranch neighborhood in Montgomery, Texas, a partially undressed woman
rang several doorbells in the middle of the night. A frightened resident called police saying that a woman wearing what
looked like restraints with no shoes on was
ringing their doorbell late in the evening. The footage went viral, making national news. At first, no one was able
to identify the woman as police searches intensified. Local officials were
worried that something may have happened to the woman as she appeared to be in distress in the footage. On August, 29th, the woman was identified as a 32-year-old local resident whose name was kept private for safety reasons due to a suspected domestic violence case. Police were called into
a home in Sunrise Pines at around 11 a.m. on a threat of suicide. When they entered the property they discovered the body of Dennis Collins who had died from a
self-inflicted gunshot. Collin’s girlfriend was the woman in the doorbell camera footage. The woman known only as Lauren later did an interview for Inside Edition. She told reporters that
she woke that night to Collins kneeling on her chest trying to stuff clothes in her mouth. Lauren managed to escape and frantically tried ringing doorbells in the neighborhood for help. This is a creepy little
piece of footage taken in an unknown part of the US. It shows a woman lurking outside a house acting strangely. She approaches the doorbell camera but is startled by a passing car. She tries to act naturally so as not to draw attention to herself. Once the car passes she once again approaches the camera. This time however she tries biting it. While this footage may be nothing more than a strange friend coming to visit, if I saw someone trying
to bite my doorbell camera I’d think twice before letting them in. (creepy music) This next short clip seems to show the moment a ghostly
entity visits a house. The home owner was sitting inside when they got a notification that movement was detected outside their front door. When they went to look
there was no one there. Perplexed, the owner decided
to review the footage. What they saw gave them the creeps. In the footage you can see a glowing orb of light pass by the camera. It drifts by slowly before disappearing into the stone wall on the left. The curious thing about the object is that it has enough density to trigger the motion sensor
in the doorbell camera. One viewer said they had
the exact same thing happen to them a number of times. They claim they rang the manufacturer, ringing for an explanation and they said it was most likely an insect passing by. Many commenters agree
that it’s most likely a bug of some kind. However, many believe
that this is the spirit of a deceased loved one that is lingering around the property to keep them safe. (creepy music) This doorbell camera has
caught the scary moment when a drunk teenager entered a property. In the footage we see a very intoxicated young man stumble up to the entrance of this unknown home in the US. The man pulls at the doorbell camera, almost ripping it from the door. After a moment of hazy contemplation he decides to climb the fence and slip into the back yard. It’s not known whether this man was an intruder or not. It may well be that this young boy lives at this address and was hoping to slip by his parents undetected after a night of heavy drinking. So it’s either a scary break-in or a very funny story to be told at this kid’s 21st birthday. (creepy music) This next incident is something you hope you’ll never have to experience. On April, 17, 2017 at around 02:15 p.m. at Maxwell Park in Oakland, California, two hooded men attempted
to kick in a front door. 15 minutes prior one of
the men rang the doorbell to see if anyone was at home. The homeowner, who was inside at the time didn’t hear the bell as they were wearing headphones. The men returned, thinking that the property was epmty and attempted to smash the door in and rob the home. The home owner eventually yelled at the intruders scaring them away. A neighbor spotted the men
fleeing down the street. It’s not known whether the
men were later identified. (creepy music) This is an unsettling little clip that got some attention in October, 2017. The uploader claims
their Doorbell Camera app notified them of a visitor. When they checked the footage they couldn’t see anyone at the door, however, a demonic sounding voice could be heard mumbling something into the microphone. (demonic voice mumbling) Some viewers were quick to say it was a poltergeist making contact. Others noted the October upload date and that there were some skulls decorating the entrance to the home, which most likely chalks this incident up as a Halloween prank. (demonic voice mumbling) This next clip is very similar to a video we’ve featured
in a previous episode, the creepiest doorbell
camera videos ever captured. In early 2018 this front
door surveillance camera in Texas was activated
when movement was detected. The homeowner, Alison Keller, was notified of the movement and checked the camera
to see who was there? To her surprise she saw an enormous snake slithering up her door. It’s believed to be a Texas rat snake that are quite common in the area. The critter coils itself
around the lock of the door and even at one point
loses grip and falls. Undeterred, the snake
continues to climb the door. The unsettling footage was picked up by a number of news sites, making this slippery visitor
somewhat Internet famous. (creepy music) YouTuber LMSTactical was sitting in his basement watching
TV when he got a message on his Doorbell Camera app
that there was a visitor at the front door. When he checked the live camera feed it looked as though a long haired person was lurking just off camera to the left. The YouTuber asked a number
of times who was there but got no response. Eventually the eerie
visitor showed his true form and wandered in front of the camera. At the top of the screen you can see a rather large spider
crawl across the lens. The homeowner was shocked to discover that the mysterious
visitor was nothing more than a curious creepy crawly. (creepy music) Before we get to that number one spot and take a look at a curious bike salesman remember to hit that subscribe button and turn on channel notifications. That way you’ll be completely up to date with all our latest content. (mouse clicking bell notification) (creepy music) If you were sitting at
home wishing you had a bike then this next visitor
would be quite welcome. In March, 2016, a YouTube channel called Joe Earl Lamock uploaded this strange clip. Captured on a ring doorbell
home security system we see a man with a bike
making strange hand gestures at the camera. He seems to be whispering something to himself as well. (man whispering) Eventually the home owner answers via the intercom and asks
if he can help the man? The visitor replies with, I’m trying to sell a bike for some cash so I can borrow some money. – Dude, I’m just, I’m trying to sell a bike for some cash so I can borrow some money and that’s all. – The almost oxymoronic response from the dubious bike salesman seems to spook the homeowner
as he says he’s all good and doesn’t respond any further. Before long, the man and his bike roll on down the road. On a scale of one to stolen, how filched is that bike? (creepy music) If you wanna see more creepy
doorbell camera videos check out that video right there. Remember to leave us a comment down below and hit that thumbs up button ’cause it let’s us know
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