Samaritan Christmas Shoe Boxes Activity For Kids | How To Pack Samaritan Purse ShoeBox Ideas

hi this is Tammy with another video from
family the purpose today I want to talk to you about a special Christmas
activity that you can do with your kids of all ages Franklin Graham who’s the
son of Billy Graham has this organization called Samaritan’s Purse
org and what he’s been doing is basically sending a Christmas shoebox
full of goodies to families and kids overseas we have done this many years
with our family and we love it for lots of reasons one it teaches our kids to be
thankful and grateful and to buy for kids their own age it also teaches them
to understand that kids don’t always have as much as they do and so it makes
them more appreciative but the key is if you decide to do this activity with your
family is take your kids with you I’m going to talk you through step by step
how to do this it’s super easy but the benefits and the effects will far
outweigh the investment that you put into this so basically number one
usually in October or the big end up beginning of November you will start
seeing fliers around your community whether it’s your church whether it’s
chick-fil-a sometimes schools do it but these fliers are for the shoebox gift
ministry grab one or two of these fliers if you have two kids like we do we grab
two and basically the flyer explains exactly what to do and so the flyer has
two labels for a boy and a girl and there’s three different age groups per
child you could do two to four year olds five to nine year olds or ten to
fourteen year olds now what we’ve done in the past is when our kids were seven
we if max was seven he would pick a seven-year-old boy to shop for if Taryn
was five at the time she’d pick a five-year-old girl to shop for so once
you decide who you’re shopping for then I would encourage you to take a shoebox
now it could be a paper shoebox some organizations will will have shoebox
that you can take but I would encourage you to take a shoebox so that they can
keep for themselves when the gifts are used up this will be a treasure for your
child overseas even after the fact all their gifts are gone we try to do this
for our gifts so grab a shoebox you can get these at Lowe’s or Home Depot
Walmart grab a shoebox so you know how much
that you need to shop for let me tell you it fills up quickly so once you have
your shoebox then you cut your label off of this and let’s just focus on the
little girl then you mark the age of your girl so we’re gonna do a girl
that’s five to nine that way the person that’s delivering them knows then you
tape this to your shoebox right here then you get to start putting stuff in
fun stuff now they tell you to recommend you to usually put a big gift in there
like a WoW gift so your wall gift can be a coloring book or a book if you want it
can also be for our little girls we have us a little latch purse don’t forget
they also need some some stuff to help keep them clean so a toothbrush some
soap off which is for all the bugs deodorant because if a nine-year-old
girl sometimes needs that your favorite a os’s and they remember the key is to
have your daughter shop for these things or your son shop for these things
because you’re teaching them the value of being thankful and giving gifts
lotion oh as a side note travel sized lotions and shampoos are great for this
kind of a thing so you can collect these all year round and put them in your box
doesn’t take up much room and it’s amazingly great so here’s some more
travel sizes and we’re going to just fill up the spots toothpaste band-aids
oh don’t forget the candy it has to be hard candy though because you don’t want
anything to melt it’s hot over there and you don’t want things to now don’t be
able to enjoy it Mike and Ikes you could do a board game these sample things that
you get in the mail little pads and pens of paper amazing gifts for them also if
you choose to do a small Bible or a small book be sure to think about what
language they would be reading it in typically it would be Spanish so you
want to make sure to put Spanish in there and then you can find those all
over really and last but not least candy canes because they won’t melt and that
special so you put all this in there and you
have a problem that you can’t fit it but she’ll just rearrange it all till it
fits don’t forget to put your label on I usually put a rubber band around it so
it stays and here’s the most important part write a letter to the child who
gets it and include a family picture you can just say to someone special we have
chopped for you we have prayed for you we have encouraged you we want you to
enjoy this Christmas gift from us put your letter in your family picture on
top inside your box and then it will instruct you to put nine dollars which
will be in with this pamphlet that you pick up at your community business into
an envelope this helps with shipping this is really
important and vital I know it’s nine dollars but it’s a vital for this to
help get it overseas to the children this ministry is growing and growing and
growing and it is a phenomenal way for kids to bless other kids their own age
it’s so much easier to teach harder gratitude it’s so much easier to teach
the heart of giving when you can bless someone your own age so I hope that
you’ll be encouraged to do this with your family and if not this you’ll find
some other way to give back to your community thanks so much for watching if
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  • This is just a great way to teach your kids how to give back and make them more appreciative when it comes to things they have.

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