Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX – Product Review


  • i found these shoes too hard to run in. not enough cushioning. the xt wings series was much better for trail running but salomon seem to be phasing it out

  • I found these shoes to be a bit too wide . I am wearing size UK 9.5 or eur 44 , that is my normaly shoe size that I wear for almost every shoes that I own , even for running or walking . So we are talking about a lot of different shoes from Adidas boost , mizuno , hilfiger and so on… But these shoes are kinda too wide , and my heal is moving too much . They are not big or anything cause my toe is almost at the end of the shoe . I do not have small feet or anything , I am actually a supinator and that means that my feet is even flatter than normal one , so I am kinda sad about the fact that they are too wide . They seem to be a really great shoes but almost unusable for anything else than walking and cycling …. Maybe I will try to tighten them up a bit more …

  • a review that just tells you the good tings….

  • these are hiking shoes. own them

  • Wore out the soles in 3 months walking on dirt road, I'm 57 years old and take an hour walk 3 times a week on a dirt flat road along a canal in Utah. normal wear and tear is what salomon warranty said. The soles were gone in the middle of the tread totally even with what I'd like to think is a normal walking stride.

  • Psst, people don't buy these for trail running. They're pretty much the go to shoe for rucking. Lighter than a hiking shoe but heavier and more durable than a running shoe. Salomon may as well rebrand these as Rucking shoes.

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