Salomon SpeedCross 3 Trail Running Shoe Review

Hey this is Patrick Coffey, Jans Expert here to talk about the Salomon SpeedCross 3 trail running shoe. Right out of the box, first thing that I noticed (besides the fact that it looks really sweet) the heel cup really grabs and it’s still cushy. So it gives a lot of confidence holding your
foot in place. The ContraGrip sole… big lugs on this thing. Definitely grabs. This shoe is definitely happiest in rough terrain. Plenty of people do use this as a crossover shoe I’d keep it off the pavement, personally. This is a trail only shoe in my opinion. Pretty big drop… it’s got an 11 mm drop in it, 11 millimeters. I did not notice that when I put it on
and ran in it. It definitely felt like a lower drop shoe. Helps it climb. You may not want it as an all-day shoe because of that added drop. No strike plates in this thing, but the EVA is nice and thick. Even on rocky terrain, really nice
protection from this shoe. So the lack of the strike plate lets it be a little more pliable… little lighter weight. Still plenty of protection in there. Cushy shoe for sure. So that’s my two cents on the Solomon SpeedCross 3 trail running shoe. If you have any other questions about this product or anything else check out for all of your
mountain recreation needs.

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