Salewa Men’s Speed Ascent Shoe

With its forward thinking design, the Salewa
Men’s Speed Ascent looks and acts differently than traditional hiking shoes. With its rockered,
lightweight, breathable design, it is sure to appeal to fast backers and ounce counting
through hikers. Let’s take a closer look at this unique trail shoe. The Speed Ascent has a hybrid design, as far
as the upper is concerned. So you have got durable suede in areas of the shoe that take
a lot of wear and tear. You have got breath-able mesh in those areas where your foot is most
likely to heat up. And, again, designed to move fast. There is some likelihood that without
that this could be an awfully warm shoe if it was all suede. That is not the case here.
That also helps to break the shoe in that much faster, another reason I like that hybrid
design. It also balances weight. These shoes come in at just one pound nine ounces for
the pair, which, again, is sure to appeal to some one who is not wanting to deal with
full weight and bulk of a higher cut or more traditional boot. You can see that there is a toe cap built
into the front of the shoe. Again, that is going to help ward off wear and tear, but
while you are on the move hitting rocks, hitting roots, it is also going to save some wear
and tear on your actual toes, so a nice feature built in to the shoe there. A couple of other features to call out here
on the upper portion of the shoe. You can see there is an asymmetrical tongue here.
It hugs nicely to the foot with the use of this quick lacing system. You will see these
kind of parallel strips of connection points. It lets you adjust exactly how you position
that quick lacing system. So if you think about that positioning there can dramatically
change how and where this shoe is snugging up against your foot, depending on how you
decide to set that. So a lot of versatility in the fit. Long day
on the trail and feet tend to swell a little bit, you can even change this in and even
buy yourself a little bit of space in there or at least change that positioning so you
have got a little bit of a different fit there. I have not seen that design employed on a
trail shoe before and just one more reason why this shoe kind of stands out from some
of the others. Certainly another very unique feature to the
Speed Ascent is this rockered outsole. One glance at it and you can see that this shoe
want you moving forward. Turning that over it is a Vibram outsole. Definitely durable.
You have got some nice traction underneath here. Certainly, again, with that fast forward
design, so not the deep, deep lugs you might find on a full fledged boot, but definitely
more traction than you find in the running shoe that this almost mirrors in a way. Again,
this kind of keeping with the hybrid design falls almost in between the two. But, again, here, a nice solid heel on that,
but with that design it has got you moving for-ward on and on down the trail and really
does make this a quick moving shoe or, at least, promotes that forward motion. As Salewa does with many of its shoes, it
does incorporate in the Speed Ascent its multi-fit foot bed. So with the insole in the shoe itself
and included with the shoes you have got the potential to adjust, basically, the inner
volume of that shoe and just how much support or padding you have got under foot. So, again, kind of a running theme here, but,
really increases the versatility of the shoe and also best insures that you are getting
an appropriate fit from the shoe. The Salewa Men’s Speed Ascent with those
unique construction and design features, it is easy to see why it is garnering attention
and has already won some prestigious awards. Fast packers, through hikers, take note. Really
interesting option here for your back country travels.


  • Looks like it's an amazing shoe but let me ask you a question. I am presently trying out multiple shoes as I plan to thru hike the Appalachian Trail next March. My left ankle is so weak- the result of several years football and I am wondering if there is a mid ankle shoe that mirrors a trail runner or at least something that's lightweight and would provide me some ankle support. With your extensive knowledge I was hoping you might have some insight. I would prefer the shoe not be waterproof.


  • Hey mate, is there a alternative to Salewa's Speed Ascent? Something lightweight and with the quick tie laces. I really hope you will help me, thank you.
    Ps. Keep op with the grade vids.

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