SALES Techniques – How To Convince A Customer To Buy From You

– [Narrator] Would you like
to convince more of your customers to buy more
from you, more often? Today, I’m going to teach you a simple but powerful sales technique that’s been proven to work in my various companies. It is very simple, something
that you can apply today. It has nothing to do with gimmicks. It has nothing to do
with your sales script. It has to do with your offer. What are some simple
things that you can tweak within your offer that you can convince your customers to buy more from you, and that strategy is called The 3 Boxes. Now want you to think about this. When you are selling
your product or service that you have one choice,
you have one option. When someone looks at your
offer, all they could think, all the consumers can think is, do I want to buy this or
do I not want to buy this? So it is a yes or no response. So now they’re thinking,
okay, can I afford this? Do I have the budget for this? They are focusing on price. Now, however, if you give them two choices such as like
an A and a B like this. I want you to think back. Remember when you go to movie
theaters long time ago, right? They give you two choices. They have the large pop and
then they have the small pop. When you want to buy a soda, two choices. And what most people do is
when you give them two choices, 80% go for the small and
20% go for the large. Why, because most people
like to play safe, and they like to pick the ones that they could save money on,
so it’s A and B, good. Now when you get that A and B, these two choices, the
consumer, your customer, they’re not so focusing on, okay, do I want to buy this
or do I not want to buy it? They’re thinking, which
one do I want to buy? But then later on the movie theater, they introduce a third choice, which is this, right? That’s the three boxes and
here’s how the strategy works. Suddenly they have the small soda, they have the regular, which
used to be the old large, which now they call it the regular. Cause large feels like, oh, it’s too much. Oh, regular, that makes sense. They just changed the
name, it used to be large. Regular, and then they have
what the jumbo size pop. That’s like this big, right, that you can never ever
finish, even with your kids. So you had the three choices
and here’s how it works. They offered you the small. They offered something in the middle. They give you something
that’s like jumbo size. So when you do this, suddenly there’s a, what I call, contrast pricing. So what you do is this. When you offer your product and services, you want to make your, the biggest offer, the ultimate super duper
offer, that is so outrageous, that knowing most people
would not go for this. Knowing that, and then you wanna make your small offer like so wimpy, right? You wanna make it so like, nah, average. You don’t like it that much. But you wanna make the middle
one very, very compelling. Knowing you actually want
people to buy this one. That’s the one you want to buy. So what happens is the movie theater, they introduce this concept, 20% who really, really like soda. They go for the big jumbo, 20% right? And then you have 60% go for the middle, and then you have 20%
that go for the small. And then later on they actually introduce their kind of the kid size. Now, what I believe when
you are making an offer, two choices, it’s good. Three choices are the best. Now when you offer them four choices, I believe it’s a little bit too much. It’s a little bit too confusing. But when you give them this
and you’ll make the middle one, this is the one you want to sell, you make this as compelling as possible. Let me give you another example. I want you to think
about, you are taking your car to a car wash. They use this technique where you have, they will like kind of shampoo
the exterior of your car. Let’s say for $15, that’s it, like a simple shampoo, that’s it. Or if you want a shampoo
outside of your car and they add some new
chemical, whatever, right? Add some new shine, and also they will vacuum your interior for $25. So you’re thinking, well, 15 bucks, well, for 10 bucks more, I can you know, also you know, my car
interiors a little bit dirty. Okay, I’ll take that. And then they have the super
detailing, wax, like 200 bucks. You’re like, oh, I’m not
gonna go for the 200 bucks. That’s just too crazy, but I’m
not going to be a cheap ass. I’m gonna go for one in the middle. That’s the one they want to sell you. So you can easily do
this for your business. So I want you to create three boxes. The small one, very, very
small, they’re wimpy. You can even think about
silver, gold, platinum. You’ve heard of those terms before. Silver, gold, platinum for
some kind of membership. They do that too, wow. And this, I want it, I want you to make it as expensive, as luxurious
as possible for the big one. Knowing most people will not go for this, but here’s what’s very interesting. At any given time, five, ten, even as much as 20% of your marketplace, they will want the best, right? Give me the biggest,
best thing that you have. That’s good, huge profit margin. But knowing you’re not
counting this to sell, right? This one you’re like, this is
really for the cheap customer. You want the majority,
60%, 80% to buy this one. So what you can do is, let’s say the list of features and benefits. Let’s say this offer,
you have 10 things, okay. This, you might have it like two things. But this, you give it seven things. This gets the most value
when customer buys this, and you offer them the one in the middle. This is called contrast pricing. This is a decoy. You’re not counting to sell
this, it’s simply a decoy. There you go, that’s the
strategy of three boxes. Very simple. You see, selling is about choice, marketing is about giving
your customer choices. Not too many, not too little, just the right amount,
and let them believe that it is their choice
to make that purchase and make that buying decision.


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