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C. Good afternoon
Please S. S. Do you want I explain the process?
C. is your choice S. S. Normal shoe shine?
C. Normal shoe shine is good, please S. S. How are you
C. I am fine thanks
S. S. Very good, I am very happy S. S. My name is Javier
C. Nice to meet you Javier, I am Fausto S. S. Wold you like I use ink?
C. as you consider it to be better
S. S. Ok S. S. Can you repeat me your name
C. Fausto
S. S. Fausto, You Live Near of this Place? C. No, I live Near of the mexico city town center
S. S. Ok, in the mexico city town center
C. is correct S. S. I live in Indios verdes (north mexico city) C. Wow, what are you doing here? (South of mexico city at 31 km)
S. S. I am working (laughing) C. Yes, I am working
Giving bright to mexico city S. S. It is the way I Make a living and all shoe shiners too C. Let me tell you is an honest way to Make living
S. S. Yes
C. is an kind of art S. S. Thats the objective, have an honest job S. S. Thanks god, doesn’t matter if is a little money, I don’t have lacks C. is great know it
S. S. Yes, my friend Fausto C. Let me tell you this video will see it in all the world
S. S. Wow
C. Yes S. S. Other reason to do a great job C. I received a lot of comments S. S. Do you have TV program? C. Is a personal blog, I search shoe shiners in mexico city, and I share the work of shoe shiners C. I share the gps location, if the viewers like the job, know the correct address, and increase interest in this art, because it is being lost S. S. Ok, this is an antique job S. S. We are organized in the “unión de aseadores de calzado” S. S. We have an administrative structure
C. Ok S. S. That administrative structure help us with legal documents S. S. And representant us with the authorities S. S. We work under laws of secretaria del trabajo y prevision social
C. Good S. S. We are not irregular workers, like a informal sellers S. S. We work under government permission S. S. The organization help us with the license and permissions with the authorities S. S. We use the mediation of the organization to Make administrative tramits S. S. And search some private corporations to help us S. S. We are no salary workers S. S. Because Our incomes are variable S. S. You and me don’t have contract, Only a verbal agreement S. S. This is the way follow to survive all the shoe shiners S. S. Al most of shoe shiners don’t have academic training, thats the reason we work about shoe shine S. S. And provide basic requirements to Our families S. S. A lot of people use cheap liquid wax to clean the shoes S. S. The liquid wax damage the shoes because hardens the leather S. S. With the use (of the shoes) , the tip of the shoes will broke here C. The objectives of the blog are share the work and benefits to use shoe shiner services C. foment the use of shoe shiners services, and provide advertising for the shoe shiners sharing his work with all the world S. S. Ok, I wish with this video the people know about my work S. S. I use this wax, is cream and wax, Brand “el oso” S. S. This other is Brand “Pacsa” Only is to give polish, I need to use ink and wax too S. S. That’s products preserve the leather, the texture S. S. Preserve very well (the leather), moisturizes too S. S. Other commercial products (to clean shoes), for example the sponge with oil S. S. When you use it, the result is good S. S. The problem with the oil is an adhesive for dust, damage your shoes too S. S. All the products I used (shining your shoes) are like a water repellent
C. Excellent S. S. The leather of your shoes can’t be sparkly S. S. If the shoe are dirty, just clean with a cloth S. S. Just clean with the cloth here, and here like that
remove the dust, and the shoes will be clean again C. Excellent
S. S. Because you came with an expert (shoe shiner) S. S. I removed the laces to clean better
(other customer talking about other pair of shoes) S. S. I told you I removed your laces to clean better (the shoe) and prevent laces dirty S. S. And clean the tongue of the shoe.
That is a complete shoe shine C. Thank you very much
S. S. You’re welcome, it’s my job, you know may name and my location
C. Yes C. Do you want to send a greeting?
S. S. Of course for all the viewers
My name is Javier
I am located in insurgentes ave corner iman ave S. S. next to instituto Nacional de pediatria.
Thank you very much
C. Thank you tol


  • Very interesting conversation about the inner works of the Lustradors there. Glad for Google CC to translate.

  • Muy bueno video. Saludos desde España 🇪🇸

  • This guy is sloppy

  • Si, te vemos de todos lados…saludos desde peru

  • Placer psicologico

  • Saludos del Brasil.
    Belo trabalho. 👍

  • Que hombre tan agradable, admirable!

  • Thank you for the translation. I enjoyed your conversation with the shoe shiner. I was always curious if they were members of a worker's union.

  • I like this shoe shiner seems very nice man an isnt afraid of honest work. Gotta love him

  • Está mas chido cuando conversan me gusta más asi

  • Bro…I love your channel…BUT YOU ALWAYS USE THE SAME SHOES…can I please donate you a pair of boots I want to see shined. You can keep them/donate the boots. I will pay for shine and tip…

  • Hard working man

  • Thanks for the sub titles:)

  • 1:10 que pregunta más tonta con todo respeto eh

  • Me gusta mas el hombre maquina

  • Saludos desde Chile , muy buen canal y muy relajante.

  • Qué hombre tan más simpático, bastante amena su plática.

  • Still waiting for machine man

  • Muy agradable el limpia, da gusto ver profesionales hechos a base de experiencia.
    Un saludo para el y otro para ti Fausto
    Desde Barcelona (Spain)

  • Muy bien video estaba pensando en lo que dises en el vídeo que el canal apoya a que más gente valla con lustradores y aparte de apoyar en la economía de la persona los calzados se cuidan mejor . El punto es que estaría genial que hicieras una comunidad donde algunos subs te manden videos de diferentes partes de México para que se pueda apoyar más. Y sea más extenso el conocimiento

  • Fausto, primero de todo agradecer su dedicación y felicitarlo por la iniciativa y hacerle una sugerencia, un dia lleve unos zapatos de gamuza, ante o nubuk para ver como los limpia y cuida un profesional de DF. Gracias y mucha fuerza para continuar. Un abrazo desde Cataluña.

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