[S2 – Eps. 52] This Argentinean dog BIT me!

Ah! They are biting me! This dog is biting me! Good morning internet! It is 07:55 in the morning and welcome back to the channel I am in Tilcara in Argentina And I’m going to see if the breakfast is ready But before I do that it’s a little cloudy still so hopefully today is going to be a nice day I’ll show you on the map where I am and where I am going Alright, so in the last ride I came from Salta over here and I am now in Tilcara and my plan for today is to go to Humahuaca, which is over here then take some backroads in this area and then return down here, I think somewhere over here, to Salinas Grandes Ok, so breakfast was, typical Argentinean Some toast with “dulce de leche” alright, let’s go! I think they are preparing the market at the moment So, I am at the look-out and you cannot see anything! because we are in the clouds and we are 4350 meters now and this is supposed to be a fantastic view on the 14 coloured mountain except that, well, you can’t see anything so yeah, I don’t know what else to say it’s a little bit unfortunate that I can’t absolute see nothing, because behind that hill… I think over there there is supposed to be the 14 coloured mountain with some spectacular geology, beautiful colours very interesting story but yeah… there is a cloud there so I decided not to give up just yet I’m going to walk down this route and then, let’s see if by the time I reach the other side over there, maybe, maybe the clouds have gone so, let’s see so the clouds have moved away a little bit it’s a bit of a shame because that cloud is sitting right in front of the most impressive colours so I cannot see the 14 colours although, I am not sure if it’s actually 14 colours because I’ve heard that they rebranded this mountain to 14 coloured mountain to compete with the 7 coloured mountain that I showed you in the last video Nevertheless, it’s a super beautiful place well, walking back up this hill at this altitude definitely a lot harder than going down but, they say that exercising at altitude will help you acclimatising so think bigger picture here almost there… almost there and now obviously when I’m leaving the clouds go away and the mountain becomes visible that’s just Murphy’s law, isn’t it? but it doesn’t matter, it was really nice being up there I am back in Humahuaca town And what I am going to do now is that I am going to cross the main road to the other side and then straight on a small route I don’t expect to see any traffic there on my way to Salinas Grandes So this is the road 9 that I took this morning from Tilcara and I’m going straight off it again here Oh there was supposed to be a road there which is gone I think I have to take that road see if I can find another way private area oh hello! until El Aguilar.. the road is ok? Yes! The road is ok? Yes. Yes? Ok, very good, thank you Might as well ask him for road conditions but I think until a town called El Aguilar well, I asked him, he said it was fine and then from there to Salinas Grandes I think the road is a bit bigger, so.. I assume, that it is fine so here he has been working as well see this is what happens if you get rains then this becomes a proper mess and this is the top of the pass what does it say? “Private property” Anyway, I am almost at 4000. I am at 3966 meters altitude pretty high! wow! Oh, it’s so beautiful here Incredible! And I see a few houses over there which is the first sign of civilisation, or people since Humahuaca this entire stretch.. there was absolutely nobody oh we got a small river crossing another river crossing with horses I think if there’s been a lot of rainfall here this might be a little bit tricky, but now it’s fine the track is a little bit rough at 3500 meters altitude I just have to stop for a second and just admire this view Beautiful! I count 14 colours here no need to go to the touristy 14 coloured mountain if you can ride out here, right? I almost bumped into this group of donkeys that were suddenly standing in the middle of the path and now they are going to run in front of me go to the side donkeys! Yes! Thank you! I reached the town El Aguilar and it doesn’t look like a regular town it looks like some mining town not sure what they are doing here but in any case, from here it’s another 52 kilometers to my destination of today which is about 10 kilometers away from edge of the salt flat it’s a bit of a ghost town well I already left El Aguilar and I apparently wrongly assumed that the road was going to be better from here because I figured, you know, this town needs a proper access road apparently they don’t! or at least, not a southern road because I can’t say this is a much better track but hey, maybe it will still change I came from those mountains, on the top of that pass I was at 4,000 meters and now I am almost at 4,200 meters quite high again and I think, this is the top of the pass almost they are evil! they are mean! they are biting me! this dog is biting me! oh my god I have to ride with my legs up because this dog is biting me I could see it in the eyes of those dogs that they meant business and this dog just bit me I think he got my pants or my boots so I don’t think I’m injured but he definitely hung on to my leg when he approached me I could see it.. this one means business he is going to bite me but luckily my boots are quite high and he didn’t get my leg another river crossing here is another tiny, tiny village hey horse! you are skinny.. ah these rocks indicate where the road is I think woooo, slippery.. it’s a bit muddy up here you can see it from the deep tracks it’s honestly really difficult to see where the road is I think it’s here.. yes there is a lot of runoff coming from the mountains bringing all this water and mud because the original track is not bad but there is just this layer of slick, kind of deposited on top making this a little hard I reached the town where I am going to stay tonight it’s a tiny town and I think there is only one place to stay but I made a reservation just to make sure I can stay there so I don’t have to worry about finding a place “Posada El Silencio” sounds nice and quiet hello! I have a reservation Dhanno can sit behind the gate that’s nice and I made it to my cute little room I really like it I made it here to this tiny… I don’t even know what the name is of this town but anyway just before the town I could already see the salt flat in the distance so I’m really quite close to Salinas Grandes anyway what a day! what a day! I thought it was going to be nice but I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful and so remote I mean, to be honest, right here where I am now there is no signal and also no internet so I am a little bit remote but yeah, the route to here nobody fantastic! I did get quite a scare of those dogs I already saw.. I saw it in his eyes he was evil and he was already showing his teeth when I was just riding towards the dogs I often get people telling me that I should have dog biscuits with me, which I should then throw at them or that you should stop, or speed up or whatever you need to do but I think that if I would have stopped I would also have been bitten these dogs were not messing around I think I did quite okay because in the end my pants aren’t even damaged I think he bit me .. he got the pants and I think the boot but he didn’t get through and he also didn’t rip my pants so all in all.. no damage which is good well.. first real dog attack: done! other than that what did I wanted to say now? the last 25 kilometers was really quite tricky it was so slippery and muddy but I made it! no droppings of Dhanno some of the tracks were really quite rough but I’m super proud of Dhanno she did it at high altitude as well without any problems so I’m really happy with that and that I didn’t fall or anything like that, no dropping today so that’s fantastic I’m going to make sure I charge all my stuff for the next ride where I’m going towards the Salinas Grandes I hope you liked this video if you did, please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I’ll see you in the next video!


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