[S2 – Eps. 45] Royal Enfield Himalayan Maintenance needed!

Good morning Internet! It is 06:50 hours in the morning and welcome back to the channel! Everybody here in the hostel is still sleeping so I have to be a little bit quiet I am now, as you can maybe hear by the seagulls, very close to the coast. I am in La Serena in Chile and today I am riding to a town called Copiapo I will show it on the map Let me see, so I am now here in La Serena and Copiapo is over here if I would go and follow the main highway it’s about 330 kilometers and super boring. There are not a lot of other roads I can take but I can go close to Vallenar, I can ride more to the coast and follow a smaller coastal road and then go to Copiapo. And taking that road will extent it with 100 kilometers so then I’ll be doing 430 kilometers today but it still seems nicer to me because I asked around a little bit to the locals what are nice roads and the main highway is just extremely boring and I can’t really pick.. I just don’t have a lot of options.. so I hope that the coastal road will be nice I haven’t been riding on this coast anyway so I think it’s quite nice Temperature wise it will also be a little bit better It’s quite cloudy now as you can see but that seems to be kind of the normal weather here in La Serena I’ve been here a couple of nights and in the morning it’s really cloudy and then in the afternoon the sun comes out so let’s see what the day will bring I wouldn’t park like that, but hey.. “Policia asesina” all this graffiti is also all from the protests around here see this must be a government building of some sort see? not sure what everything means.. ‘a new constitution’ not sure because I’m leaving early, I’m leaving again before breakfast time but at the hostel you could buy these lunch packages so yesterday I bought two, one I had now for breakfast and it was a sandwich and an apple and cookies. Well, I didn’t eat the cookies for breakfast, but hey and then I have another one for lunch, so this day I don’t have to worry about finding food Thank you! I am now in Vallenar let’s fill up here if that is possible How much? Full So I just filled up on petrol and the plan was from here to then go the coast and make my 100 kilometers detour but I am reconsidering it because the visibility is really poor, there are these low hanging clouds and you can’t see anything so there is really not much point to ride another 100 kilometres if I can’t see anything so I’m going to change my plan again and ride straight to Copiapo from here it’s a really boring ride today, it’s just not super interesting and yeah, the visibility is poor but, it doesn’t matter it’s one of those days let me see because now from here, Copiapo is still a little less than 150 kilometers and it’s still super early, it’s now 09:15 hours in the morning because I left so early and it’s all highway so I’m just like uhm but no it’s actually nice if I arrive in Copiapo early because Dhanno actually needs an oil change because when I arrive there I’ve covered again about 3000 kilometres since the last oil change and especially with all that desert stuff I think it’s good to change the oil so that’s actually nice if I arrive early then I have time to do that maybe give her a bit of a clean, a bit of a wash as well because it looks horrific so that’s the plan for now because riding wise it’s not super interesting let’s go! we are stuck behind some I don’t know.. what that is something very big but I’m almost in Copiapo and suddenly all the clouds went away literally, I take the turnoff and it’s 26 kilometers to go and the sun comes through so finally I can actually see something of my surroundings because of all these low hanging clouds I couldn’t see anything I could see the road and that was it so this is quite nice great setting and I have all the time to enjoy rolling into town because I can’t overtake this or well, I’m not allowed so I’m first going to find a service station to get the oil changed and then I go to a hostel I made a reservation for a hostel. Hostel Cactus it’s called but let’s take care of Dhanno first Can I help you? I don’t understand No? You need anything? Ah, you work here? Ah yes! I need an oil change Oil change? Yes. What kind of motorcycle is it? Royal Enfield Hello! So I stripped Dhanno of the bags because she is going to get a wash and an oil change he is even taking the bash plate off, to clean really underneath there as well so I think that is quite necessary to give her a thorough rinse get all the salt and all this stuff off her as well. The oil that they are going to use is 15W50, fully synthetic and then obviously I have filters with me I still have one left I carry around 3 to 4 oil filters with me so then if I’m not in an area with a Royal Enfield dealer then I can still do the oil changes with the filters So, that is that done. That’s just great that that’s settled and when it comes to the washing I have to do that more often now because I’m riding on these very mineral rich grounds with salt and all sorts of really bad things for a motorcycle also when I was riding on the volcano, that kind of stuff and I think it’s only going to get worse when I cross back into Argentina there is going to be a lot of salt flats and that sort of thing so I need to start washing Dhanno on a regular basis otherwise this is going to eat away on parts this is the main square of Copiapo I think very pretty these taxis, well they are taxis but they are actually called ‘collectivos’ so you see this one is number 21 so they are kind of like a bus service but then in cars and usually it doesn’t matter how long you ride in it you just pay for one ride, the same amount wow that doesn’t sound very good but as a foreigner it’s almost impossible to figure out the routes I mean, I don’t have to use them really because I have my bike but if you want to use them is not so easy to figure out exactly which one is doing which route it’s supposed to be somewhere here hostel cactus ah there it is yeah, hostel cactus hello. I have a reservation. Ah yes, look I don’t have safe parking You understand me or not? there is no parking? No.. but after 20:00 hours in the evening, you can put your motorcycle here Ah, now it’s closed? Yes. Ok, so for now.. where is… here? Or not? Over there you can put it You will take your things off? Yes, yes Alright, well that’s a shame because now I have to take everything off and then Dhanno only can go inside after 20:00 hours at night So this is where I’m staying, look this is my room let’s check out the rest of the hostel I haven’t even looked here yet ah they do have the cactus oh wow, it’s quite big it goes all the way more cactus I am glad I’m here and that it is still early and that I did the service for Dhanno with the oil change and the wash that’s really nice because I mean, the ride today was a little bit boring but it’s kind of good that I arrived here so early because for tomorrow, I have again a very long day. Tomorrow I’m going to cross back into Argentina again another border crossing and again it will be over a high pass almost as high as Paso Agua Negra and also passing volcanoes and all sorts of things so I think tomorrow is going to be a super awesome ride but also very long because in total I think tomorrow I want to ride 470 or 480 kilometers including the whole pass and the border crossing and everything so that will take me again probably 10 hours or something, so it’s kind of nice to have an easy ride today and preserve my energy for tomorrow’s ride which is going to be pretty intense so that was it for today, I hope you liked this video if you did, please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I’ll see you in the next video!


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  • Hey, Noraly!

    Just a quick warn: as you've put this time a 100% synthetic oil on Dhanno, take care if you need to refill the oil somewhen between now and the next oil change. If you add a mineral, or even a semi-synthetic oil and mix it to the existing synthetic, it can create a really mess inside crankcase (like a glue) and then you’ll have a trouble.

    I know it’s hard for you to carry unnecessary load (like carry a spare liter of the same oil Dhanno has now inside its engine), so, take this info in consideration, just in case.

    Have a nice and safe trip!

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